Why I Left My Customer Service Job

Before I became self-employed, I did various customer service jobs. It was over the phone, so it was ok for me at that time, as I prefer dealing with customer over the phone than  face to face confrontation customer service. I was a customer service agent for well over 4 years, and it was hard. But it paid my bills and kept me busy, so it was all good.

Back then, I always knew I wanted more. The customer service job  was not mentally stimulating enough. It became a chore. The pay wasn’t great and the hours were very long. I even hard to work on some weekends, which I didn’t like much. Plus, I hated it when I had difficult customers or cases to deal with, and that was on a daily basis, making my life even harder.

I have been on both sides of the fence; as a customer service agent and customer. So I know the frustrations of working in a noisy call centre, with complicated systems and absent supervisors. Which is why I try to be extra patient and tolerant when dealing with customer service agents.

I recently came across an infographic done by the guys at CCSN which I found quite interesting. Here is the infographic below.


Customer service image


I agree with all the information on this infographic. For me, excellent customer service means –


I am not kept waiting

I called my phone company the other day and I was on the queue waiting to be answered for almost an hour. That to me is just madness. I like it when my call is answered immediately or within a few minutes. That is my definition of excellent customer service. Keeping customers waiting for hours is totally unacceptable.


There are other contact options

I like handling my business online so calling a call centre is usually my last resort. I rather send an email or do what I have to do online. Good customer service would provide other contact options for their customers to make use of. As a full-time blogger, I spend majority of my waking hours online, so I rather so out my utilities and anything else that needs sorting online too.


My query is dealt with quickly

The whole small talk thingy confuses me. Why would I want to talk about the weather when dealing with a dodgy broadband service?

I hated small talk as a customer service agent and I hate it as a customer too. It makes no sense to me. I just don’t have the time or the desire to engaged in meaningless chitchat when I call a company. Excellent customer service to me means my query is dealt with quickly and properly.


I am not passed around

Being passed from department to department pisses me off. Most times I end up ending the call in frustration. This usually happens when I am unlucky enough to speak with clueless customer service agents.


To be frank, good customer service isn’t rocket service. It simply means putting the customer first in all decisions. If companies put their customers first, they will have happy customers and employees.


What is your definition of excellent customer service? Please sound off in the comments section.


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  1. Excellent customer is crucial for success and for me, I would never like to referred from department to department! That is so hectic and I’ll obviously leave an unsatisfied customer.

  2. Customer service these days does not mean much! More often than not large companies are making it difficult to have a personal customer experience leaving us to this precious tag line…” please listen carefully, as our menu options have changed!” It drives me over the edge! I want resolution when I have a problem, that is the bottom line. It may not be the resolution I hope for but at least take the time to listen to your customers. We just want to be heard. I am more more likely to deal with a company again if they just take the time to listen. Oh and remember, “ this may be recorded for training purposes!”

  3. Excellent customer service is prompt and effective response to queries. It’s a no brainier and anything short of that is poor. Supervisors and Managers also need to be on hand in handle difficult and not your everyday type of queries as and when needed. It adds to an effective customer service. Sometimes the staff are clueless because the managers and/or supervisors have not taken the time to train and help their staff well.

  4. Customer service is indeed a hard job, more so when you have to deal with harsh people, it really sucks life out of us. And for customer service to be great, one has to put every needs of customer first.

  5. Good customer service comes down to meeting the needs of the customers. That can be tricky as sometimes they don’t exactly know what they want when they ask for something. It straddles a line somehow. I have heard one thing about it which is good customer service is treating them the way they want to be treated. It’s really what they want in the long run. But as a person who has worked in it, it straddles a line sometimes when you think about it.

  6. I remember working in customer service. It was so emotionally draining for me! Some people were simply awful but it made me so much more aware of how I now treat people on the other end!

  7. I left my customer service job because it was very toxic. I know you’re not supposed to expect friendship in the workplace because it’s business but it was a nasty atmosphere full of so much stress and a terrible pay for dealing with it.

  8. Good customer service is the key to success for any business. One of the lessons I learnt as a customer service agent was “an unhappy customer will take down 8 more customers, while a happy one might bring in only one”.

  9. These are great points! I’ve never worked as one before but I have a few relatives who does. They work all night and are always stressed.

  10. Customer service is tough, for both ends. I’ve dealt with some customer service representatives that are a delight, but a lot of the ones i deal with aren’t helpful at all. I can only imagine how difficult being a customer service representative is.

  11. Working in customer service is not easy and definitely not for everybody. I have few good years doing this and someday I feel like quitting. Then I remember there are good customers that make my day and put a smile on my face. For the evil ones, there is Karma.

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  13. That is because people can be A holes. I work in patient care and I never knew people could be so rude and weird until I worked in radiology. Some people act like they are the only patient you have the entire day and they think the world revolves around them. I hear customers talk nasty to the cashiers and the waitresses etc and I always wondered why people are so rude! I wish people would put themselves in the shoes of those who are helping them instead of treating them like dirt on their shoe

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