Do Bloggers Charge Brands For Product Reviews?

Do bloggers charge brands for writing product reviews? The answer depends on which blogger you ask. Sometimes bloggers review products they have bought with their own money; examples of product reviews I have written where I bought the products myself are here, here and here. Sometimes, bloggers write product reviews on items sent to them by brands and their PRs, examples of product reviews I have written where the items were sent to me and I may or may not have received monetary compensation are here, here and here.

Blogging and Product Reviews

Majority of the new bloggers and bloggers with a small following don’t charge brands for product reviews. I still remember the first email I got offering me free items to review when I had just started blogging. I was so excited, it felt so good. I felt like I was finally among the “it” bloggers, I didn’t even dream of asking for money for my time and efforts.

Now, things have changed. I still buy items I like and review them, I love trying new items and I have been doing that long before I started blogging. I also still accept “some” products from brands, that I genuinely like and review them without asking for a monetary compensation for my time and effort, and I do charge some brands a daily rate for reviewing their products. I handle each product review request individually and I will tell you why this strategy works for me.

At the moment, products that I find useful, and I would have gone out to buy if they were not sent to me for free, I review them without asking for a monetary compensation. On the other hand, products that will need extra attention or preparation, or products that have a review deadline, or products that I won’t have gone out to buy, or product review requests with “extra requests”,  I will charge a day rate for reviewing it.

My day rate depends on the product and the brand in question. This strategy currently works for me for now, it may change tomorrow. The blogging world is a fast pace industry so changes are always necessary.

Many of the popular bloggers charge for every product review and their fees can be as high as £500 for just one review. At the end of the day, a product review is an advertisement regardless of whether it is a good or bad review. Every publicity is good publicity and brands know that. They get a lot more out of a product review post than the blogger gets; they get advertisement, click-throughs, social media mentions and publicity.

Bloggers do deserve to get paid for the time and effort they put into trying out products, taking pictures or making videos and writing the review. A lot of background work goes into each review post so monetary compensation should be a no brainer really.

Some brands are reluctant or blantantly refuse to pay for product reviews. Which I think is so rude. Would you get a billboard to advertise your products or services for free? You cannot expect something for nothing. Clothes and shoes are all good but they do not pay the bills.

Some bloggers are against taking any form of monetary compensation for product reviews. They believe it will bribe them into writing a glowing review. I disagree. All my reviews are my honest opinions regardless of if I bought it or not, or if I got paid or not. If a receive a request for a product I won’t have gone out of my way to buy, and I ask for monetary compensation for my time and effort, and the product ends up being horrible, I will write an honest review and say it as it is. I let the brands know they will have no say in my write-up and I have had no problems with them so far.

God forbid the product is so bad, I will return it and whatever was sent along with it. I am yet to receive a horrible product though. I guess I attract my kind.

What do you think of bloggers being paid for product reviews? Share your thoughts,

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  1. I believe that if the corporation is asking for a review with a time line and certain points then yes payment is needed.however if they send you stuff on a semi regular basis with no strings attached then it’s up to the blogger. In that case they can keep it for themselves and never right about it

    • Yea I completely agree that its up to the blogger to decide when he or she wants to review for free or charge a monetary compensation. There is no one rule fits all, as long as the readers are kept informed and it is an honest review. Thanks for stopping by,

  2. I believe bloggers should be paid for product review. They spend their time and effort to write reviews and create awareness for products which in most cases give the company more businesses/sales.Bloggers should be appreciated and get paid for their job.

  3. Being paid to review a product would be great if I were ever asked to. I think to start of though I wouldn’t ask for a fee. Later on though as it progresses then yeah I would. I don’t think I would be one of those bloggers to ask a ridiculous amount for review but you can’t expect it to be done for nothing as well.

  4. I’m fairly new to blogging, so bit the hand off anyone offering me products to review initially. It’s been a steep learning curve but now I will be more choosy, decide on a minimum value if I’m not being paid. If someone sets a deadline and guidelines then yes I’d expect a payment as that is work. A lot of work goes into reviews and I don’t think people appreciate that! I’ve also got a few things I’m struggling to write about as they really don’t fit my blog! Learnt my lesson.

  5. I wish I was making £500 a review!! Haha, it’s true though, we deserve compensation for our time and effort. At the end of the day it’s free publicity for the brand otherwise. (Seriously though, I’d like £500!)

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  7. I charge brands. Point blank period. I’m a marketing professional, and influencer marketing is MARKETING – I charge because I expect to be fairly compensated for my work, time, and influence, the same way a company would be charged to take up a billboard or TV spot! I go waaaaay in depth about my own practices in two separate blog posts, if you’re interested in reading more!
    Why you need to get paid to blog:
    8 things Brands should know about working with Bloggers:

    Coming Up Roses

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