How to make money from your blog

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So, you’ve started a blog and would like to make a living from it. I mean… who wouldn’t? Talking about the things you love, sharing your ideas and meeting like-minded people plus, earning money from doing all of this? Sounds incredible.

If you haven’t started a blog yet, what’s keeping you from doing it? The BBC published an article on how to make your fortune writing about stuff you love, where they recommend starting a blog. They add that to write a blockbuster blog, you should consider writing about something you love, find your individual voice, post every day if possible, and use other social media platforms to promote your content.

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Start an online store.

While you are blogging and writing about your travels or simply about a favourite recipe that you want to share with others, why not consider starting an online store? Ad Lab is a Magento eCommerce agency within London UK, and they recommend creating an online store to complement your blog for extra traffic and monetisation opportunities.

If you already have your blog on the WordPress platform, starting an online store is easy, peasy! WordPress has a plugin called WooCommerce that will allow you to set-up an online store in minutes with secure payments, customisable options, and more. If however, you plan to take it seriously, Ad Lab recommends the Magento platform which comes with a tone of innovative features to help sell more products online.

To gain wider recognition for your website, increase traffic, and ultimately sales, Ad Lab recommends putting your online store up for design awards. Here’s a link to Ad Lab’s portfolio on AWWWARDS which showcases some of their best Magento eCommerce sites.

Affiliate marketing.

In a recent blog post, Life with Baby Kicks commented that affiliate marketing is one of the most popular methods to make money from your blog. She gave the example of “if you are running a parenting blog, you can easily talk about useful products for your readers, such as baby toys and baby carriers, and when your readers click on the links for the products, you receive a commission from that interaction.”

That’s how easy affiliate marketing is! Plus, you don’t have to have a blog to make the most out of affiliate marketing – if you have a considerable following on another platform, share your affiliate links there.

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Run relevant ads.

Google AdSense is a great way to generate passive income from your blog. It’s free, quick, and simple. It only requires you to add a little piece of code to your blog (sounds more difficult than it actually is!) and then relevant ads to your content will start to run! When speaking with my friends at Ad Lab, they mentioned that it’s worth doing the Google certifications to help you get the most out of Google Ads. Here’s what Ad Labs Google qualifications look like.


Boo Roo and Tiger Too state 5 tips to creating more money, such as if you are a small blogger, you can contact companies and pitch them your ideas for sponsored posts. For bloggers with a larger audience, she mentions that companies will most likely get in touch with you to create content about their brand and/or product. You can also join influencer marketing networks where sponsored jobs are available!

Sell your skills.

Devon Mamma recommends selling the skills you’ve acquired whilst blogging. Whether this is social media management, writing reviews, copywriting, photography, design, or any other skill you might have acquired, you can start selling it! You can also add a hire me page on your blog, so people know you offer those services and can easily reach you if they need your assistance.

Get paid for speaking.

I know, it sounds crazy, but if you become an authority within your niche, podcasts will pay you to be a guest on their website, and exposure on these podcasts will open up traffic and sales to your website/online store. Here’s an example from Ad Lab who appeared on James Sinclairs podcast about growing businesses online – great listen if you have a spare hour 😉


Start making money from your fashion blog

Many fashion and style lovers dream of owing a successful fashion blog. If you are a natural writer or photographer (or you have a great photographer at your disposable). the dream of having a fashion blog is even stronger. Fashion and Style Police will be 7 years old in a few days and I can’t believe how far this tiny little blog has come. Having my own little corner on the big wide web has always been a dream, and I am glad to see it alive and doing amazing 7 years after I clicked publish on my very first blog post.

I know many people wonder how bloggers make money and I have written extensively about that on the blog here. However this blog post’s focus is on how you can start making money from your fashion blog. So the ideas and tips will be focused on fashion blogging but can also work for other blog niches.


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Start making money from your fashion blog

So how do fashion bloggers make money from their fashion blogs? Here are some popular ways they do this –


Sell your own products

I know many fashion blogs with their own online store where they sell their items. Some of them are new fashion designers and sell their designs on their blogs. Others sell clothing and accessories from other brand on their blogs. I have played with the idea of doing this on and off for years but I have decided not to for many reasons. However I know many fashion bloggers doing this and making good money from it as a side gig on their blogs. It works if you have a good eye for clothing and accessories that would sell well. It also works if you design lovely items and you get to set your prices which is good.


