How Bloggers Make Money Part 2

So some days ago, I wrote a post on how bloggers make money using Google Adsence and Word Ads for WordPress. Click here if you missed that post. I got emails from a couple of people telling me how useful they found the post, those emails made my week. Thanks for sending them.



Here are some other ways Bloggers make money:

Banner Ads

Apart from Google Ads, Word Ads and others, banner advertising is another common way bloggers make money. Brands and businesses have their ads on the headers, footers or sidebars of blogs and the contract terms could be anything from charging a fixed rental amount like £20 per calender month or £1 per banner click or per page impression (per view). Some bloggers use advertising networks/agencies to source for ads and negotiate advertising rates. This might be a good option for you as the advertising agencies do all the ground work for you; they find the ads, negotiate the rates and terms and take a percentage of the profits you make of course, all you have to do is put the ads on your blog, which is simply copying and pasting the ad codes into a widget slot.

Most of the banner ads are also pay per page impression, which simply means pay per view. This method doesn’t need readers to click on the ads which I like. However, your blog will need to get above a certain number of hits to be considered on most advertising network, your social following and blog engagement may also be taken into consideration, so work on your traffic first before joining one.

I previously used an advertising agency but I was not happy with the terms so I pulled out, the financial rewards were not worth having the banner on my blog but that could be down to just that particular advertising network. I may try another in the near future. Here are some advertising agencies/networks you can check out:

  • Handpicked Media
  • BlogHer
  • Mode Media
  • Etailpr

Some bloggers also sell ads directly on their blogs via an ad shop. This method means you are in complete control, you set your rates and keep all the profits, you do all the ground work and market the hell out of your blog so you get noticed. The world is your oyster.

Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate Links are a form of commission off a sale of a product. They are links which if clicked on may result in the blogger receiving some form of commission. For instance, I publish a post with a link to a Michael Kors bag, a reader clicks on it, and buys it, I earn a commission. Here is another example, I publish a post with a link to a Dorothy Perkins skirt, a reader clicks on it but doesn’t buy immediately, the reader buys the same dress a couple of days later, from the same laptop, I earn a commission. Here is another instance, just to make things very clear; I write a post with a link to House of Fraser shoes, a reader clicks on the link but does not want shoes, the reader buys a bag off House of Fraser, I still get a commission.

How does this work I hear you ask? Most affiliate programme use cookies which are stored on your pc, and attached to a blogger, so any item you purchase on that site usually in 30 days will mean the blogger will get a commission. Some popular affiliate marketing programmes are Reward Style, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and so many more. A Google search will give you all the relevant information on each affiliate marketing programme.

I am yet to use affiliate Marketing, I only mentioned it as it is a common way most bloggers, especially fashion bloggers make money.

Do you monetize your blog using any of these methods or are you thinking of doing so? Lets talk, sound off in the comment section.

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How Bloggers Make Money

Most people have no idea how bloggers make money. I kind of understand where they are coming from though. I mean, who will think you could make money by uploading pictures of yourself on the internet? Or by publishing your ramblings on your blog? Who cares I hear you say. Well many people DO care. Bloggers provide information and entertainment; you watch movies and read books for this and bloggers now provide them for free and they are available to you. Brands all over the world want to reach the followers; the readers, that is where the money is.

However, Blogging is not a get rich scheme. It is HARD WORK and your passion will keep you going. I have been blogging for over two years now and it gets harder each and every day because your followers increase and you need to think outside the box everyday and learn how to draw in more followers and keep them following the blog. That is the hard bit. For you to go pro, that is blog full-time and make money off your blog, you need to have the right content for your followers or else they will unfollow you.

This post is going to break it down it all down in English, without any blogger jargon, how bloggers make money from my OWN experience as a fashion and beauty blogger. I won’t be discussing exact figures as I am not comfortable doing that but I will give you a good idea with every example. ‘How Bloggers Make Money’ is a very deep subject, I have so much to write, so I am going to break it down into various parts and publish them separately.



Google Adsence is a pay-per-click, contextual advertising platform. It is a very popular method of blog monetization and most bloggers, especially bloggers on Blogspot use it. In other words, Google Adsense could be those ads you see on blogs, under each posts, side bars, footers, headers and so on. It is a pay-per-click advert, so you making money from this method will depend on the amount of people who click on the ads. I personally don’t  use it so I can’t speak on how profitable it is but I thought I should mention as it is a very popular way bloggers make money.


I use Word Ads and it is quite similar to Goodle Adsence but this is a WordPress advertising platform. This is a pay per view advertising platform, so your readers don’t have to click on the ads for you to make money. They just need to see it. The only issue I have with it is I don’t understand how it works. WordPress takes blog visits from the US and some other countries and disregards the rest. So if you have most of your blog traffic coming from the outside the countries WordPress acknowleges then you are screwed and Word Ads may not be best for you.

Also some themes do not enable all the ads to show. I just discovered that and changed to the Elemin premium theme, but I am sure you can also find free themes to do the work. I just wanted something clean and different.This can be enabled on your blog, although you will need to get an approval from WordPress before the ads start showing, and your blog traffic is usually taken into consideration before Word Ads are approved. New blogs with little or no views may struggle to get Word Ads approved.

I have had Word Ads since December 2012 on Fashion and Style Police and I am yet to get rich on it, lol. In the early days, I had little or no traffic as anyone would expect so I was receiving a few cents here and there. Now my traffic has picked up and I attract quite a few hundreds of people every day from all over the world, I am starting to see my Word Ads earnings increase significantly. I am making quite a small fortune on Word Ads now, and with the new Elemin premium theme and extra ad spaces, I should receive a lot more fingers crossed.

Do you use Google Adsence or Word Ads? What are your thoughts? Sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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