Inspiration or Outright Copying?

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Lets talk getting inspiration or outright copying in the blogosphere.There’s a very thing line between inspiration and outright copy. It’s a good thing to be inspired by other bloggers. You only have a problem when you are ‘too inspired’. Whether it is photography, design or writing, copying continues to be a serious problem in the blogging industry and I wonder why. Imagine spending hours thinking, researching and crafting your masterpiece, only for someone to copy almost everything you’ve done. It makes me angry and upset just thinking about it.
We should all strive to produce unique quality content every time. And we should take pride in our work. The uniqueness we posses is what makes us stand out as individuals, as bloggers. No two human beings can create the same content. You would have to have lived my life, and I would have had to live yours!

Being original is so very important, but it is ok to be inspired. We all get inspiration from somewhere, I know I get inspiration from some of my favourite blogs. Inspiration gives birth to something new, while copying is a reproduction of the original. Have you come across a blog whose content sparks an idea? The blog post becomes a starting point, a foundation upon which you build something that reflects who you are and your style or brand. What is produced is a completely different variation from the blog that sparked the idea. Copying does not do that. It clones the original. It makes no addition, no change in perspective absolutely nothing. The copied content is just a mirror of the original.
An inspired piece is backed up with hard work, while a copied piece requires little or no effort. When a blog inspires you to create something, you’re always motivated to do your own research to make your piece unique. To make your work stand out, you put in time and effort to make your article reflect your views. The other blog inspired you to do your discovery and make your own post. A copied article is hardly backed by any effort. It is written down almost verbatim. The only time spent was to recreate the original blog post, which can be very annoying for the copied blogger.
A blog post is inspired if it reflects you but it’s copied if it reflects the originator of the post. It is as simple as that. When you write a blog post that was inspired by someone else, your blog post will always reflect your personality, your thoughts and your feelings. Someone else might have inspired your article but there’s hardly any trace of that person’s thoughts, personality or style. The post truly reflects who you are. It’s easy to tell if a blog post is copied. A copied blog post reflects only the original owner’s thoughts and personality. Although you reproduced it, there is no trace of anything that reflects you in the article.
There are obvious differences between inspiration and copying. No matter how cautious you try to be, it’s always good to play safe. Don’t copy. Be original. But seek inspiration and give credit where due. It’s only fair to acknowledge the originator even if you didn’t copy.


What are your thoughts on inspiration or outright copying? Sound off in the comment section please.


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  1. I think we’re all inspired by others. I think that’s a great thing as it gives us the chance to create something new from that spark – as you said. Outright copyright is not ok! At least ask permission – who knows, that could lead to a great collaborative piece! x

  2. It’s so hard to escape being inspired because there’s SO much inspiration online. However plagiarising someone’s work/outfit/social media feed isn’t cool. I think that’s where I’d draw the line 🙂

  3. Everyone is inspired but some cannot or do not know how to make it their own. You see it all the time through blogging/vlogging the style of photos/editing/posts but you should link back if you’re taken direct inspiration. It’s not fair on other creators.

  4. I find content theft and plagiarism absolutely abhorrent. I have twice had to comb my blog and comments to remove links to bloggers who steal and think it is OK to copy & paste other people’s hard work. Remove. Block. Ignore.

  5. I do think there’s a huge difference and you’ve got it bang on. Inspiration should only give you an idea, but if you’ve lifted someones work then you should be ashamed of yourself. I would hate to think that anyone would do it to me and I really don’t know how to check it actually. I have a post waiting to go live that was full on inspired by a you tubers idea, and I gave full credit.

  6. I think that exchanging ideas in blogging is what makes us grow. I can’t imagine photography copy and paste really, it takes far too much work to make any pictures look the same, when the model, the photographer and the equipment, the light, the surrounding… are all different. For 3-4 years of blogging at least, I haven’t seen such a thing.

