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So today I bring to you a different outfit post. The M has taken over!!

There is nothing dapper than a man in a suit, a man in a well fitted suit always looks good. There are so many suit designers and shops around today, but it can be very hard to find quality amongst them. Many are not as good as they should be and that is the reason we have many men walking around in ill fitted suits. Honestly,  I do a double take at some suits I see. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitted suit!

Dobell got in touch with Fashion and Style Police some weeks ago, and offered me the golden opportunity to select some pieces for a man in my life and I was super excited. It is a blog takeover kind of, with M strutting his fashion stuff this week and I am enjoying it.

For those who have never heard of Dobell before, it is a leading online formal wear store for men and boys of all ages, established in 2003. It was voted best value formal wear in the UK by the Daily Mail, and the pieces and design speak for themselves. This is a quality brand right here.

This was my first time shopping on the Dobell website and I found it super easy to navigate my way through. I was also spoilt for my choice, there were so many options to choose from but I finally settled on a contemporary suit (blazer, trousers and waistcoat), a red silk twill tie, and a light blue shirt. I was happy to see them look so dapper on the mister. I went for this contemporary look because it is always in fashion and it is so easy to style.





The quality of this suit and the fine tailoring is impeccable. I am in love.

I recommend Dobell 100%. These guys definitely know their stuff!




His shoes are also giving me life right now. I am so into quality shoes at the moment. There is nothing as cool as a man or woman rocking cool stylish shoes.




All pieces  c/o Dobell

Black Shoes – Baker Shoes




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  1. This is fantastic. John wears suits all the time and is needing a new one- due to changing size. I might have to take a look at this site.

  2. My OH wears suits and trousers to work every day and is so fussy, but in agreement they have to fit well he hates pants that don’t fit properly. He actually n eds some new ones and might give these a try because we can find anything on the high street he likes.

  3. This is a lovely suit and you’re right, there’s nothing better than a man in a suit! I also really like the shoes! The shoes and suit go really well together and are very smart indeed!

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  5. I just LOVE a man in a suit! I’m so annoyed that the husband works for the NHS and the dress code is fairly casual. There’s just something immensely attractive about a man in a well-fitting suit. Too many blokes just buy a suit off the rack and never even bother to get it tailored!

  6. I loved seeing my men in there formal wedding hire suits at our eldest son wedding recently. My Husband looked so distinguished in the middle with our 2 boys each side and our Grandson at the front. They also had wore a cravat silk tie. They looked fantastic

  7. I love the suit! I’ve got a friend who is getting married and he is desperately looking for suits in Michael Kors and so on. I’ll tell him about this brand too x

  8. Got to love a man in a suit! I know that my boyfriend loves getting dressed up in a suit but it’s rare that he ever does! It would be lovely for him to try a few proper tailored suits on!

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