Eyeshadow Shades

I keep talking about various eyeshadow shades and it occurred to me that most of my readers may not quite understand what I mean by highlighter shades, accent shades, contour shades and blender shades so am breaking it down right here.


Highlighter shades are generally applied all over the eye area to begin with. This is usually the first step when applying eye makeup. Highlighter shades can also be applied in inner corners and brow area of the eyes. Here is an example of a highlighter shade:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow for £17.50

Bobbi Brown


Accent eye shadow shades are simply contrasting shades. For instance, if you have brown eyes, you can accent beautifully with green or blue eye shadows. You cannot accent with brown because you have brown eyes already, you need eye shadow colours to not blend with the colour of your eyes. The same rule applies for the blue-eyed, hazel-eyed and so on.

Here is an example of an accent shade for the brown-eyed girl:

MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow for £17



An eye shadow blender shade is used to blend all the eye colours together. This M&S Diego Dalla Palma Duo Eyeshadow for £18 is a good example of a blender shade:



Contour eye shadows give eyes definition and the ‘pop-out’ look. This is usually the darkest shade in your eye shadow palette. Here is an example of a contour shade:

Moondust Eyeshadow for £14 by Urban Decay




Enhancing The Protruding Eye

Protrudinge eyes

Picture Source: beautyhows.com

With a protruding eye, you see more eyelid, which seems to come forward. There is very little brow area with this type of eye. To enhance the protruding eye, the eyelid has to appear smaller and the brow area has to appear larger. Minimizing the eyelid can be achieved by following these steps:

  • Apply a highlighter shade all over the eye area. Mac has some very pretty highlighter shades.
  • Use the darkest shade of eye pencil in your palette to apply a thick line along the top of the lash line.
  • Apply the darkest shade of accent colour over the rest of the eyelid. Bobbi brown has some dark accent eyeshadow colours you could play around with.
  • Apply blender colours to blend all the colours together.
  • Apply mascara generously.

RIP Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la renta

The fashion industry lost a legend yesterday. The red carpet will never be the same again. Oscar de la Renta lost the battle with cancer at age 82. He was a very talented fashion designer, his pieces are usually all over the red carpet, he has dressed the likes of Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, to name a few. He will be greatly missed. Rest in perfect peace Oscar de la Renta.

8 Fashionable Links This Week

Here are some fashionable links worth clicking. I enjoyed reading the posts and I am sure you will love them all.


Picture Source: Link 7

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Hipanema Silver-tone Embellished Cuff.


Our eye candy for this week is the gorgeous silver-tone embellished cuff by Hipanema for £105. This beauty will give your outfit the wow factor immediately, it is a handy piece of accessory every girl should own. It is quite pricey at £105 but that is why it is an eye candy. Christmas is around the corner, so start dropping hints on what you will want from Santa (wink wink).

You can get this cuff from Harvey Nichols and other stores.

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