Late Summer/Autumn Fashion

I can’t believe we are almost at the end August. Where has 2017 gone? This year is going by so fast, we only said happy new year some minutes ago right?We say goodbye to Summer in a few weeks, and usher in Autumn officially. I am seriously looking forward to Autumn fashion. There is something so comfy about it. The light layers and booties always look so stylish. I can’t wait to play dress up!


The beauty about Autumn fashion is that you can incorporate many of your summer pieces into your new season’s wardrobe, by styling them right. Summer and Autumn pieces and accessories can work hand in hand to create the perfect wardrobe. You may need to get some in essentials in order to pair up existing pieces and accessories correctly. So this Late Summer Fashion Inspo/Wishlist post may come in handy. Here are a few pieces and accessories you may need to get this look right.


The Trench Coat


Autumn Fashion Image


The Trench Coat is one of the most important pieces when it comes to late Summer/Autumn fashion. It is an effortless stylish piece. Great for dressing up or down, and for dealing with the wet weather. I always like to have at least 2 trench coats in my wardrobe. My preferred colours are black and camel brown, like the stunning piece above, by Aquascutum London.  The minimalist design and the functionality of the trench coat makes it an absolute must-have this season.


An Umbrella for Late Summer/Autumn Fashion


Late Summer/Autumn Fashion Image


I am usually not good with big umbrellas. They are usually misplaced somehow, so I tend to stay away from them. However, a small umbrella that would fit into my handbag would be fantastic. It would even be more fantastic if it looked as good as this stunning compact club check umbrella by Aquascutum London.


Pandora Bird of Paradise Scarf


Scarf Image


I like to have a scarf with me at all times, especially during the Summer and Autumn months. Scarves are fashion essentials, and I can’t be without them. They are also great multi-tasking pieces. I use a scarf for a light cover when it gets chilly. I also love styling it as a head tie or neck tie. This beautiful Pandora Bird of Paradise scarf would be a great wardrobe addition. I love the silk blend and the fact that it is lightweight. When it comes to scarves, the lighter the scarf, the better for me.


Club Check Fold Handbag


Autumn Fashion Image


Now Autumn fashion would not be complete without a stylish bag like this Club Check Fold Handbag.  I love the check design. It would look effortless stylish when paired with the check umbrella above. This stunning handbag oozes class and sophistication. I want it now!


What are your late summer/autumn fashion wardrobe essentials? Do you like any of the items listed here?


*Collaborative post.


Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Women

TIP – Buy less trendy pieces, buy more statement pieces.

A Statement Coat

Looking stylish during the winter season can be very tricky. For starters, with all those layering of various garments no one can even see what clothes you have on. This is why you need to concentrate on your overcoats. So I will advise you to splurge on a statement coat this season. Go for a coat that will do the job, which is to keep you warm but also look stylish at the same time.


Statement Winter Boots

For this winter, you need statement boots to keep you upright and stylish all winter long. This is definitely an essential in every woman’s wardrobe. They come in various shapes and designs – ankle boots, knee high boots and so on. Invest in a pair of stylish boots to see you through the season.



Cashmere sweaters are very soft, beautiful, comfortable, stylish and functional. This is a necessary wardrobe investment for every woman as cashmere sweaters can last a lifetime if you take proper care of them.They are essential for creative layering to retain body heat. They come in various designs and colours and it is a must have for this cold season.

Image Image

Head Gears

This is an affordable winter essential. Every woman should aim to get a couple of head gears this season. This accessory can keep you warm and add life and colour to your overall look. Head gears come in different colours and designs. I suggest going for colours that will blend with the clothes in your wardrobe but also get a couple in bright colours to add a splash of colour to your overall look.



This is another affordable accessory that is quite essential for every winter. Gloves will keep your hands warm and spice up your outfit at the same time. Go for real leather gloves in various colours this season.

Image ImageImage


This is also an affordable accessory with endless possibilities. Scarves retain your body heat and they also brighten up your overall look nicely; they have the power to take a look from boring to interesting. It is a stylish essential for every woman.


Leather Jacket

A stylish leather jacket is a must have this winter. Investing in an original leather jacket is smart move and a good investment as they never go out of fashion, they are always in season, and they keep you warm and stylish at the same time.



Tights are a fashion necessity and an essential for every woman. They are needed for those skirts and dresses we must wear this cold season. Opaque tights can make an outfit look very stylish, they can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary effortlessly. Go for neutral colours like black, nude and brown.


A Classic Big Bag

This winter essential will not only look good but it will be big enough to fit in extras like umbrellas, gloves, lip balm, hats, scarves and water proof jackets to deal with the unpredictable weather conditions this season. If you can, splurge on quality leather bags to last a lifetime.

Image Image

Jersey Dresses

This is definitely a fashion must have this season especially for dress -lovers. I love jersey dresses. I think they flatter almost every body shape. Jersey dresses can be formal or casual, and they come in various designs and styles. Rock your jersey dress this winter with leggings or opaque tights, super stylish.


Which is your favourite winter wardrobe essential?

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