Affiliate marketing

Many fashion bloggers make a decent wage from affiliate marketing. This works by promoting brands and getting a percentage off the sales from your blog. I do this and it works great especially if you readers are buyers. It also works great if you write SEO optimised posts that rank on search engines, that way more eyeballs get to read your blog posts. I make about 1% of my blog income from affiliate marketing so not much for me but every penny counts and I plan to incorporate more affiliate links.


Sponsored Posts

This is how I get 95% of my blog income. Sponsored posts is all about brands paying you to write about their products/services and linking back to their websites. Usually the brands/PRs/SEOs come to you once you have an established blog but you can also reach out to them via email and social media. I have a blog coaching service I offer that will help you grow your blog so brands find it attractive enough to spend money on. You can reach out to me via email to hear more about this service. My email address is on the right hand side of the blog.


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Social media promotion

Many fashion bloggers also make money from their social media platforms alongside their blogs. Brands do pay them to promote their products and services on their social media platforms. This works if you have a good following and engagement on social media especially Instagram. I get 2% of my blog income from social media promotions.


Banner ads

This is another way of making avenue to make money on your blog. It works great for me as well. My banner ads are from WordAds (Wordpres) but there are loads of options available. I also put up banner ads for private clients and they usually pay a better figure. I get 2% of my blog income from banner ads.


I make money from other ways thanks to my blog but they are not tied to the blog directly so I have left them out.

Do you have a fashion blog? Any new creative ways you have made money on it this year?

How Bloggers Make Money Part 2

So some days ago, I wrote a post on how bloggers make money using Google Adsence and Word Ads for WordPress. Click here if you missed that post. I got emails from a couple of people telling me how useful they found the post, those emails made my week. Thanks for sending them.



Here are some other ways Bloggers make money:

Banner Ads

Apart from Google Ads, Word Ads and others, banner advertising is another common way bloggers make money. Brands and businesses have their ads on the headers, footers or sidebars of blogs and the contract terms could be anything from charging a fixed rental amount like £20 per calender month or £1 per banner click or per page impression (per view). Some bloggers use advertising networks/agencies to source for ads and negotiate advertising rates. This might be a good option for you as the advertising agencies do all the ground work for you; they find the ads, negotiate the rates and terms and take a percentage of the profits you make of course, all you have to do is put the ads on your blog, which is simply copying and pasting the ad codes into a widget slot.

Most of the banner ads are also pay per page impression, which simply means pay per view. This method doesn’t need readers to click on the ads which I like. However, your blog will need to get above a certain number of hits to be considered on most advertising network, your social following and blog engagement may also be taken into consideration, so work on your traffic first before joining one.

I previously used an advertising agency but I was not happy with the terms so I pulled out, the financial rewards were not worth having the banner on my blog but that could be down to just that particular advertising network. I may try another in the near future. Here are some advertising agencies/networks you can check out:

  • Handpicked Media
  • BlogHer
  • Mode Media
  • Etailpr

Some bloggers also sell ads directly on their blogs via an ad shop. This method means you are in complete control, you set your rates and keep all the profits, you do all the ground work and market the hell out of your blog so you get noticed. The world is your oyster.

Affiliate Marketing Links

Affiliate Links are a form of commission off a sale of a product. They are links which if clicked on may result in the blogger receiving some form of commission. For instance, I publish a post with a link to a Michael Kors bag, a reader clicks on it, and buys it, I earn a commission. Here is another example, I publish a post with a link to a Dorothy Perkins skirt, a reader clicks on it but doesn’t buy immediately, the reader buys the same dress a couple of days later, from the same laptop, I earn a commission. Here is another instance, just to make things very clear; I write a post with a link to House of Fraser shoes, a reader clicks on the link but does not want shoes, the reader buys a bag off House of Fraser, I still get a commission.

How does this work I hear you ask? Most affiliate programme use cookies which are stored on your pc, and attached to a blogger, so any item you purchase on that site usually in 30 days will mean the blogger will get a commission. Some popular affiliate marketing programmes are Reward Style, Commission Junction, Affiliate Window and so many more. A Google search will give you all the relevant information on each affiliate marketing programme.

I am yet to use affiliate Marketing, I only mentioned it as it is a common way most bloggers, especially fashion bloggers make money.

Do you monetize your blog using any of these methods or are you thinking of doing so? Lets talk, sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.





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