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My bedroom is my sanctuary. It is where I go to relax and sleep, so I like to keep it airy, nice, clean, and organised. I also like to see my bedroom tastefully decorated. It helps me sleep better.

I have previously written about my good night sleep essentials, and the importance of having a quality mattress and bedding. However, I have also discovered the benefits of having a good headboard. Having a bed headboard does not only add style and character to your bedroom, but it also protects your head and your precious belongings from going behind the bed.

If you are anything like me, then you will have things you do leave under your pillow on some days, when you cannot be bothered to keep them in the appropriate places. Things like Books, Socks, Phones, iPads, even Kindles when I fall asleep reading. Those sort of things find themselves under my pillow on some days, but since I got my headboard, I no longer have to worry about them falling behind the bed, and the hassle of getting them out.

Apart from headboards protecting our belongings, they make sleep personal, for me anyways. There is something about having a headboard, that adds a bit more coziness to the room. Since I bought my first headboard, I can’t imagine having a bed without one now. All beds in my house have a headboard, but I am looking at changing 1 or 2, as they have gone wonky, thanks to my darling son bouncing on and off them constantly.

Here are some I am currently loving at the moment –


Jessica Headboard £118

Jessica Headboard Bed Guru

I love the traditional look of this headboard. It is a stunner.



G16 Headboard Floorstanding £180

Headboard Floorstanding

This is such a pretty colour. This will blend in with my existing bedroom decor perfectly!

G6 Headboard £72

G6 Headbard Bed Guru

I love the modern, chic look of this headboard.

Which is your favourite? Do you currently have a headboard? Sound off in the comment section.


*This is a collaborative post.


32 responses

  1. I like the G16 Headboard Floorstanding best! No room or danger of anything falling behind that. Our headboard is built into our bed as we have one of the pine Swedish style beds with headboard.

    I remember it well with young children being in your bed or jumping on it.

    My 2nd lad who still lives at home still comes and sits on the bottom of our bed, from time to time when we fancies a chat first thing or last thing at night.

    He doesn’t want to jump all over it now thank goodness! Ha

  2. I LOVE the grey headboard, so pretty! I currently have a grey headboard but it’s plain. And yes, I usually keep my kindle and phone under my pillow too! xx

  3. I love the Jessica headboard as I prefer a metal decorative headboard, but the G6 looks like it would be really comfy to learn on whilst watching TV or writing a blog post

  4. Great. i was searching for made to measure bedrooms, i just want it for my bedroom. there are many Interiors for furniture. i too have a source for custom made furniture. i.e. Universal Interiors

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