Socks – Winter Must-have Accessory

Socks are winter’s must-have accessory and they play a massive role in our final look. Not many people give any thought to the type of socks they wear or whether they should wear any socks in the first place. Well, this humble clothing item is now gaining greater relevance in the world of fashion, especially in the autumn/winter months.

Who would have thought socks could be fashionable? You think people hardly notice them, but if you’re fashion conscious, then they are as important as the type of shoes you wear or the handbag you carry.


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Big fashion brands know the powerful role socks play in the world of fashion. So they invest a lot in socks that bear their brand name and creative designs.

For as long as I can remember, fashion designers have been passing the message that socks have the potential of being the game changers in fashion. In fact, they have been featuring all sorts of socks on the runway.

Socks of all colours, patterns, and sizes add depth and meaning to outfits in a way that most people overlook. Now almost every well-known brand has its signature socks that you can choose from. Quality is so important when it comes to anything and socks are no exception. The better quality, the better the fit and the look, and Merino base layers are super comfy!


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There are so many reasons why socks are a must-have accessory, but here are a few that are really crucial.


Socks turned into an outlet for intense creativity

The sky is the limit when it comes to finding the most suitable pair to suit an outfit. Fashion designers were able to show the world that there’s no outfit a pair of socks can’t accompany. We’ve seen socks go with dresses, compliment flats and heels and there is nothing socks have not been paired with.

Aside from enhancing creativity with socks and outfit combinations, the colours, patterns and textures of socks have been quite creative. More people are embracing bolder designs and socks are no longer relegated to just something to wear with sport shoes.

I always say that the outfit you wear is your way of expressing your personality, mood or character. Socks, just like every other clothing item can be used as a medium of expression. This is the side of socks that people have shown a lot of keen interest in.


Socks are a means of spreading a message

Remember how we recognize and feel the impact of slogan tees? Socks have been able to be a way for people to pass a message or simply make people laugh. You have socks that carry words conspicuous for others to see. Just like that the unsaid words are spoken through our socks.


Wearing socks are in vogue

This is one of the major reasons why you should start styling your outfits with an awesome pair of socks. I witnessed an era where wearing socks in your sandals was thought of as strange and unusual, but now even this taboo has been debunked. And I am loving it!

If you’re fashion conscious and you want to make sure that you are following the trends, then now is the time to grab a pair of comfy socks. Plus it is so chilly now so make the most ofd it. Nothing like slipping your trainers off to show off cool set of socks right?


What do you think of the socks trend? Are you a fan? Do you think socks are winter must-have accessor




Knee High Socks – A Comfort Brace by Adam & Eesa

A week ago, my friend called me late at night and told me about a couples themed party. It was knee highs, fur coats and miniskirts dress code for a fabulous feminine look. The theme for men was to be a 90’s hero; hippy glasses, striped shirts, knee high boots and tight pants. I already started planning for the party as it was Friday and the party was to be on Saturday. I got my mini skirt and fur coat from my cupboard but I was worrying for socks as my cupboard was short of knee high socks. I was thinking of how to get a new pair of over the high knee socks in such limited time. I couldn’t compromise on my theme at any cost. Suddenly, I was struck by an idea to go for online shopping, which as you all know is my favourite thing to do.



Socks shopping:

I did browse ‘eBay’ firstly for socks and found many options available on there. The variety of socks was incredible. The funky and cheeky socks in lots of designs really appealed to me. I wanted socks that could turn my entire look into a 90’s dapper style It’s always confusing to choose from thousands of options. However I finally stumbled across the gem “thick stripe over the knee high socks”. It was in black and pink colour contrast combination with Soft Stretch and machine washable fabric. The socks were of the ‘Adam and Eesa’ brand. I had no idea of the brand at that time but was very pleased to see their free shipping service in UK and their short delivery times.




T-shirts shopping:

I wanted my fella to wear the full costume for the themed dinner. As well as socks shopping, I had to buy a T-shirt for him. I searched for a mens work out T-shirts on the Amazon website and found multiple brands there. After browsing many options, I picked the “Men’s Breathable Performance Workout Shirt” in size large.  I ordered promptly when I looked into the details, 65% Nylon, 35% polyester and slim fit in size. I was pleasantly surprised to see the same brand “Adam and Eesa” in the details. At that time, I breathed a sigh of relief as we both now had the full dress code for Saturday night’s party. At that time, I was curious to know about the Adam and Eesa brand and searched it on google.

I explored the whole website and found its clothing collection unique and versatile with latest trends and styles. Adam and Eesa is purely a global lifestyle brand that offers a wide selection of apparel for men, women and kids. I received both my orders on time and was once again impressed with their quick service and follow up.  I found both items (knee high socks and men workout shirt) were of high quality, looked extremely comfortable and classic. I’ve already placed a second order and have spread the word between family and friends about this family run, UK based source of joy, Adam & Eesa Ltd.  It’s a luxury online marketplace for ladies, mens and kidswear. It’s easy to get addicted to the site and it’s a must-visit destination for on-trend fashion.

What do you think of this brand? Are you a fan of knee high socks?


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Product Review: ChattyFeet Socks

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I recently received a set of 4 pairs of socks by ChattyFeet, and I am in awe of how different these socks are. Now I must say I am usually not a fan of colourful socks. You will usually see my feet bundled up in good old monochrome socks, but all that has changed since I laid my eyes on Venus, Sandy, Miko and La Diva; those are the names of the socks just incase you were wondering what I am on about, lol.

Me receiving this funky colourful pair of socks has opened my eyes to the beauty and fun in wearing colourful socks. I love the colourful and funny designs, and the fact that they have names is the coolest part of it. Life is too short to wear boring socks, so I am going to wear the life out of my playful ChattyFeet socks.

Here is what ChattyFeet has to say about their cool socks sets:

Our funny socks sets make a great unusual birthday present for the whole family. Each set has four pairs of socks that will give an instant injection of personality.

They are made from high-quality combed cotton and have a funny character knitted on both sides. Give your loved ones a brilliant funny gift that will put a big grin on their face. There are matching sets for adults and kids in case you want to start a family sock party!


Chatty Feet Socks Image

Chatty Feet Pair of Socks Image


Here are my thoughts:


  1. I love the designs. So creative and cute. These socks can brighten up any gloomy day.
  2. I got a medium size – UK 4/8, and it was a perfect size and length.
  3. The material is super soft and feels good to touch.
  4. My kids love them. They think I am so funny when I have them on.
  5. The ChattyFeet’s website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  6. A set of 4 socks currently retails at £23 which is affordable for the quality of socks.



Chatty Feet Socks Picture

Chatty Feet Review


I have nothing but LOVE for these socks. I find them quirky and cool, and I recommend them as gifts for cool/quirky people, and to anyone in need of some colour in their wardrobe, you can start here with ChattyFeet, and let your feet do the talking.

What do you think of these socks? Are you a fan of colourful socks? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


*PR samples included.



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