How to Choose the Right Accountant in the UK

As a small business owner in the UK, I know how important it is to keep the right records so that when the tax season comes,  all important information is in place. The last thing anyone would want to deal with is looking for receipts or invoices days before the tax returns are due. That would just lead to more confusion, delays and eventually fines. I would always advise any small business owner in the UK to choose the right accountant to help them deal with the tax returns. This will free up time for business owners to work on other parts of the business and allow the qualified accountants to do their job.

If you are wondering how to choose the right accountant for your business needs, here are some quick tips for you:

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Hire a qualified accountant

There are so many people out there masquerading as accountants but they have no qualifications. When you are looking to hire an account for your business, ensure the accountant you pick is qualified to practise in your country. That way, you are certain they know what they are doing and your books are in safe hands. Nathomi Accounting is a good option if you are on the lookout for qualified accountants in the UK as it is an organisation run by a qualified ACCA accountant that looks after Individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in all sectors. When it comes to checking accreditations, look up professional accountancy bodies, such as ACCA and ACA.

Choose an accountant you can communicate with easily

When you are looking out for the right accountant, opt for one you can communicate with easily. The last thing you would want to deal with is to find yourself chasing your accountant days before your tax is due. The right person for the job should be approachable, available and easy to talk.

Get referrals

If you have friends and family members who have their own business, ask them who their accountant is and if they are happy with the service they are receiving. Before I try out a new product or service I usually look around to see if I could get a referral to a particular business. Never underestimate the power of referrals especially when it comes to online businesses. It saves money and time.

Do your research

I always advise anyone trying out a new product or service to do their own research before they commit. There are loads of options out there, so narrow your research based on your business needs and check the options you are considering before you decide on the accountant to go for. Also ensure you are able to afford the fees involved and that there are no surprises in store. The last thing any business owner wants to see is an unexpected bill in the post.

So there you have them, my tips for choosing the right accountant for your business needs. What do you think of these tips? Please share your views with me in the comments section. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good one.




3 ways to be more stylish this year

It is the new year, new me season, and I know many people are still committed to sticking to their new year resolution. Personal style is usually high up on the list of new year resolutions for fashion lovers. So if you plan on looking for fab ways to be more stylish this year, here are 3 great ideas you may want to try.

3 ways to be more stylish this year

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Shop the sale for what you really need

Don’t get carried with the sales and spend money on items you don’t really need. Shop like a pro and look at for great deals on pieces and accessories you really need. The last thing you would want is a closet filled with new sale items that do not complement each other because that means you would have to spend more money to get items that would complement your wardrobe.

Declutter your wardrobe regularly

Decluttering your wardrobe is essential because it helps you make the most of what you have and gets rid of items you no longer need. I love getting rid of items I no longer need because it frees up space in my closet and it allows me spot gaps that need filling and stylish clothes that need wearing. It is super easy to have cool pieces buried underneath and never worn. This is why decluttering the closet regularly is such a handy style tip.

Invest in a capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is a great investment as it can be really inspirational. Also, you don’t need too many pieces or accessories! All you need for a capsule wardrobe are few quality key pieces and accessories, and you are usually good to go! Check out this post for more tips on creating a capsule wardrobe.

Which style tips will you be trying this year?



How to stay warm while fishing in winter

*Collaborative post.

The chill is still in the air here in Cheshire. We even had some snow all through last week, which was so much fun for the twins. It is still very much layering season, and I am enjoying the fact that i can wear my snuggly clothes and still look super stylish. I like to spend as much time as I can outdoors, and I do not allow the weather dictate my movements as much as possible. So regardless of how cold it may be, I still make sure I go for my daily walks. If you enjoy spending time outside as much as I can, you will need to learn stay warm especially if you are doing outdoor activities like fishing.

We live in a tiny village and there are loads of fishing spots which keep the locals very busy. If you are into fishing and you are wondering how to stay warm while you fish, you have stumbled on the right blog post.

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How to stay warm while fishing in winter

Aside from shopping the fishing supplies store for all the items you need, you also need some tips to help you stay comfy and warm while you fish in the chilly months. Here are four quick things to remember for your next fishing trip –

Stay dry to stay warm

The last thing you would want is to get wet while fishing outdoors in the winter. It is sensible to ensure you stay as dry as possible while you fish. Having a little towel in your pocket ready to wipe hands dry is a great idea. Having on waterproof outerwear and footwear is also a great warm to stay dry and warm.

Hats, gloves, scarves and warm socks

These fashion essentials are needed if you are going to be outdoors fishing for any period of time in the winter. Keep your head, neck and hands covered. Ensure you have on warm socks for more protection, and if you are the type that likes to keep the ears covered, some ear muffs may provide you more comfort and warmth.

Layer up

Ensure you have as many layers as you need on to regulate your body temperature. You can opt for fleece or microfleece upper and lower garments to keep you very warm and cosy. The very thick pairs will serve you well on chilly days. The whole idea is to be able to add or remove layers as your fishing day progresses. So get the layers on.

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Stay hydrated

Ensure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Try to avoid hot beverages and alcoholic drinks as much as possible as they may cause you to need the bathroom a lot more frequently.

These ideas may sound like common sense but sometimes we need to remember the little things. It is very easy to get carried away with the whole idea of planning a fun fishing day and forget some very important things to help make the day safe and fun.



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