3 Things You Should Know About Insomnia

Millions of people are affected by Insomnia which is a condition where one finds it hard to fall asleep. Insomnia is a kind of sleep disorder which in medical term is described not only as the inability to fall asleep . It is also a condition where the sleep you get is not enough to get you rested. Sleep is an important component of the human body and as an adult, one needs at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.  There are so many facts people do not know about Insomnia.  Here are the key facts you need to know.


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Types of Insomnia

There are three types of insomnia. Acute insomnia usually occurs due to a certain circumstances in life.  For instance, if one receives unfortunate news or is stressed about a certain event like the loss of a loved one. In this case, then they are more likely to experience acute insomnia. This kind of insomnia disappears on its own after the body copes with the situation.

There is the Transient Insomnia. This kind of insomnia is short-lived and does not require medical intervention as it disappears after a few days. There is also chronic insomnia which lasts for months and it requires medical intervention of it last for more than three months.


Causes of Insomnia

Insomnia can be caused by a wide variety of issues which include; disruption in sleep patterns which may be caused by a change in job shift, jet lag or being in an areas with extreme temperature. Insomnia can also be caused by medical issues such as anxiety disorder, bipolar condition, depression and stress. Individuals who suffer from anxiety issues like the feeling of being overwhelmed may find it hard to fall asleep.

Individuals who also suffer from arthritis or asthma may also find it hard to fall asleep. The frequent changes in mood can lead to changes in hormone which in turn can lead to lack of quality sleep. Certain medications such as statins, beta blockers and antidepressant have been found to interfere with one’s ability to fall asleep and stay sleepy.


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Insomnia is treatable using a wide variety of home remedy and medical interventions. The treatment of Insomnia focuses on the root cause of it. In most case home remedy are recommended, they may include maintaining a sleep schedule. This involves going to sleep at the same time and waking up at the same time. It is also advisable that one avoid stimulants a few hours to bedtime. This includes avoiding alcoholic and beverages which are high in caffeine which is a stimulant. The next home remedy is avoiding having television or even bright light in the bedroom as they tend to affect the quality of sleep.

There are also medical treatments which include taking sleeping pills, melatonin, sleep aids and also antidepressant especially if the cause of insomnia is depression.


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32 responses

  1. As I have chrinic fatigue connected to fibromyalga this surprisingly includes insomnia which you wouldn’t think so.

    As the body does not rest properly due to the muscles not being able to as part of Fibro it means the body does not rest properly when asleep causing the fatigue.

    The insomnia comes in because it’s hard to get comfortable and with the other symptons of Fibro such as the wonky body temperature it also creates waking periods, trouble getting to sleep etc.

    I do take muscle prescibed relaxants to help. It helps not cures. The other thing I find helpful is 4 weekly reflexology and playing sleep meditation in bed and putting it on again when I wake.

    There is with chronic illnesses no cure. Just things to help. Our second son suffers from bipolar so also does not have a proper sleep pattern. He cycles 6 monthly so we are always at the mercy of the time of the year too as SAD is a big part of Bipolar.

    Thank you for covering the topic. People don’t realise how serious insomnia can be

    • Oh I didn’t know about Fibromyalgia including Insomnia. Thanks for pointing that out. I bet the info would help others. Many have no clue how serious Insomnia is.

  2. insomnia due to stress is definitely something i have had some experience with (thankfully not for too long or too often) and i know it takes a toll on health so i do feel for those who suffer from chronic insomnia
    thanks for the useful info in your post

  3. Unfortunately many people suffer from insomnia but not everyone talk about it. I suffer from time to time but over the last year my sleeping schedule got a lot better. I definitely understand the struggle.

  4. I am a workaholic insomniac and I know how painful it is. I was also planning to write upon it but I am still waiting from the mental health community to update it, but I must say that this one is really helpful. P.S your hair looks great.

  5. Interesting. Yes, there are types and reasons for insomnia. Thankfully, I’ve never experienced this and it’s quite the opposite for me even. Anytime I’m stressed, I fall fast asleep without issues. Must be horrible to suffer from a lack of sleep.

  6. Great post! Insomnia is such an important topic. As a pediatrician, I know just how important it is throughout all age groups. I’ve also written a couple posts about it on my blog as well. Please feel free to drop by thesolutionissleep.com and take a look

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