  7. I have had outright copying happen me and it is upsetting and frustrating. However, to inspire someone else would make me feel the opposite. You are so right that there is a huge difference between the two 🙂

  8. I have heard about the blatant copying in the blogosphere, though haven’t personally come across it. Or perhaps I haven’t noticed it. Plagiarism is a huge problem in the academic world too.

  9. It’s a shame to steal in the name of inspiration. I believe creating your own craft gives you confidence to be different. You can be thinking the same thing at the same time but it is not possible to write the same way.

  10. Someone may copy your layout, style of photography or subjects but they can never copy you – every blogger has their unique voice and I truly believe this can’t be relicated – it’s time for the copiers to find their own voice x

  11. We can all be inspired and inspiration comes in many forms but copying is just absolutely not okay! Has this happened to yourself where you have found your content on someone else blog?

  12. I’m lucky I have never come across anyone who has copied anything from my blog. I think a true blogger wouldn’t do such a thing! It’s so wrong copying someones hard work

  13. I have a blogger who seems to be… shall we say inspired by me haha! She’s asked for advice on social media and then passed it off as her advice in a blog post, she’s set up similar sideline accounts to me… I’m taking it as a compliment. Until it’s outright copying, you have to roll with it! H x

  14. I dont agree with copying at all but when the same products are sent to the same bloggers with the same press release, there will always be similarities x

  15. I really agree with you on this, finding inspiration is OK but copying is not. It seems to be happening more and more lately which is horrible. Giving credit when it’s due is always a big thing for me, even if I have been inspired by their post but my post has nothing that could be deemed as copying I still credit where I got the inspiration from, it’s a common Curtosy I think. Great post.

    Jordanne ||

  16. There is definitely a difference and it is not on. Like some of the other commenters have said, if you have taken inspiration from a post then link to it in your own. It can sometimes be difficult to think of new things to write about but there is always something.

  17. Totally agree, plagiarising someone’s content is unacceptable, unfortunately it happens 🙁 we’ve given our blog a very unique angle, it’s written from a child’s point of view, so it’s very obvious if someone copies us X

  18. Yes, I agree – there is a difference. I think it is a difficult area in blogging, especially with so many blogs around & people tending to cover the same topics. It’s hard to be truly original. I’m very careful to not use ideas I have got from anyone else, but the worst thing is when you didn’t get your idea from anyone but someone else happens to publish something very similar at the same time! Still, I think it is usually clear that no one copied when your angle and styles are very different. I tend to try to be distinctive and consistent in my style, and I hope that gives me some originality, even though certain topics and ideas do get covered by everyone in the blogosphere. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  19. Luckily its ever happened to me, or at least never in such an obvious way or else I’ve never found out. But I can’t imagine ever using anyone else voice and making it my own. It just wouldn’t sit right with me, and also why bother having my own blog if I can’t create my own content!

  20. What a great post. I’m lucky I’ve never been copied (not that I know of, anyway!) But I know people it has happened to and I know the feelings of anger, hurt and betrayal it brings. I’ve often read a post and wished it was something I had thought of, but I’d never dream of copying. If I have been inspired by a post someone else has written, I will always link back by making a comment along the lines of “just as x, y or z has written here …” It’s not good to copy. Thanks for sharing this!

  21. This is a challenge because the big bloggers I admire them so much and sometimes I buy the same clothes as them. I try my best to create something new though. I think my readers like to hear me are see me with something created by me rather than created by someone else.

    xoxo, Candice

  22. A writer will always have something to write about, something original. (Though a writer needs inspiration from somewhere too.) But I believe a writer should be able to birth own message… the moment a writer starts ‘copying’ others work(word for word or lifting…) , that writer is no longer in the writing business but in the ‘piracy’ business. Selah!

  23. People want to copied other people,but they must be aware that they will be discovered once,and what then. We are all different,we all have our own view.Why to take someone else’s view when I have my own,right. Great post

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