Getting the Right Online Counselling

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is generally in a good mood. The beautiful decorations, gifts shopping and festivity play a huge part in putting a smile on everyone’s face. It really is the most wonderful time of the year for many. But there are some of us that struggle with life and its challenges, the struggle is even more severe during Christmas.

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This maybe because the whole holiday season makes anyone who is struggling with depression, stress, mood swings and anxiety feel even more alone, more excluded. It can be hard work having a smile on the outside when you are crying on the inside. Which is why I am writing this post.


What is Online Counseling?

Before I go any further, I should explain what Online Counselling is all about. It is mental health counselling done through the Internet, via any device that goes online.


Getting the Right Online Counselling

When life gets busy, it can be tricky to find the time to take care of our mental health. Which is why I am very happy to know there are now online counsellors available to help those who need some it.

Having accessible and affordable online counselling with qualified psychologists, marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and board licensed professional counsellors would help many people get help from the comfort of their homes.

Here are ways you could get the right online counselling –


Decide on the type of counselling you are after

This is the first step in your online counselling journey. You have to decide on what type of counselling you are looking for. Are you after individual counselling for yourself, couple counselling for yourself and partner or child counselling for your dependant(s)?

Once you know what sort of help you are after, you can then proceed in finding the best in that field.


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Make sure your online counsellor is qualified and experienced

Before you start your counselling, make sure the online counsellor is well qualified and experienced. This will ensure you are in the right hands. The last thing you need when dealing with mental health issues is to find that the counsellor is not as qualified or experienced as you would like. Reputable therapists will be registered with a professional organisations, so do your checks before you start.


Make sure you are happy with your therapist

You should ensure you are 100% happy with your therapist. If you are not unhappy with the therapist chosen for you, or you are uncomfortable with a certain therapist, you should ensure you swap for someone you can completely open up to. If the energy doesn’t feel right, just swap.


Ensure you can afford the service

Make sure you can afford the service. Read the terms and conditions, and any small print with pricing information. That way you know what to expect when the free trial (if any) is over, and you are sure of the prices going forward.


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I am happy we now have these accessible online therapy services. It is good to know they are available for anyone who needs them. There is really no excuse to not get help if you are struggling with your mental health. Our mental health is as important as our physical health, and we should take care of it.


The Samaritans can be called on 116 123.In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255.


*Collaborative post.

24 responses

  1. It’s really nice to see a post that talks about mental health. It’s such a big thing that not everyone takes seriously. Great info and very motivational to people who may need to seek counseling.

  2. Finding the right counselor is so very important. I like the idea of online counseling, but it also makes me nervous that it could be ‘anyone’ on the other end.

  3. I use to suffer from depression, and you don’t know how meaningful your post is. So many people are trying to find help and hopefully online counseling will be the right option.

    • I am happy to hear you found the post meaningful. It is great online counselling is now available for those who need it. Thanks Chris.

  4. Thank you for this eye-opening post. I had no idea online counselors excited; only knew about phone help lines, which are of course quite different. Very good to know!

  5. This is so true. I am a member of local mental health advocates community in my area and the holiday season actually brings additional stress or triggers to other people.

    I am happy to know that online counselling is now available. We can get all the help that we can. Sharing this post to the entire group as well.

    • Oh thanks for sharing the post. Many are not aware they can have access to online counselling.I hope they can get to read this post.

  6. I truly did not know that counselling can be done online this these. This a good advancement for anyone in need of counselling. I would think that using the online search, will give a variety to choose from. I love your outfits though.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful article. Not many people are aware of the e-counselling. This can be an eye opener for many people who are in need. With the advancement in technology, people can get help anywhere, anytime. This can also be really helpful for the people who understand the value and benefit of seeking counselling but they are too stressed or embarrassed to be seen at a therapist’s office.

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