Money Tips Every Freelancer Needs to Know

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Being a freelancer sounds like a great career choice and something that many people may choose to do. Whilst it definitely has its perks; like being able to manage your own time and being able to earn money for yourself. When it comes to being a freelancer there are also lots of other things to think about.

Money is one of them. When you do not have a regular cash flow, as you would with a standard, get paid every month job, finances become harder to manage. You need to think about what might come in (and when) as well as how this will balance against things coming out. This can be a hard balance to achieve as each month is not likely to be the same when it comes to incomings.

That said, when it comes to money tips as a freelancer, there are plenty of things that you can do to make things that little bit easier for yourself. Want to know more? Here are some of the money tips that every freelancer needs to know.

Make a monthly budget

One of the best things that you can do for yourself when it comes to managing money is to make a monthly budget of everything that you need to pay out. Note down the key payments that you need to make each month. This includes rent (or your mortgage if you own your own house) as well as your debt repayments, groceries, car payments, and your utilities. When you know this, you can think about how much you need to send out every month and therefore the minimum that you need to have coming in to keep yourself in the black.

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Save for an emergency

It is thought that you need to have around 3 months’ worth of your paycheck in your savings account as an emergency. However, when you are a freelancer, this may vary greatly. It is a much better idea to aim for around the 9-month mark to be saved away for when you may need it. This means that if anything should happen with your business and you need to close, then you know that you have some money put away to help you to cover your bills whilst you start your new project, or secure yourself a job.

Keep your money separate

You might find it much easier to manage your money and minimise the risk of any debt – something that the DTSS U.S. Complete Freedom system will show you is a really negative thing – if you keep your money separate. Have a bank account that you use to put your freelancer earnings in and then transfer the money into another bank account where you pay your bills from. This may be a little on the fiddly side, but it makes things much easier to manage and to keep on track of both your earnings and your bills too. Plus, it will make it much easier to save and to repay any debt that you may have.

Being a freelancer can be great and there plenty of benefits. But it is important to remember that it is not always plain sailing and despite all your best efforts there can be times when things don’t quite go the way that you planned. This means that it is best to do whatever you can to get a handle on your money and manage it in the best way that you can.


Tips for decorating your home for an event

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I love playing around with our home decor every now and again. Adding a few new decorative items can easily change the look of an entire space. A good reason to decorate your home is when you have an event coming up. It is always fun decorating the home for an upcoming event. The key to getting the home decor right for an event is to ensure the decor would still work great after the event. There will definitely be some decorative items that would purely be just for the day of the event, but most of the decor should blend in with the existing decoration in the home.

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Tips for decorating your home for an event

Here are my 3 top tips for decorating your home for an event –

Have a colour scheme

When it comes to interior decoration, deciding on a colour scheme is the first thing you need to do. Once that is done, you are equipped when you go hunting on decorative items to bring into your home. A colour scheme allows you pick out items that would complement and highlight each other. Once you decide on a colour scheme, you need to ensure you stick to it, and not get carried away when shopping. The right colour scheme will help create the tone and atmosphere for the event you are prepping for.

Pay attention to your furniture

It is likely you will be spending a bit more on furniture, so it makes sense to pay more attention to this area. Wood furniture is always a beauty to behold, and they tend to blend into most living spaces. I am a wood lover and I always admire natural wood for doors and windows. They always add this vintage feel. The furniture you go for should work well for the event you are planning and for life after. It is best to shop around and do some research on the best wood for doors for example, before deciding on the furniture you want.

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Let your budget decorate your home

This is such an important tip and that is why it is saved for last. Having a budget is very important. Sticking to the budget is even more important. Drawing up a budget for the interior decoration is the first step while ensuring the budget decorates your home is the last step. A budget guides you, so you know immediately which stores to look at and which to ignore. Shopping on a budget also allows you to make the most of the money you have to spend.

Do you love decorating your home? Please share any tips that have worked great for you.



Product Review: Anlan Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

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Being able to have my beauty treatments from the comfort of my home is so important to me, especially in times like this. I am forever investing in beauty tools, so I can treat my skin to some spa goodness when needed. The latest addition to my beauty gadgets is this Anlan Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. This product is really good. It is my first skin scrubber. I have used it a few times already and my skin loves it.

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Anlan Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber $41.29

This Waterproof Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber by Anlan comes in white and grey. I got mine in white. It has 5 modes – Sonic, Clean, Moist, Massage, and Lift. I have used the Sonic Mode, and I love how it deeply penetrates and cleans my skin. The other modes are so useful as well. The Clean Mode is for deep cleansing, Moist Mode helps the skin absorb skincare nutrition essence, Massage Mode opens the skin pores, and promotes blood circulation, Lift Mode stimulates collagen production, restores skin elasticity, and makes the skin smoother.

I will be using this scrubber once or twice a week as recommended by the manufacturer.

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  1. This smart beauty gadget is lightweight. It is easy to pop it into your handbag and take away with you. I like that it comes in a little pouch for easy storage.
  2. It is so easy to use. All I had to do was cleanly skim-read the manual and I was able to use it within minutes. The user manual came with all the important information for use, and even with pictures for more clarity.
  3. I love the fact that it came partly charged for quick use.
  4. It comes with 5 modes for different skin needs.
  5. My face felt and looked brighter, cleaner, and smoother after using this scrubber.
  6. This scrubber is very gentle on the face.
  7. It is waterproof.
  8. For what you get out of this skin scrubber, the price is really good.


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I can’t fault this Anyan Facial Skin Scrubber. It is so good and I will be using a lot of it. I can see it being my new favourite beauty/skincare gadget. What do you think of this product? Have you tried it before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section and do share this post on your social media platforms if you enjoyed reading this review.

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