Types of parents you will meet at the soft play centre and playground

The half term week is almost over and we have had a lovely time. It has been a week of relaxation, fun and games, and I think the kiddies are now ready for the other half of the term. I am not a huge of soft play centres. They are usually overcrowded and just too much. But the kiddies love them, so we go as often as we can. This half term, we have been to a soft play centre and our local playground a couple of times. I feel the same way about playgrounds but I prefer them a bit more than the soft play spots. I have encountered all sorts of parents at soft play centres and playgrounds.


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Here are a few of the types of parents I have come across –


The working from anywhere parent

I see these parents with their laptops and phones, working like their life depends on it, with a cup of coffee. It amazes me how they get any work done with all the noise and chaos going on. I don’t see myself ever bringing a laptop to get some work done at soft play. It just won’t up, I won’t get any work done. The most I do is send emails on my iPhone when I have a moment. Anything more than that will have to wait until I get home.  I wonder how these people do what they do.


Parents that completely ignore their kids

This is the most common type of parent I find at the soft play and playground and it annoys me so much. Many of the parents I come across are too busy  chatting away to pay attention to their kids. Their kids are completely ignored by their parents and this can be frustrating for other parents and kids.


The Regulars/Cliques

These are the mummies and daddies (but usually mummies) that come in groups. You will likely spot a group every time you go to one. They take up all the available chairs and tables, and make their presence known with the loud voices and laughter.


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The attentive parent

I fall in this category without a doubt. The thought of my kids hurting themselves or others makes me watch them from a distance like a hawk. I always want to know where they are and what sort of play they are doing. Working, chatting away or falling asleep in the soft play is something I can’t see myself doing ever. Kids like to run wild and they do just that at the soft play, so my eyes have to be on them every time. I don’t think I can ever be any other type of parent when they are this young. When they are old enough, they won’t be interested in soft play as much I think.



What are your thoughts on this? Have you come across any of these parents in soft play centres or at the playground? Do sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat. Thanks for reading. Have a lovely weekend.






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  1. This made me laugh because it’s so accurate. I fall in the attentive parent category too. I think there’s one more though- the hover parent. Different from the attentive parent, the hover parent just won’t let their littles play independently (and sometimes even with the other kids). I was the same way with my first child for a few years, just because I was so nervous about her getting hurt. My son is only a year, so I do tend to hover with him too (hey, I’m honest. LOL).

    • I agree but I like to think the hoover parents kind of fall underneath the attentive parent category. I think it is safer to hoover with your 1 year old. I was like that when my twins were younger but I give them some more room now. Thanks for reading 😊

  2. I take my son to these play zones to get some work done. Then, I find myself becoming the attentive (and paranoid) parent checking on my son every 30 seconds. No work done here. LOL

  3. I remember once I was in the playground and I noticed that mom was engaged in the mobile and the kid was fighting with some other kids. I think parents should always be attentive when they are outside with their kids.

  4. I’ve often managed to get work done in the past but not when my children were really little – it’s definitely the right thing to do with little ones to be an attentive parent. 😉

  5. I think everyone should take on the role of the “attentive parent.” There are so many dangers around us and we must be vigilant to keep a close watch on our children.

  6. I would say I am an attentive parent. When my children were little, I did not allow them to be out of my range of sight. It is my responsibility to ensure their safety while learning socialization skills and doing what they love the most – play.

  7. OMG I have to say Soft play especially over half term gives me the fear – just too busy and too many kids. I totally agree with this those – there are also those who work from anywhere, some who are great at watching their kids and then others who just ignore them

    Laura x

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