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It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas with the decorations and very chilly weather. I am seriously looking forward to Christmas. I am done with my Christmas gift shopping and I have already started wrapping them up! We have started listening to Christmas Carols, which the kids are seriously enjoying. I loved Christmas even as a child. There is just something relaxing and magical about the season. It is difficult not to like. We will be spending Christmas Day indoors with family and I have already started thinking of various activities to keep everyone engaged. If you are looking for lots of online games, slots and more? Try printable festive dice and card games, you and your family can enjoy.


Gift Exchange Dice Game


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With all the Christmas chaos going on, it is easy to forget the reason for the season, and what Christmas is really about. Family time is what Christmas is about and quality time together as a family is where the real festive fun is. I am going to remember that this year.

There are various Christmas online games available to play, with many being free and great for the whole family. I am looking forward to taking a break from work, and being gadget free this holiday, so I can soak it all in. That is what makes the season so special.

I remember being in Dubai last Christmas, and taking some days off to enjoy the sunshine and festivities. I thought my work and blog would suffer, but it didn’t. Everything was great, and I got back to busy as usual in January, and it felt good to be back after the break. I am looking forward to doing that again this year without no guilt or remorse. Work can wait! And a Digital Detox is always needed every now and again.

How will you be spending Christmas this year? Do you have any plans lined up? Do share in the comments section below.


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My Digital Detox

I had a digital detox over the weekend! I still can’t believe I did but I did. I logged off my laptop and smart phone on Friday afternoon, and I let the blog and my social media platforms run on auto pilot until midnight Sunday. It was fun to sit back and relax. Last week was extremely busy work-wise, so I was looking forward to the weekend and my digital detox.




This digital detox came about due to the “Your Presence is the Present” campaign I was working on. This campaign was all about logging off every form of technology aka distractions, and spending quality time with the loved ones. It was about giving your family the ‘gift’ of your undivided attention this Christmas, a sort of dry-run for Christmas in a month’s time.

At first I didn’t know what to do with myself. I usually have a million and one things to do, but Fridays are usually a bit quiet so it was the best day to have it done. I logged off every system after checking my tweets and posts were scheduled. Then off I went to check out the challenge pack to help me stay offline and stay sane.




I found the Punkt. phone very useful. I know many may struggle with using this kind of phone in 2016, but I liked it! It was just what I needed. I could switch off my iPhone but be rest assured anyone who needed urgently could reach me. I will continue using this phone for work, for the few times I need to make phone calls to clients.




I also found the notebook very handy for when I had itchy fingers. It kept me very busy. And the pencils and colouring pads kept us very occupied. i enjoyed colouring with my kids. It definitely kept me sane.


I also kept myself busy with my Kindle (reading offline of course). I finally finished Katie Price’s Reborn on Friday evening. I have been reading it for weeks now and struggling to finish it. I also downloaded another book on Saturday – On Becoming by Toke Makinwa, which I finished in a few hours because it was so good.

Another rare thing that happened was me being in bed at 10pm on Friday night. Usually, I am buried in work until past midnight but since I could not work, I found myself in bed at 10pm and it felt so good. I should be doing this more often.

I enjoyed this digital detox. I am looking to the Christmas break because I go on holiday and that means I will be logging off which is fab. All work and no rest makes Stella a grumpy blogger.


Have you had a digital detox lately?


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Holiday Digital Detox


Have you ever planned to go on holiday, and not check emails, Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and other social media platforms? Was your holiday digital detox successful, or did it crash and burn after a few hours, with you hungrily logging on to Twitter, to see what you have missed? The whole idea of going on holiday, is so you can relax, unwind and have a good time, but many of us cannot stay away from whatever we call work, and social media.

As a full-time blogger, I have accepted the fact that I cannot go on holiday and have a full digital detox. I can go a few hours, but at the end of the day, I will have to log on and see what is happening. That is the major issue with being a blogger, you can’t just decide to log off social media and your blog for too long, if you do, your blog will likely suffer the repercussions of you being away.

However, before I became a blogger, I could go days without going on social media.  Having a holiday digital detox would have been a walk in the park for me then, so I know it is possible, but the question is, how many people actually do it? We are currently in a fast pace, technology driven society, and many of us are addicted to social media and blogs.



A new research carried out by an online travel agency – Sunshine, has uncovered a lot about the whole holiday digital detoxing, in terms of how long the average tech-free plan lasts for. According to the findings, holidaymakers who plan to go on a complete holiday digital detox, give in after just six hours into their holiday, on average; with social media being the main lure.

A recent poll that was carried out in the UK by Sunshine, revealed that many failed in their pursuit of a technology-free holiday, and 54% of the total respondents who took part in the poll said that they used technology more on holiday than they did at home. Wow who knew!?

The top 5 answers were as follows:
1.    I wanted to look/post on social media – 32%
2.    I needed to check something work-related (e.g. emails) – 27%
3.    I forgot I had planned a digital detox/force of habit – 21%
4.    I needed to call/message back home – 16%
5.    I got bored – 2%

Now, I will fall into the number 1 and 2. I will need to check and respond to emails at some point while on holiday, and I will need to check social media, even if it is just once a day, while on holiday. I can never see myself at this stage in my life, having a full holiday digital detox, it just won’t work. I will break in 24 hours, to check my blog, lol.

What I do see myself doing, and what I need to do, is to have a WHOLE day off social media, blogs and emails. I think I am becoming too addicted to the whole social media thingy, so I am planning a day off it completely. I will see how that goes, and then I may plan a whole weekend off.

I tweeted about this some days ago, and chatted with Alice; who blogs at Zest of Alice. We chatted about the benefits of having a digital detox every now and again. She wrote a lovely post about how she quit social media, only to go back on it, so check out her blog post, if you are in need of a good read.

Have you ever planned a digital detox while on holiday? How did it go?


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