Alicia Vikander Covers British Vogue August 2016


Vogue is one of those magazines you are programmed to love as a fashion enthusiast. It is commonly known as the ‘Fashion Bible’, and it is one of those monthly magazines you see on the desks of fashion stylists, models, celebrities, bloggers and vloggers. I am one of the few fashion bloggers that is vocal about my dislike for Vogue Magazines. I find them bland and so boring. I can count on 1 hand how many Vogue Magazines I have bought with my money, and on 2 hands how many I have read.

The magazine’s articles hardly interest me, and the covers are usually a hit or a massive miss, but I still love talking about them. However, I do love their online magazine. I love the articles they have on there. I find them interesting and down to earth, and I remember visiting the online site on a daily basis when I had the luxury of time. Wish I could do the same now. Wish they could fill the magazine pages with more relatable and interesting articles, but I guess I am not the target market.


The cover girl for this month’s vogue is Alicia Vikander. Her name does not ring a bell, but after some digging, I realised she is the Oscar-winning star from the hit movie – The Danish Girl. I am yet to see the movie but I do want to so I will be keeping my eyes open for when I do come across it. Gosh I miss Blockbusters sometimes. I hope it does not take forever to come on Netflix.

I am not a fan of this cover at all. I am not feeling her pose, hair and makeup. It just looks boring. However, some of the articles on the cover look promising. Like Accessory Preview – The bags and shoes to upscale your look, Style Agenda – Get ahead of the new season, and When a holiday becomes a life reset.

I will be looking out for this issue in the waiting rooms.

What are your thoughts?



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  1. I used to buy them a lot and was even subscribed to buy but not anymore. I buy once in a while now or I just check the cover out on Vogue website or when you publish the cover 🙂 So you are not alone.

    Cover girl is looking hot.

  2. I’m with you on Vogue. If they were more diverse in their models and choices it would help, let’s see some POC and people with disabilities and plus size folks!

  3. I don’t read Vogue much anymore. I do occasionally though, if there’s an article or two I know I can relate to or find interesting. I’ve not heard of Alicia Vikande before, she’s stunning though!

  4. I don’t really read fashion magazines at the minute as I don’t have much spare money being a stay at home mum of 4. I really need to start buying them again though as I love to see what is in fashion. I would love to know what magazines you love and would recommend :):)

  5. I find the cover bizarre! What she is wearing I can’t work out and the cover just doesn’t work for me. I have never been a Vogue lover either. Not even 1 I pick up in the beauty salon or a n nother.

  6. I can see what you mean about the cover. Vogue’s not for me either – I have flicked through a few times, but never really found anything to read if you know what I mean.

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