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The end of summer is fast approaching and it is time to detox our wardrobe. The biggest issue most of us have is not finding something to wear and that is partly due to having an overcrowded wardrobe. For most of us, there are usually so many pieces stuck in the wardrobe left unworn just because they remain unseen due to having an overcrowded wardrobe. The solution to this is simple, detox your wardrobe every season.

When I say detox, I mean you should reorganised your clothes and accessories for the new season. So that means making room for the new season collection and keeping last season’s pieces and foot wears further into the wardrobe if you had the have the space or move them into storage. There is no need having summer dresses or sandals in the wardrobe for Autumn.

As Autumn approaches and the temperature gradually reduces, it is perfect time to bring out thicker jackets, tops, scarves weather and more comfortable foot wear.

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Face Shapes: How To Enhance A Round Face

round face shape

Beauty products exist to help correct nature’s imperfections. They enhance our God-given features when used correctly. To make the most of your make-up/beauty products, you need to know your face shape, its proportions and features. To determine your face shape and proportions, sweep your hair back from your face and look straight into the mirror. You can take a lip or eye pencil and draw around your reflection on a mirror to help determine your face shape.

A Round Face

On a round face, the width of the forehead, cheekbones and jaw are equal. Round faces usually have soft features and a slightly rounded jaw. To enhance the round face, beauty products should be used to shade the fullest part of the jaw line. To achieve this, highlight the center of the chin and forehead with an iridescent highlighter, keep the eyebrows straight rather than arched and apply eye shadows in straight lines, rather than rounded lines.

For hairstyles, go for soft layered styles like a straight fringe or a straight bob. It is best to avoid full and rounded curly hairstyles. For glasses, opt for square or rectangular shapes. Try to avoid full rounded shapes.

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