How to use a Blusher

You may notice your face looks a bit bland after applying primer, concealer, foundation and powder. This is because all the imperfections have been evened out to create a uniformed face, which has taken away the hint of healthy colour in your cheeks. This is where the blusher comes in. A good blusher goes a long way in brightening up the face and adding the right amount of colour to your cheeks. I like to apply them sparingly, so it is not so obvious. That look works so great for my face.


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Blushers are so handy to have in the makeup bag. They are a good multitasking makeup product, which is amazing for when you need to go away with a little bag of makeup. Blushers can be applied on the eyes, cheeks as well as the lips, with some lip gloss for a light lip look.

Blushers usually come in powder or cream textures. Many now come in gel textures too! I find powder blushers a lot easier to use, which is why I have loads of them on my makeup table. I like to start slow and light and build up if I need more. Like most makeup products, less is more with blushers. I apply my blusher starting from the centre of my cheeks, then over to the edges.


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Here are some blusher makeup tips for the shape of your face –


Square Face

For the square face, apply from jawline to cheeks for a softer look.


Oval Face

When it comes to the oval faces, apply gently on the cheekbones.


Round Face

Apply the blusher on the jawline, cheeks and area just above the brow-bone to create an illusion of a slimmer face.


Oblong Face

For the oblong face, broaden the pointed chin by applying blusher at the tip and cheeks to sides.


Blushers are very makeup products worth having. If you are new to blushers, you can start off experimenting with a safe colour like a rose pink and see how you get on.

Do you use blushers? Do you have any handy makeup blusher tips to share? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. I donr know if you have ever tried it however I use Daniel Sandler watercolour range of blush. It’s in a liquid form. You only need a dab and it blends in so well.

    It’s used alot by makeup artists however available to the general public too. I have stuck with this for years. Its comes in a tiny little bottle. Theres a good range of choice of colours and an app on the website to choose your best colouring.

    I’ve used it without makeup underneath too, just to give a bit of a glow, when a hot day and full makeup dont go together. Got to have some blush on though, when your wearing full make up I agree

  2. I don’t have any tips but I do love a good blusher. I have been using an avon one that a customer ordered but didn’t like. Its perfect shade with a little bronzer underneath.

    I have also been using a highlighter on top which gives it the perfect finish x

  3. I love a good blusher, but never really thought about how I put it on and is it right for my shape.

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