5 Fashion Hacks for Shoes

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I love fashion and I love styling my pieces. I organised my wardrobe yesterday, and it was so much fun checking out pieces for my next outfit photos, and implementing my capsule wardrobe tips. I truly enjoy writing about fashion, and dressing up, and I feel many do enjoy it too but from a distance. Many people believe clothes do not look good on them as they would like, or are not aware of a few fashion tricks and tips, so this post is all about some fashion hacks for shoes, you may or may not have heard of.

Gel Inserts

Heels give your outfit the ‘WOW’ effect but can also be uncomfortable so add gel inserts into your shoes for extra comfort. You can also carry them around in your handbag for when your legs get tired or your feet gets sore. You don’t have to suffer to look stylish. Just make sure your shoes have a bit of room for the gel inserts. Moreover, wearing high heels very often can sometimes cause foot abnormalities. In these cases, it is recommended to wear Morton’s neuroma inserts to help relieve the stress on the nerves.

Go Platforms

In my ‘How to walk in heels‘ post, I mentioned how easy it is to walk in platforms unlike stilettos. Platforms are dead comfy and stylish, so they are the best heels to rock. High-rise platforms add the needed height and the ‘WOW’ to the look, without stress and discomfort. Remember, the thicker the heel, the more comfortable the shoes will be. St

Try the Wriggle Test

When buying closed toe shoes/pumps, make sure you have adequate breathing space for your toes. Make sure you can wriggle your toes freely. If you can’t do this, do not buy.


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Avoid Buying Shoes Online

I love online shopping as you should all know by now, but I always try to buy my shoes in stores, so I can walk around in them and be assured I am comfortable walking in them before buying. Apart from the wriggle test above, I always go shoe shopping at the end of my shopping trip, when my feet is hot and swollen from all the walking around. This is so that I have a good idea of how they would fit if I wear them all day.

Shoe Shapers

Ensure you keep your shoes in shoe trees when not in use. This will extend the life of your shoes, and maintain the shape.

These are my 5 Fashion Hacks for Shoes. I hope you find them useful.

Do you have any fashion hack tip to share?

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  1. I do love my shoes. It is one area I don’t spend anymore than necessary on as I am very heavy on shoes and they wear out quickly. I am wide footed.

    Thank goodness Mom used to have me measured properly for shoes as a child just as I did with mine. So important as it makes for nicer feet when you grow up.

    I have bought very expensive shoes for my eldest wedding in August. They shall be kept got special occasions though as too expensive to wear regularly.

    Some great tips in your blog. Thank you Stella.

    The only thing I will add is I try to keep 3 pair of boots, 3 everyday shoes and 3 pair of open toe (sandals) type for re warmer weather, 1-2 pair of nicer shoes which aren’t everyday however would come out more than special occasions.

    I can’t forget as they are footwear my slippers for the house. I love my slippers and always glad to get in to put them on

  2. What a great post, I could never buy shoes online as I have to try them on to see if they are comfortable. I don’t wear heels as much as I should especially when I know I am going to be walking a bit but might try the gel tip and see if it helps, my husband would be happy as he hates me in flats lol x

  3. Beautiful post. I love shoes with comfortable heels. Won’t buy online cos I like to move round with it before buying. Your tips have given me more confidence so I know what to look more for now. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some great tips there, and I always do the wriggle test too as I like to be able to move my toes freely and comfortably! I’m hopeless at walking in heels though so usually stick to flats. I’ll have to have a read of your “how to walk in heels” post as well! 😀

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  6. Hey Stella, I love your tips. Those are very Simple and straightforward tips, thank you so much for putting this out there! great points…

    By the way, I also agree about point no.1 gel inserts and point no. 4 not shopping online. It helps us to gauge and test our foot size and try out different shoes at stores which is somewhat tedious procedure while shopping online.



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