Beauty Muse – Lily Donaldson

The British model; Lily Donaldson is the Beauty Muse of the week and she has some of the most amazing features I have ever seen. This gorgeous blonde is known all over the beauty world for her flawless skin, and beautiful eyes. She is also the current cover girl of Elle’s Magazine for August 2015 and she slayed that cover as well.



I love Lily Donaldson’s face. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world today and is definitely my Beauty Muse. Her makeup is always flawless and her melancholy ‘sad’ facial expression works for her, but she also has an amazing smile.



What do you think of Lily Donaldson? Is she your Beauty Muse?

Fashion Diva of the Week – Francess

Our Fashion Diva of the week is Fashion blogger; Francess from Melbourne, Australia.


She is wearing a grey top and skirt by Misguided and shoes by Siren. Slayed!

Fashion diva francess

Here, our fashion diva is wearing an Asos dress, Siren shoes and a Zalora bag. I love that dress.


For this look, Francess is wearing a denim jacket, shirt and jeans by Asos, and heels by Siren. This is my favourite look of Francess.

Fashion & Style

For her final look, Francess is wearing a knitted jumper and midi skirt by Asos.

What do you think of her looks?

To see more of our Fashion Diva, check out her Fashion Blog –

Thanks for reading and please share.

Inside Olivia Palermo’s Wardrobe

I have always wanted to take a peep into Oliva Palermo’s wardrobe. Which Fashion Blogger won’t want to? She is like a fashion goddess, and the world watches her every move when it comes to her fashion choices.

Olivia Palermo shares her fashion pieces and accessories with us in this video. Check it out for her must-haves, favourite samples, her dos and don’ts when it comes to getting styled up. Happy viewing.

Summer HeatWave Fashion

Summer fashion is always a pleasure to behold, but with the current heat wave, it has become too uncomfortable to be fashionable or to wear makeup. I do not cope well in the summer, I am prone to Hay Fever which is a nuisance, and my contact lenses bother me in the sun (that is why I have my sunnies on in most of my outfit posts), and I hate wearing my glasses. They make me look like a nerd even though they are Givenchy.

Heatwave Fashion

Anyways, I have some tried and tested fashion tips to help us all feel good and look good while this heat wave is on.

Say No To Black

Wearing a black or a dark coloured piece during this heat wave is not a good idea. My sister wore a black sexy dress two days ago and she felt like yanking her dress off at work at a point. Dark clothing absorbs more light which explains why we get hotter when we have a dark coloured piece on. My advise is to safe them till it is cooler.

Have Your Sunnies Ready

With the warm weather and Hay Fever going on, make sure you have your sunglasses on when outdoors. This hides your eye bags if you have been up all night because of the heat, and it gives you an instant chic look which is always good.

Sun Cream

With the temperature reaching 30c and above, wearing a sun cream is a must if you love your skin. Especially if you are going to be out in the sun for a while. I won’t leave the house without it.


Avoid wearing trainers, sneakers, boots, shoes, and any footwear that will make you wear socks or cramp your feet. This is the perfect time to show off your well pedicured feet so make the most of it.

Summer Pieces

Crop tops, tank tops, short, sleeveless tops. dresses and jumpsuits; the list is endless when it goes to great summer pieces to wear during this heat wave. If you are OK with showing some skin then you have unlimited options. Just avoid dark coloured pieces as I previously mentioned.


Finally, don’t forget your deodorants. They are a must-have this season. Top up as frequently as needed. There is nothing more unfashionable than a stylishly dressed woman with sweat patches under her armpits.

That is all folks. Do you have any summer heat wave fashion tip to share? Sound off in the comment section.


Celebrity Fashion: Jessica Wright Wearing A Fuchsia Pink Coast Dress

The beautiful TOWIE star; Jessica Wright was spotted on the red carpet at Magic Mike XX premiere wearing this gorgeous fuchsia pink strapless, cocktail dress by Coast. The brunette beauty looked amazing in the flirty Bella Stripe dress by Coast. She styled this dress with white strappy summer court heels and a nude YSL clutch to match. This is the definition of effortlessly chic.

Jessica Wright

Jessica Wright made the right choice with this statement A-line dress. This Coast dress flatters her figure beautifully, and shows off her toned legs. This dress is now on my ‘Summer Wishlist’. I am so into dresses this summer (incase you havn’t noticed) and this is a summer staple and it should be in every girl’s closet.

Jessica Wright Towie

You can grab this beauty for £150. Sizes 8, 12, 14 and 18 are currently in stock as I type, so get your purses out.

Happy shopping.


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