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I previously complained about the extra pounds I gained over summer. Well, I am pleased to announce I have dropped them all off! I and now back to my usual dress size (which is 8, 10 or 12 depending on where I shop) and it feels so good. The extra weight I gained made me feel like a log of wood. I found it harder to do many things. My clothes didn’t fit right, going up and down the stairs was harder, walking/jogging was harder, my thighs were knocking against themselves (I was reminded of my weight gain with every step I took), I had aches and pains everywhere and I just felt heavier. I didn’t go on a scale (never do) so I didn’t know for sure how much I gained but I noticed the extra pounds as soon as they came on and as soon as they came off.

Here is how I lost the extra pounds –

Long Walks/Jogging

Myself and the gym are not friends. I am never motivated to go plus having twin toddlers means it is almost impossible to do anything alone these days, even using the bathroom. So we take long walks and I try to go jogging in the evenings when I can. My daily steps target is 10,000. Most days I come close to hitting this target, and I have even smashed it many times now.




Being an Online Entrepreneur means I am usually working on my laptop every chance I get and that is far from active. So I make up for inactiveness by taking long walks and jogging. The adrenaline rush I get from jogging also helps my creative mind so it is a win-win for me.


YouTube Fitness Videos

I have mentioned my love for YouTube Fitness Videos before and I still have mad love them. There is a variety of fitness video to choose for and they are a fun way to work out from the comfort of your home. Your kids can even get involves if they are anything like mine. They copy everything I do. Plus they are free (except your Broadband charges) which is a great way to save some money. How many of you have gym memberships you don’t use? I know I had my gym membership for 2 years before cancelling and in that 2 years, I could count how many times I actually stepped into the gym to exercise. Don’t waste your money paying for a gym you don’t use.


Reduce Portions & Junk

Apart from not being active enough, I ate a little too much over summer. I blame my sudden urge for ice creams at 9pm on the unbearable warm weather but that is really not an excuse. Plus I am not even an ice cream girl, so not sure where the cravings came from. But reducing my portions, and cutting back on junk foods helped reduce my waistline.


I am convinced these actions helped me drop back to my usual size and I would recommend them to anyone struggling a sudden weight gain.

How do you keep fit? Please share your tips in the comment section below.


*This is a collaborative post.

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  1. Awesome job! I too think I’m allergic to the gym, haha. I recently got into yoga though and love it – kickstarted by the free youtube videos! Great tips, love your workout kit too!

  2. That’s awesome, way to go! I dropped several pounds last year and then went home for a couple of weeks this summer :/ All my favorite foods were suddenly in front of me and I “fell off” my diet. I just decided to start again. I use an app called Lose It to track everything and that seems to help.

  3. My sis says it’s very true about the not being able to go to the bathroom with a child let alone have any other time for yourself haha and in truth I’m finding the same thing with a puppy! Anyway I definitely put on weight so need to start getting motivated at home with these videos!

  4. I do dance and Zimbabwe to kee0 fit. I work out at home. Having health issues I can’t do one size fits all of a class. At home I can fit it to me. I am a size 14. I used to be a 10. I am happy at my size. I did lost weight last year and gothe down from 16 to 14. It is a struggle for me to lose weight with my health issues. I used to be a regular at the gym years ago.

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