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As Shakespeare famously said, the course of true love never did run smoothly and nothing sums up that sentiment more than the tricky task of nailing a successful first date. First Dates can be hard. While it may be amusing to watch a couple’s debut meeting on Channel 4’s First Dates, or read about an awkward rendezvous in the Guardian’s Blind Date feature, actually going on one yourself, sipping cocktails and engaging in small talk, can be nerve wrecking and leave you riddled with anxiety.

For men, the pressure is on; it’s not enough to just to iron your best Hugo Boss Black Label shirt and head off down to the local Wetherspoons, expectations are very high.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to help you with your first meeting and looking the part after swiping right on Tinder:

Do: Clean your shoes

Shoes are one of the first things that people notice when meeting someone initially so make sure yours are polished and prepped and make a good initial impression. Have a look at the shoes the Mister is rocking here for some shoe inspiration.

Don’t: Neglect oral hygiene

Goes without saying but if the night ends with a kiss, you don’t want to be remembered as the man she refers to her friends as ‘the bloke with the bad breath’. Brush, floss, mouthwash and carry some mints with you.

Do: Wear a watch

Not only does a nice timepiece look fantastic and really add something to an outfit, it will also ensure you keep off your phone if you’re curious to know what time it is. Nothing looks worse on a first date than someone constantly glancing down at their mobile; even if it is to genuinely to keep an eye on the time as you’re planning to get the last bus home. A nice watch looks stylish and ensures you won’t appear rude – a win-win situation. But ensure you don’t keep looking at your watch so it doesn’t come across as you being in a hurry to get away.

Don’t: Try something new

A couple of hours before your first meeting is NOT the time to experiment with a new way of doing your hair. Just don’t risk it. Stick to the tried and tested.

Do: Dress for the occasion

A simple but important one – make sure you’re dressed appropriately for whatever venue your date is taking place. Don’t turn up at a fancy restaurant or bar and be surprised if you get the knock back for wearing scruffy trainers.

Don’t: Be someone you’re not

After a bit of light research (aka excessive Facebook stalking) you’ll discover a bit more about your partner, maybe even spied a couple of their exes, and have a pretty good idea of what their type is and you’re worried it’s not you. Perhaps they seem to enjoy muscular men and the last time you worked out was back during a PE lesson at school. Maybe they look like they should be dating the lead singer of some obscure indie band you’re not cool enough to have heard of and your look is more classic normal bloke?

Don’t panic and, whatever you do, don’t have a complete style overhaul. There’s no need to be squeezing into skinny jeans and get an abundance quirky vintage tattoos if your style is more a classic jeans and t-shirt. Be yourself. They’ve agreed to go on a date with you so make sure the real you shows up.

Don’t: Forget to iron

You can have the nicest designer gear in the world but if you neglect to run an iron over it then it’s pointless. Creases and crumples look sloppy and give a lazy impression which isn’t great when trying to convince someone you’re a catch. So iron that shirt.

Don’t: Have any expectations about whether you’ll be getting your kit off or not

So now you look the absolute part for your date and are feeling good, naturally your mind starts to wander to think about whether your outfit will look better on the bedroom floor after a few hours?

Stop, don’t approach the date with any preconceptions or expectations either way.

However, wherever your clothes end up after the date, at least either way you’ll know you looked great if you followed the tips above.

Do you watch First Dates on Channel 4? What do you think of these tips?

Sound off in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I am also glad I’m not in the dating world, gosh, it’s hard work haha but worth it when you meet the right man! I think being something your not is the absolute best advice! I love that you’ve added clean your shoes haha, I always look at peoples shoes!! Great post, great tips and advice! xx

  2. Was just going to ditto what the two comments have said above. Never really liked dating, hated the mind-games some people liked to play. Glad I’m out of that world now 😉

  3. Having been married for 17 years, it’s been a long time since I went on a first date but I love your tips. Clean shoes never struck me as important, but now you mention it… yes! Tx

  4. I’ve never been on a date, but I have to admit, I would so not have ironed anything for a date haha, I hate ironing and never do it. I also never wear a watch, that seems a bizarre one to me! These days people know if you want to know the time you check your phone.

  5. some fantastic tips, I remember first dates being such a pain and making me so nervous so any help would have been great then! Luckily I am married now and only have to worry about date night 🙂

  6. I can’t agree more with your last point! I think so many women I know in the online dating world create a whole vision of how the date will go based on the guy’s profile, only to be disappointed when that doesn’t turn out the same way. It’s much better to go into a first date with realistic expectations.

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