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Self-care is something I have thought a lot about in the last couple of weeks. I even wrote a bit about my struggles to find the time to unwind some days ago. And it is like the universe is trying to tell me something because everywhere I turn, it is a well-being blog post video, or podcast. I find it very hard to remember to care for myself because I am busy caring for everyone and everything else. But I had a reality check some days ago, and I have decided to focus on my well-being a lot more in order to get things done effectively and to be in the right frame of mind.

A happy, healthy person is a go-getter, but it can be very tricky to care for yourself when you are self-employed. When you work for yourself, from home, you will likely find it so hard to switch off. I know I do. I find it hard to get my mind off my work. I find myself working every spare moment I get, even late in the evenings and weekends. And when I am not working, I am thinking about what I need to do. But I have now realised I am doing myself a disservice by not relaxing. So I have decided to take action. Here are some ways I will be looking after me some more:



My daily steps target is 10,000. Some days I am close to hitting my target, I exceed the target on few days, but most days I struggle to get past 8,000 steps. I will continue to aim to hit my daily target of 10,000 steps. Going for long walks and jogging helps me hit the easily so I will be doing more of that when I can.

Apart from daily steps, I will also continue my Fitness Blender workout on YouTube. The feeling after a good work out is heavenly, no wonder many are addicted to working out. Besides the amazing feeling and what it does to my body, I am more productive after a good work out session or after a good jog.

Many self-employed people work from home, and hardly get the time to go out, which is so bad for their health. The first step in self-care is to have daily exercise, and get out of the house some more.



Sometimes I can work for 4 hours straight without stopping to take a drink of water. Many times, I skip a meal while working. This is sad but it is the reality for many self-employed people. The hustle is real, and it is a jungle out there, but food and water should not be forgotten because of work. Our diet plays a major role in our health and state of mind, so we all have to pay attention to it. Eating small portions of food and drinking regularly is the way forward.


Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks while working is needed. Usually, I find myself working on the couch for hours at a stretch with no breaks. This is horrible for my health and productivity. I find that when I do take regular breaks, I achieve a lot more and I feel better too. So I could write a post for an hour, then do some household chores for 20 minutes that involves moving around the house, and then send some emails for another 30 minutes. Regular breaks with some activity helps greatly.


Beauty Sleep

I have written a few times about the importance of having our beauty sleep, but I need to take my own advice a bit more. I don’t sleep as many hours as I should, and that has to change. A good night sleep almost guarantees a good day, so it is important we get sleep for as many hours as we need to be productive.

Having power naps during the day also work for some but it doesn’t for me. It makes me feel weird for a good few hours when I wake from a power nap, so I only have 1 if I had no bad night, up with the kids, and so on.


Schedule Some ‘Me’ Time

Scheduling some ‘me’ time is so important for our well-being and I rarely schedule time just for myself, but going forward, I am going to start scheduling some time regularly just for myself. We all need some time to cool off and recharge our batteries, doing what we love to do.


How are you? How do you look after yourself?


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  1. It’s so hard to switch off when you’re self-employed isn’t it, especially when that means you work from home. I need to take more care of myself too. x

  2. Such a great post, I think it is hard to switch off when you are self employed, and it is not just a 9-5 job. I am finding it very hard to switch off lately and need to sort my time management out a bit better x

  3. These are all great tips. I think you have to make taking care of yourself a habit just like anything else. I find meeting up with friends to exercise or unwind out of the house helps!

  4. This all resonates so much, I know I don’t look after myself properly, it is so easy to skip meals and breaks when you work for yourself.

  5. You are not alone. We all struggle with this bit but I do take the time out to rest. It is super important for the woman especially. Not only do we work, we have to care for others God had entrusted in our hands (children and husband)

  6. I think exercise is really important for self-care. It always helps me let off steam but I know I’m keeping my body healthy and strong by doing so 😀

  7. I think you need to structure your day as you would in an office which is easier said than done.

    It’s a discipline that falls by the wayside so easily that you have to keep restarting

  8. Fantastic tips, these! I totally agree with you – being self employed there is always something else to do and every waking moment of every day could be spent working. I have to force myself to take breaks, something I’ve started actively enforcing this last week. My 30 minute morning workout DVD, a 30 minute walk up the hill just before lunch (helps me get to 10,000 steps or else I would stay around 2500!), and I’ve decided I am going to have screen free weekends spent with the family. No working at all. I’ll make and photograph things, but no computer work then.

  9. fantastic tips!! I really need to focus more on my health. I find that I am sitting down most of the day and my mind is consistently thinking about work. I love the tip of doing chores in between work sessions.

  10. I work full time and I still find it hard to switch off of an evening and definitely don’t get enough beauty sleep, I get in late and then have to get up early so no time to unwind and I don’t want to sleep straight away. I’ve got myself in a bad cycle, great tips

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