Tips In Choosing the Right Special Occasion Dresses For Women

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Whenever you get an invitation to an important event, the first question that comes to a woman’s mind is “What clothes am I going with”? In most cases, the answer is very simple: go in a wonderful women’s occasion dresses. There are many options to create a perfect look, whatever the occasion.

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You Can Tell The Truth!

When you are invited to a party (or are going to have a party) the first thing that comes to your mind is: “What clothes am I going to wear?”, this thought arises from a children’s party to when it’s your own wedding, after all, for us women it is more than normal to worry about appearance and want to be well dressed to celebrate a special occasion with the ones we love the most. Finding the perfect party dress is complicated, so today, we are going to help you!

ProTip: For parties that take place during the day, it is better to bet on colorful dresses, or with prints, and reduce the use of sparkles and rhinestones. At night events, you can use shiny fabrics, embroidery, and sequins. When deciding what you are going to wear, in addition to your personal taste, you need to take into account the location of the party, type of celebration, weather and the time it will take place. Evaluating all these points, you have already defined your options and it is a little easier to decide what type of dress will be suitable.

Remember: when buying a dress for an event, do it at least 3 months in advance. This will ensure that your purchase will arrive on time.

The Perfect Party Dress for Every Occasion

Of course, fashion is getting more flexible, but there are still some protocols to follow at times. See our tips for choosing the ideal dress model for each situation.

Short Mini Dress

Yes, long dresses are elegant by nature, but who says you can’t go to an occasion that calls for a more edgy look with a short dress? It all depends on the model chosen. Bet on a well-structured short dress, with glitter or embroidery applications, which give an extra touch of glamour. You can be sure it will be a success!

Graduation Dress

Graduation is a long-awaited moment, and it is essential that the trainee feels beautiful and comfortable in this important event. But, before choosing your model, know the dress code agreed by the class. If they are all long, it is not good to be the only one to choose a short model, for example. In this event, you can abuse the sparkles and sequins! You can also choose embroidery, prints, lace, and even transparencies, but be careful not to make them look vulgar.

For Wedding Guest

if the event is during the day, you can fearlessly choose a floral dress made of light and flowing fabric, but if the ceremony takes place at night and the party is more elegant, bet on a classic black long dress, which you can’t go wrong with

Bottom Line

However, there is no delimited rule, unless the attire is well specified in the invitation. The most important thing is to choose something that suits you and matches the occasion.







Style Icon: Taylor Swift

Hey Fashion and Style lovers! The lovely Taylor Swift is the Style Icon for the month of January 2022. This stylish talented woman has a great body shape and she wears her pieces so well. I am always eager to see her on the red carpet because I know she will be beautifully dressed. Taylor Swift has grown in front of us a super talented singer/songwriter and her fashion choices have evolved as well.

Back in the day, I wasn’t so much of a fan. Her looks didn’t stand out as much for me as they do now. I really like and admire Taylor Swift’s personal style. She always steps out looking like a million bucks! I love how she has transformed over the last 15 years of being in the limelight. This woman is style goals all day, every day.

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Style Icon: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift loves her colour! Her style is very colorful and very feminine. You can easily spot her in sky-high heels, colourful dresses, and skirts. This style icon also loves showing off her gorgeous legs, so she favours mini skirts, dresses, and shorts. She also loves her red lipstick and cat-eye glasses, and they look fab on her.

To summarise, Taylor Swift’s style is chic, classy, feminine, and simple. She loves showing off her legs but she doesn’t wear revealing pieces as much. Her accessories are minimal, especially jewellery. She allows her clothes to do the majority of the talking, which is great since she is always stylishly dressed.

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What do you think of Taylor Swift as a style icon? Are you a fan of her personal style? What do you think of her pieces and accessories? Please sound off in the comments section, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing and liking. Have a great day.

Product Review: Goloka Patchouli Essential Oil

I have been using Patchouli Essential Oil for many years now and it is such an amazing oil. It can be used in a variety of ways. Patchouli is from the Lamiaceae family, which is also known as the deadnettle or mint family. Patchouli is derived from an aromatic herb commonly found in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, New Guinea, and the Philippines.

I am currently using Goloka Patchouli Essential Oil from India. There were a few bottles of essential oils on sale on my eBay store, but they are now all sold out. However, I will be stocking up on more bottles soon and there are other essential oils still available for sale here if you are interested.

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Product Review: Goloka Patchouli Essential Oil

Here are some quick facts about the Patchouli Essential Oil –

  1. The fragrance is woody, earthly, and quite strong. It is commonly used in perfumes and cosmetics.
  2. It has a thick texture. You will find the texture quite thicker than most essential oils.
  3. This essential oil helps can be used as an insecticide, antifungal, or antibacterial agent.
  4. It helps relieve the symptoms of piles (hemorrhoids), depression, dermatitis, acne, dry/cracked skin, skin rashes, colds, headaches, and stomach upset.

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  1. I love the scent. A quick sniff relaxes me immediately and the amazing fragrance fills the room when I put some drops of it into my diffuser.
  2. It is a great essential oil for healing piles (hemorrhoids). A drop of it mixed with a carrier oil is all you need to start reaping the healing benefits.
  3. The earthly features of this essential oil will help you stay grounded and rooted. This is why it is great for relieving symptoms of depression.
  4. If you like creating your own fragrances, this is definitely an oil you would want in the mix.
  5. It is suitable for vegans and has not been tested on animals.
  1. Do not use patchouli oil if you have recently had or will undergo an operation, taking blood thinners, or have a bleeding disorder.
How to Use Patchouli Essential Oil

Like every other essential oil, Patchouli is quite concentrated, so a little goes a long way. You would only need a few drops most of the time. Essential Oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil before skin application. Great carrier oils are grapeseed, coconut, jojoba, and avocado oils.

A great guide is 10ml of carrier oil and 5 drops of your essential oil mixed together. Always remember to shake really to blend the mixture before use.

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Items you need

Diffuser.                       Empty 10ml Bottles

You can shop the range of essential oils on my eBay store.


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