Creating A Relaxing Bedroom Environment



Sometimes life happens and the bedroom kind of takes the back seat in our lives. We are too busy living and chasing paper, we forget some of the things that truly matter. I have always spoken openly about how important my bedroom is to me. I think bedrooms are the most private rooms in any house, and they are meant to be relaxing. And that is the reason why many people are against having some form of entertainment in the bedroom, like TVs and games for example. 

Having the right bedroom environment would put you in a relaxing mood instantly. So clean, fresh smelling bedding, well laid bed, well aired room, and some burning candles, would help create a relaxing bedroom environment.

A relaxing bedroom environment can do wonders for your libido, as you can imagine. Research has shown that many couples struggle with erectile dysfunction, and many are as a stress, depression, anxiety and relationship problems. Having a relaxed bedroom is the first step in sorting out any erectile dysfunction issues, and is the first step to having a healthy sex lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle in general, because our beauty sleep plays a vital role in our overall health.

Sexy Nightwear

Here are some tips for creating a relaxed bedroom environment:

Keep the Bedroom Clean and Tidy

Keeping the bedroom clean and tidy is the first time in creating the perfect bedroom environment. If you know me well enough, you will know I am unable to think when my bedroom is upside down. I like my bedroom and every other room clean and tidy every time, except when the kids are trashing the living room. Also, fresh bedding make me drift off to sleep quickly, and a bed mist always helps.


Open the Windows

I like to have the windows open whenever I can. Fresh air in the room helps me relax and clears my head. There is nothing quite like it!


Burn the Candles

I like burning candles in the bedroom for a few hours during the day. It leaves the entire house smelling amazing. I am currently stuck on Yankee Candles. I am loving every fragrance.


Clean Pyjamas/Nightwear

A clean pair of pyjamas or a night-dress helps me feel relaxed. Just like I love my fresh bedding, I also love my fresh night-wear. I am currently loving the Jockey nightwear pieces I have on here. They are amazing for the summer season.

Minimal Entertainment

Keeping entertainment to a minimal (if you must have some form of entertainment in the room) is a good idea, and also  try to reduce whatever the entertainment is at bedtime.


So there you have them; my tips for a relaxing bedroom environment. What do you think? Do you have any tips to add?

Please sound off in the comment section, lets talk.

Thanks for reading and have a fantastic day, enjoying the sun. I know I will, I am off to a BBQ later in the day.


*This is a collaborative post



Nightwear With Jockey

I love trying out new brands and pieces, and one of the perks of being a fashion blogger is I get to work with various brands, meet amazing people and wear some fabulous clothes. Gosh I love my job. I still cannot believe this is now my JOB. Thank you Lord.

Being a work from home fashion blogger, I spend a lot of my days in my pyjamas indoors so I pay extra attention to my sleepwear and loungewear pieces since I wear them a lot.

I have had the pleasure of trying out some sleepwear and loungewear pieces by Jockey and they have some of the most AMAZING pieces I have ever had the privilege of wearing. For those who do not know, Jockey is an international fashion label, active in more than 120 countries, and they deal in sleepwear, activewear, sportswear, loungewear for men, women and children.

The pieces are beautifully designed, made from the finest quality, the fabrics and designs speak for themselves. I am a huge fan of Jockey now, can you tell?

Check out the samples sent to me below.

Fly Away Blouson Blue Floral Blouson £68*


I love this floral lounge wear piece a lot. It is very versatile and so beautiful. It fits like a glove as well (I am wearing a small size). I will be wearing a lot of it in the coming months.

Fly Away Chemise Camisole Pant Set/Floral Camisole £20 & Pants £35*

Jockey Pyjamas

This beautiful camisole pant set is 100% cotton and it feels so good on the skin. It is the prettiest sleepwear in my wardrobe at the moment. I will be sleeping like a baby in this beauty. I am so in love.

Jockey Nightwear

Jockey Sleepwear

Life Is A Beautiful Ride Night Dress £35*


Sexy Nightwear

I am wearing a pretty, sexy night-dress underneath the floral Blouson loungewear, it was a bit too revealing so I decided to leave it to your imagination but take my word for it; it is HOT.

What do you think of these pieces? Have you shopped in Jockey? Let’s chat, sound off in the comment section. Thanks for reading.

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