What Do You Do With Your Unwanted Bras?


What do you do with your unwanted bras? Do you bin them, abandon them, or give them to charity? Most women will have a couple of unworn and unwanted bras buried somewhere in their wardrobes. That bra you got because you thought you liked, that lace bra that has no support whatsoever, that coloured bra you can no longer stand, that white bra you are afraid to get dirty, or that sexy plunge bra, you got as a Valentine’s Day present from your ex? Every bra tells a story, and sometimes the story is the reason why they remain unworn.

I had quite a few unworn bras, until some months ago. I sorted out my wardrobe, sold some shoes and bags on eBay, and got rid of some bras, I just did not like. Some of the bras, I never worn outside my home, and some I have had for so long, it was time to move on.There was this particular Lasenza white bra I remember getting rid of, I got it some years ago and I never wore it. It was a pretty bra but HEAVILY padded, so padded, that it was super uncomfortable to wear for more than 5 minutes, hence the reason why I never wore it for more than 5 minutes. I am still not sure of what I was smoking on the day I bought it, it was about a tenner, so not too expensive, but it is still a tenner than the drain.

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So reading about NGOs and charities like Oxfam, accepting unwanted bras, to sell on or export to developing countries, like Senegal, where there is a huge demand for it, made me think about the bras I got rid of. Senegalese women need our unwanted bras not just to wear as underwear, but also to wear over the top of their clothes. Wearing bras over the top of clothes in Senegal, and some other African countries, is now seen as fashionable. Bras serve as an underwear and also as an outerwear in that part of the world, so the demand is ever-growing, interesting isn’t it?

Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe most women just put their unwanted underwear in the bin, because we believe, there is no market for second-hand underwear. I personally didn’t think anyone would want my old bras, no matter how clean or unworn they were, and I also see them as private, kind of. I won’t take my old panties to the charity shop, so I won’t take my old bras. That is how I use to see it, but not anymore. If my old bras can help someone, somewhere, I would happily donate it.

How do you see it? What do you do with unwanted bras? Sound off in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I do actually have a few bras I don’t wear, ever. I bought them and then they didn’t fit and they are just taking up space. I will be taking them to our local charity shop.

  2. I”ve done a mixture – I got re-measured last year and had to get rid of loads of bras that didn’t fit properly, although I will admit to hanging on to a couple of favourites in case I lose weight and they fit again!!!

  3. I discovered many years ago that even if your charity shop can’t use any clothing, including bra’s they can still make money from it. They bag all that stuff they reject and send it to clothing sorters (who pay them) and send it all abroad. Many bags of it are sold for people to earn a living off abroad.

    Even odd socks are sellable. They aren’t like us. They don’t have access to the kind of lives we lead so what we perceive as tat isn’t, to them. We really don’t know how lucky we are.

  4. I give mine to charity, they usually go in a charity bag which is collected from my home. To be honest, I use to throw them away but my friend was telling me about how charities need bras. Great post!

  5. This is an excellent post! I have so many bras that I never wear because they don’t fit correctly (but were cheap… very stupid reasoning!), they’re not practical, not comfortable, bad memories (let’s be honest… we all attach memories to clothing!!), make me feel frumpy….. I really should clear them out and donate them. There’s an organisation I’ve heard of that takes them for distribution in other parts of the world, so I must finally get on it. Thanks for the motivation! X


  6. I have a whopping great drawer full of bras i never ever wear. They’re being donated this weekend now i’ve read this. Excellent awareness piece x

  7. I usually just throw mine away, I didn’t even know you could donate them them in this way. I much prefer this than to think they are just going to waste

  8. Like you I didn’t know anywhere would want them! I usually throw them in the bin or if they are brand new I will take them the charity shop but I mean only if they still had tags on. This is such a good idea for the ones that are practically new because its such a shame to waste them.

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