Product Review: BeBarefaced Toner

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Hope you all had a lovely Christmas; I know we did and the countdown to the new year is officially on! It is back to work for me this week but I am looking forward to some days off in the next few days. Rest is always good. How are you enjoying the holidays?

Today I am reviewing this BeBarefaced Anti Blemish Mattifying Toner. I have been using this fab toner for a few weeks now and it is so good. This toner ticks all my skincare boxes and more.

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BeBarefaced Anti Blemish Mattifying Toner with Salcylic Acid and Tea Tree purifies and balances the skin. It is a natural treatment for sensitive skin and it calms, restores, clears, repairs and hydrates the skin. If you are after a new toner to help clear skin blemishes, you should check this out. It may work great on your skin.


Aqua, Glycerin, Lauryl Betaine, Coco Glucoside, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Sorbic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Leaf) Extract, Salicylic Acid, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Phytic Acid, Citric Acid, *Limonene. *Occurs naturally in essential oils.

  1. I love the fact that this toner by BeBarefaced contains only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals
  2. The fragrance is clean and refreshing
  3. It leaves my skin looking and feeling soft, smooth, and supple. It is definitely a mattifying toner
  4. This skincare product tones the skin without it tight
  5. I love how affordable it is as well. You can shop yours via the link below
  6. A little of this toner goes a long way, so a bottle should last a while


Overall, I recommend this toner. It contains some of my favourite ingredients and it works amazingly on my skin. I have no complaints at all and I recommend it anyone in search of new toner to try. This is a fantastic option.
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4 Behaviors To Adopt for Strong Self-Control and Restraint

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Self-control is a vital skill that enables an individual to regulate emotions and behaviors effectively. It gives an individual the ability to control their impulses and resist temptation. Self-control also helps avoid rash decisions which could lead to negative consequences. It enables an individual to achieve their goal and improve their confidence level.

Individuals who possess self-control can control any psychological, emotional, and physical impulses. These individuals often have an improved mental focus and better decision-making capacity. Self-control helps to reduce impulsive reactions or behaviors in an environment. Any individual can achieve self-control by going through constant practice and training. Some helpful behaviors include:

1. Planning Ahead

If you plan ahead for events that can break or lead to an unexpected reaction, you can implement self-control. Consider these possible scenarios and consider your potential behavior or response. Planning for these situations helps to strengthen self-control in the individual. It also helps to improve the willpower of an individual.

Without any direction, it might not be easy to achieve self-control. For example, if you have difficulty reducing your sugar intake, eat more balanced food with protein. Also, if you want to avoid alcohol at a party, consider taking a friend along to help keep you in check. Planning helps you to attain goals and resist the temptation that can make you act impulsively.

Planning also helps an individual to develop a sense of purpose, thereby improving the willpower to have restraint. When you set goals that you aim for, you will not want to do anything to jeopardize them. A lack of self-control often leads to impulsive behaviors and bad decision-making.

2. Ask for Help

Sometimes, it is challenging to achieve self-control on your own; it is not a sign of weakness to ask for help. Self-control plays a vital role in our lives; lacking it tends to get an individual into trouble. A lack of self-control can lead to accidental dangers and a lack of emotional control. It can also destabilize a marriage or ruin relationships.

When you find it hard to achieve self-control, you can ask for help from family, partners, and friends. Seeking help will enable you to manage any challenges you may face when trying to have self-control. It also helps to reduce the impact of the side effects of not having self-control and improve your mental focus.

Self-control is a skill you initiate and develop by controlling your impulsive behavior. To develop self-control, you need to be persistent and practice often. For example, an individual experiencing substance use disorder often lacks the self-control to let go of the substance hence the need for professional help. These individuals can undergo opioid treatment in New Jersey and find the habits and practices to have control again.

3. Think Long-Term

Have an honest look into the long-term benefits of having self-control. Focus on these benefits in certain moments and think about why you do something. Before making a decision, think about the result or consequence of that decision in the long run. Individuals without self-control often risk their ability to achieve long-term goals.

Always look beyond the short-term enjoyment or gratification of any action or decision you are about to make. When you put yourself in a position for success by taking care of yourself later, your self-control will increase over time, and you will reap the benefits. Having short and long-term goals will help to keep you motivated to keep practicing self-control.

4. Reward System

You can use the reward system to increase your self-control and willpower. The strength and amount of self-control and willpower you possess have an influence on how successful you will be. When you reward yourself, you will feel encouraged and energized to do more and better in terms of self-control.

The reward system implies that you reward yourself whenever you manage your self-control well. It gives you something to look forward to after doing the right thing and maintaining self-control in a difficult situation. Ensure to find and reward yourself with something that often makes you feel good.

If you lack willpower and self-control, you can apply the reward system. It will enable you to take actions and decisions that will lead you to a positive result.


Adopt Behaviors for Self-Control and Restraint

Self-control is the ability of an individual to alter and regulate their responses to achieve long-term goals. It is vital for health, and it helps to avoid unwanted accidents or temptations due to impulses. An individual can strengthen their self-control skill by being consistent and practicing. Individuals can also seek professional help if it is challenging to gain self-control.


Cryptocurrency for Beginners: Spot or Margin?

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Crypto trading is a way to make money on the cryptocurrency market, taking advantage of its volatility and price changes. The essence is to buy and sell crypto at different prices and sometimes even on different platforms. There are many trading tools offered on crypto platforms. Some of them will be too challenging for a novice trader, and others are less. Here are some of the most popular tools:

  • spot trading;
  • p2p exchange;
  • futures trading;
  • margin.

Let’s see which tool will be perfect to start trading cryptocurrency.

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Spot Trading

Spot means a person purchases or sells coins at the current prices, where assets are accrued to a trader immediately or shortly. That is why it is called “spot” – a person pays and receives coins on the spot.


This tool means a person borrows funds to enter the market with a better position and, thus, to receive a bigger profit. The main difference between margin and spot trading is that using the margin tool, a person pays only a small part of the sum from own funds, and all the rest funds are borrowed.

The key things to know about margin:

  • Leverage allows multiplying the initial amount of funds and entering the market with a more profitable position. For example, having the initial sum of $100, a trader can use a leverage of 5X and, in fact, enter the market with $500. That is, one borrows funds of $400 from an exchange. Leverage can be different depending on the platform you use.
  • Margin. Since the crypto market fluctuates constantly, prices do not keep at the same level. When the equity level decreases, crossing an established threshold (margin), you will have to add funds to your account or sell some assets (depending on where the market moves) to maintain the equity position set by margin requirements.
  • Collateral. Your initial investment (in our case, $100) serves as collateral. If you are not able to react to a margin call and add coins to your position, a platform can liquidate your position, and you will lose your $100. That is the biggest risk in margin trading.

Talking about beginner traders, we recommend using spot markets first and, along with receiving more practice, trying margin with the minimum leverage size. You can buy cryptos and apply any trading tool on the WhiteBIT exchange.


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