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I fell in love with blogging many years ago, and I don’t see myself every falling out of it. I have always been a lover of reading and writing, for as long as I can remember. And that is what blogging to me is really all about. Everything else is an add-on; social media, making money, receiving product samples, going to events, and the likes. But sometimes I find myself feeling very frustrated with this thing called Blogging.

I started Fashion and Style Police because I needed a creative outlet. I was stuck in a career I hated with a passion, and I saw no way out. Plus I wasn’t a very happy person at that point in my life, so blogging kept me sane.I wrote a bit about this in my How to Cash In as a Blogger.

After setting up the blog, I thought of monetising it at some point but was not my main focus back then.




I am now a full-time blogger, freelance writer and PR. I work from home, and I need to make a full-time income from these jobs, so making money off the blog without selling out is now a main focus for me. I love my blog and I can’t see myself ever not loving it, but some days, especially these last couple of days, I have struggled to stay motivated. On these days, I have zero interest in blogging, and I have no desire to do any online related work.

Obviously as an online entrepreneur, I can’t afford to continue to have days like this because nothing would get done, and there will be no money in the bank.




Some of the annoying emails I get, offering me $20 for a guest post, also make my bad days even worse. And I am beginning to get more and more of these cheeky emails, many with even no budget.

The truth of the matter is many people underestimate the amount of work it takes to run a blog. Most times, you have to be in it to fully understand it, so I try not to let such requests bother me. I just politely decline and move on. After all, they are probably only the messenger, but sometimes it does annoy me. I do blogger outreach, and I won’t dream of contacting a blogger without offering a form of compensation. And $20 is not a reasonable compensation. No blogger should be accepting that, even if you have a domain authority of 1.

But then again, I have great collaborations I am currently working on so it is not that bad. The pros of blogging outweigh the cons massively so it is really not an issue.

Do you blog? How are you finding it? If you don’t blog, do you enjoy blogs? What sort of blogs do you enjoy reading the most?





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  1. I love blogging and the opportunities that it brings. But as you say, people don’t see behind the scenes of just how bloody hard work it can be! I do have to snigger at the low value post requests though! x

  2. I love blogging, and most importantly I LOVE my blog! I think it is so important to have a place to share all of the thoughts in my head, it is hugely therapeutic for me! xx

  3. I have nearly been blogging officially for a year now and I’m amazed at how far I’ve come! I’m still getting there with the earning part though so it will be wonderful once I’ve kept going and can properly earn off it!

  4. Great post. I’m a blogger and I love it. It’s been about a year and a bit now since I properly started. I still need to get to the earning part, but I’m sure it’ll be great once I get there!

  5. Amen. Sing it loud. These people feel it’s okay to lowball people or to not offer anything as though what we’re doing doesn’t take alot of time and creativity and to be asked that it’s insulting. I’ve always go them too.

  6. I enjoy blogging and I have a about 4 blogs—2 Christian,1 Tech and 1 recipe blog. It keeps me busy and while I have other online activities that helps bring some money to me, I do these blogs for pleasure. I have been blogging for five years and have yet to find my niche. I have myself to blame because I have not been diligent but this time, it’s going to be different. I have hired one writer to do my tech blog and it is working out fine. I plan to hire another for my recipe blog. With blogging, you have to be patient. I have found that, yes, I can get traffic but having a good niche is key. Once you get that niche, the sky is the limit but patience is key. You seem to have a good blog. Can I suggest you try writing for
    the Hubpage website? That will give you some exposure and help you make some money.

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