I Know an Instagram Influencer Using a Bot

I have not written an Instagram update post in a bit, and that was deliberate. I have decided to stop obsessing over the numbers and just engage like I would normally do on other platforms. Instagram is the most annoying social media platform ever. I find it super annoying and I would tell you why.

The algorithm has made it almost impossible to grow your Instagram page organically. Which has led to many buying likes and followers, hiring bots and other management companies to “manage” their Instagram page. Most of these bots and management companies use the follow/unfollow technique which is super annoying, but I guess it works for the accounts they build right?


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I had a popular Instagram Influencer follow me some days ago. We are quite cordial online and follow each other on Twitter, so I followed immediately and even liked/commented on a few photos, without thinking much about it. Only for me to notice this Instagram Influencer has unfollowed me the next day. I unfollowed back immediately and was pissed off for a few minutes, but then I realised it must have been a bot or managing company up to their dirty tricks. So I stopped being angry.

This Instagram Influencer is known for growing such a massive following in a short time, and is always writing about how to grow your Instagram following. However,one important point this person keeps forgetting to mention, was the bot/management company bit. I guess there are somethings better left unsaid right? Looking at it this way, if this person divulge all the secrets, they won’t be so massive anymore, and everyone would see through the fakery! Which is why the struggle to make money blogging is so real now. Too many frauds about.




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I can understand why many are desperate to build their Instagram following. I was desperate myself some months ago, but not desperate enough grow my following with fake followers or likes. It is so easy for me to spot shady Instagram pages. So I know it would be easy for many others to spot it too. When an average photo with few hashtags is getting thousands of likes in less than 24 hours, I usually smell a rat. A few minutes of looking at the page a little further usually confirms my suspicion.


It is good that I am not one to dwell on other people’s actions. I am too busy doing to dwell. My Instagram following is growing steadily, and I am happy with the growth. My engagement is also growing as well, which is great. I am trying to spend more time on Instagram to grow my account properly. So I am liking and commenting on photos I really like, collaborating with other bloggers, and updating my Instagram page as often as I can.



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How are you growing your Instagram?

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  1. I am so frustrated by instagram now the algorithms have changed. It is not just a dip in my stats but I find it harder to find friends photos too

  2. I think it is a shame when others ‘cheat’ when so many of us just work hard, especially when brands end up working with the others. But I try to just focus on what I’m doing because it makes me happy, rather than concentrate on what others are doing 🙂

  3. I have finally slowly got used to Instagram. As a comper I have wondered about how scams work on Insta. We pretty much know on FB and Twitter how they work though we do get taken by surprise by the lengths some will go too.

    Thank you for the great tips. If it is O.K with you I will link this page into my comp forums so others have some heads up? It might get you some new followers too. That’s how I found you by the comp forum and been here ever since, as you know

      • I have posted on the two main comp forums on Facebook Stella. There is alot of them so I went for the two most obvious one’s, that are used right accross the majority of compers. Longer term compers are always in these two groups.

        The two groups I have posted them in are ”Competions and winners announcements” and ”Conned by Comps” Yes Stella we have our own group for info on cons etc. Don’t worry I have made sure they know it’s NOT you who is conning. Your link is in both so they can read.

        I have also bigged you up in them so it might keep you some new followers

  4. I strongly dislike the follow unfollowing thing. It is so fake. But I just block people who do it, so Im not bothered with it. For me instagram is such a cool place, because of the connection and the kindness and the sharing. I think it’s kind of sad for some people it is purely a marketing tool. I just showed you some love on your Insta! It is lovely <3

  5. ahh don’t let it make you angry – i think once people realise most social media is tough and not to worry about the numbers early on …things should pick up

  6. I think ‘buying’ followers/likes is ridiculous. Why do some people need those things to show their worth? Use a few hashtags if you want, I do. But it’s nice knowing that the likes and followers are genuine and that they actually like your content, not just ‘doing it for the follow’. Each to their own I guess.

  7. Don’t even give a sh*t for this bot accounts…. you have your own real followers maybe it’s less if we speaking about the numbers but they are real people… 🙂 These days we can buy our followers which is ridiculous.. what’s the point of writing/posting then?

  8. Very true observation. Every day my insta followers gets decreased and suddenly one day it get increased and again get decreased. Feel so much annoying after seeing this things.

  9. I wasn’t aware of the changes on instagram. I only started on there recently and didn’t know there were bots on there like twitter. I’m trying to grow the page but it’s happening very slowly.

  10. I have had a few accounts like these! was courteous because I knew them from the blogging world but later realised they were being managed by a separate team! I used to be an instagram addict! Hawking every like, every follow, counting on every single thing! but now, i have learned to let go! Letting it grow slowly but organically!

  11. What worries me the most is that people get upset about whether they are followed or unfollowed. I’m pleased you let go of the being angry quickly. I guess it’s each to their own really. If someone is happy using bots, that’s up to them and you should be happy in your approach

    • Ah yes I let go of the anger very quickly. I guess many people find it annoying because it is a tricky way of growing your following.

  12. I’ve never understood this obsession with follower numbers and the like. I’d rather have people engaging with my photos and liking what I post because they actually like, even if that means I only have a few followers or likes. Bots and buying followers and likes just makes me angry because it just makes things difficult for people just trying to enjoy instagram…

  13. You know Stella I discovered a couple of influencers who use bot/companies to run their IG accounts. I noticed they would follow today and tomorrow they unfollow I just return the favour. IG is annoying as F and honestly I am not caring much about it anymore.

    • Same here. I find the whole game really annoying. I guess it would always be the case with IG until the next big platform comes along.

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    • Very disappointing. I would like them to be more open with how they grew their following but I guess that will never happen.

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