Morning routine: What do you do with your first waking hour?

The first hour of the day is very important. It usually sets the pace for how the rest of the day will go. I like to wake up before the rest of the house gets up. It helps me have a full hour to myself and plan the rest of my day. Gone are the days when I have to drag myself out of bed. These days, I take charge of my day by going to bed a little earlier than I used to do and waking up an hour before the kiddies get out. Having that full hour gives me the time to meditate, pray, reflect, and listen to uplifting tracks and podcasts.

I also find some time to exercise later in the morning but that is after my first waking hour. Exercising in the morning helps me stay fit and healthy, plus it allows me get my energy levels up but I also try not to stress my body too much so I don’t have to deal with pains and aches. If you struggle with pains after exercising, Kratom for pain relief is a great natural painkiller you could try.

What do you do with your first waking hour? What does your morning routine look like?

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Morning routine: What do you do with your first waking hour?

Waking up earlier than required allows you to spend the time doing what you need to do to start your day right. The first hour allows you to spend time on what matters to you and I get a lot done in that first waking hour. Everyone should have some sort of morning routine. The time you wake doesn’t really matter. It all depends on your lifestyle and household. I like to wake up for 6 am because that time works great. It allows me to get the right amount of sleep and wake earlier than the rest of the house, without feeling grumpy or tired.

This morning routine is a big thing for me. I was never a morning person until having the twins forced me to be a morning person. Even then, I was still very much a night owl until some months ago. These days, I like to be in bed before 11 pm,( most times I am in bed a lot earlier) and I have realised I am a lot happier. My morning routine keeps me energised and getting to sleep a lot more is great for my mental health.

Do you have a morning routine?


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  1. I did have a routine when my adult children were young. They are all adults now with lives, families etc of there own. Just one son at home who has health issues.

    Re my own health issues a morning routine for me is difficult. I have always been allergic to mornings.and more of a evening/night person anyway.

    Fibromyalgia with CFS (fatigue with insomnia) problems don’t help. It is not beneficial I know. A routine is much better

    • Yea having a routine helps. Some mornings can be tricky but being up early helps me achieve a lot.

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