How to Choose Bridesmaids Dresses

If you are planning a wedding, and have been paying attention to Fashion and Style Police, you would know January is the best time to shop for a wedding dress. So with the wedding dress out-of-the-way, you need to start thinking of bridesmaids dresses. This task can be very time-consuming, so it is best to start as soon as you can. How do you choose bridesmaids dresses? Here are some tried and tested shopping and styling tips you may find very useful if you are a bride to be.


Decide on colours and style

When I got married years ago. I decided on the colours and style I wanted for my bridesmaids and went shopping with the information in mind. The colours of the day were gold and midnight blue. I wanted my maid of honour to wear long gold dress and my bridesmaids to wear midnight blue mid-length dresses. I pictured the styles I wanted in my head already, so once I laid eyes on the dresses, I knew I wanted them.


Shop in the right stores

Shopping in the right stores saves time and money. I am a massive fan of Coast bridesmaids dresses. They are usually very chic and elegant. Bridesmaids always stand out wearing their dresses. I can always spot a Coast dress from a distance. The quality and attention to detail on Coast dresses is second to none on the high street as you can see below.


Imi Lace Maxi Dress £149

Coast Bridesmaids Dress Image



Mel Maxi Dress £129

Coast image


Imi Lace Navy Dress £149

Navy Blue Dress image


Corwin Tulle Maxi £119

Maxi Dress image



Bring your bridesmaids on board

I always advise brides to bring their bridesmaids on board when choosing their dresses, especially when the bridesmaids are paying for them. It makes sense to make sure your maids are happy with the colour, style and price of the dress you have selected. You don’t want them feeling uncomfortable on the wedding day. If possible, go shopping for the dresses with as many of your bridesmaids as you can.


Try them on

Get your bridesmaids to try on the dresses as soon as possible if you don’t go shopping with them. If you have to buy any dress in the absence of a bridesmaid like I had to, make sure you have their measurements. Many are not aware of the fact that bridesmaid dresses sizes are not the same as traditional clothing ones. Which means their usual size won’t apply. It will usually go up a size or 2!


Get the shoes

The mistake I made with my girls was that I didn’t get the same shoes for all of them. I told them the colour and they are showed wearing shoes in various styles, which I didn’t really like. So, I always advise any bride to pick out shoes as well as the dress for the bridesmaids. It looks a lot better when they are all wearing the same style of shoes. And you can be sure no one would turn wearing something odd.


Find the accessories

Once the dress and shoes are sorted, the next stop is accessories. You want your bridesmaids to look beautiful, and accessories play a vital role in finishing off a look the right way. So you have to get them right. To create a stylish uniformed look, you can use pins, scarves, belts and jewelry to finish off the look.


How did you choose your bridesmaids dresses for your wedding? Are you a fan of Coast?


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OOTD: Autumn Fashion

It is getting so cold outside here in Cheshire, quite hard to believe it is only September, and it is still early days in autumn. Some nights feel like winter. However, we had some lovely sunshine over the weekend, and I made the most of it. We cannot afford to waste a lovely sunny day now can we?




What do you think of this beauty? It is the latest addition in my bag collection and I LOVE it so much. You will be seeing a lot of this beauty around.


In other news, Fashion and Style Police will be 3 years next month yayyyyy, and I am thinking of hosting the giveaway of all giveaways in October. I plan to do an International giveaway every week, which means I will be giving away 4 prizes to 4 lucky winners in October.  The only issue I have is I am not sure what to giveaway, lol..Can you imagine that? Crazy but true.



I know some prizes are more popular than others so I want to get this right. I want to give out prizes my readers would want and enjoy so I need your help here. Please leave a comment, listing 5 items under £50/$75, in order of priority, you would want to win. That will be super helpful as I can look at popular choices and make them happen. I would prefer the prizes to be beauty or fashion related but I am open to other suggestions as long as it is not something completely unrelated to my blog.


What I Wore

White Dress – c/o Luxemme

Blue Blazer – Bershka

Black and Gold Platform Sandals – New Look

Blue Watch – Toy Watch

Black and Gold Bracelet – Coast

Sunnies – Miu Miu

Earrings – Swarovski

Bag – Michael Kors

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Have a fantastic week.


New Outfit Post

Last week was a crazy busy week. I have been working on some new gigs and I shall be filling you all in all the details very soon. I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to all my blog readers and followers. You guys have kept my dream alive and I am ever so grateful. Thank you all so much.

New Blog Post

Now for some shoe news, I have had an unusual obsession with shoes lately, have you noticed? I have been doing a lot of online window shopping like I said in my previous posts here and here, and I have finally given in and gone off to splurge a little. I bought some new shoes and this Office sandals here is one of them. I got this on sale for just £10, was previously over £50 so that is a bargain, right?


What do you think? Sound off in the comment section.


Dress – AX Paris

Denim Jacket – Dorothy Perkins

Sandals – Office Shoes

Bag – Michael Kors

Watch -DKNY

Bracelet – Coast

Sunnies – Miu Miu




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