Picking the Right Gym/Sportswear

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Keeping fit should be a way of life for all of us. And the clothes we were exercising at home, at the gym or while walking/jogging, play a huge role in how successful our fitness journey will be. I like to go for quality when it comes to anything, and my sportswear are no exception. The beauty I have on above is by My Protein and it is my current sportswear kit. It feels and looks good, and it has made my fitness journey very successful so far.

When it comes to picking the right sportswear kit, here are the 5 features I look out for –



I like my sportswear kit to be stretchy. Them being stretchy means I move more freely in them, which helps while exercising. When shopping for your next sportswear kit, look for pieces made from extra stretch material.


High Polyester Material

Go for pieces that made from high polyester material. This material is breathable, drawing sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable and dry. This would enhance your fitness journey, trust me. The last you will be needing is a sportswear that makes you sweat.


Good Fit

Many of us think baggy clothes are the best for exercising but that is so far from the truth. The best fitness clothes are those that follow the shape of your body and give you a waist.


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Go for Layers

Autumn is here so if you plan on going jogging, the best way to deal with changes in your body temperature is to have on layers so you can add or discard when needed.


Get a Sport Bra

I was one of those ladies that didn’t understand the importance of a sports bra until I started my fitness journey. A sports bra is a fitness essential. Bouncing, unsupported boobs are very uncomfortable and bad for your back. There are loads in stores now, and many are really affordable so there is no reason not to have 1 at least.


What do you look out for when shoppig for a gym/sportswear? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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WorkOut at Home

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To live a healthy lifestyle, you should not only have a healthy diet, you should also back it up with regular exercise. I have been working out every day, from the comfort of my home for awhile now and it has been brilliant so far. Although gyms are equipped with the state-of-the-art workout equipment, working out at home proves is a lot more convenient and cheaper, all I need to do is to go on YouTube and look up my favourite fitness channels; I am currently loving the Fitness Blender 37 minutes routine. Having my daughter in the background for moral support also helps. She joins me in my workout and actually encourages me to keep going when I am about to give up. Because I have just started the daily work-out routine, I find myself panting and struggling mid way, but when I hear ‘c’mon mummy’, and see her trying to get me up, it motivates me to finish off my routine!

As a busy mum, I find working out at home ideal for my lifestyle. I can work out in the mornings before the house wakes up, or in the evenings when the kids are in bed.  I can fit my workout sessions around my busy schedule without disturbing my regular routine.

I have been working-out from home for some days now, and these tips have helped me greatly:
1.    Have a specific time set aside to workout
If you care about your health and want to stay fit and in shape, then you need to exercise regularly. Treating exercise as a non-negotiable activity is like keeping an appointment with a client. You must not miss it. The best time to workout at home is in the morning as soon as you wake up as it helps you feel more energized and productive throughout the day. I try to work out everyday but if I can’t, I aim for at least 3 days a week, which is more ideal because your muscles will have more time to rest and heal.
2.    Have a purpose for exercising
To get fit you need to be committed to exercising regularly. Sometimes, (and I know it will happen) you’ll encounter days when you’ll feel like giving up. To keep you focused and motivated, have a purpose for working out. Do you want to have abs before the next summer? Do you want to be fit? Set it as a goal. Write your purpose out or pin it on your vision board so you remember why you need to work-out. Anytime you feel like giving up, go back to the vision board and keep going.
3.    Determine the type of exercises you’ll do
If you’re just starting off, following fitness videos can help you keep in shape. The trainer in fitness videos puts together a set of exercises that will help you tone, build muscle or burn fat in your body. Make sure you pick a video that will help meet your fitness goals. If losing weight is your goal then Popsugar’s 40-minute metabolism boosting workout is just for you. To sculpt you legs and body, BeFit’s legs and butt workout will do the trick. If you want to have washboard abs, then Blogilates’ 3-minute ab workout will be ideal. For those of you who are more into yoga’s meditative exercises, you can go for Tara Stiles’ Flexibility and Range of Motion video.


4.    Have your exercise items nearby
Having the items you use to workout, like your gym clothes – don’t forget your sport bra, thank me later, trainers and socks, water bottle, Fitbit, exercise or yoga mat and weights (if you’re going to use any), nearby sets your mind in the mood to start your fitness routine. They also act as reminders of your commitment to exercise. Keeping fit requires a lot of discipline so having your fitness gear on will help you remain focused and get you in the work-out mood.
5.    Get an exercise buddy
Exercising becomes easier when you know that you’re not doing it alone. Team up with a friend or family member who will keep you accountable. My daughter (lol) and my sister are my exercise buddies.

Your exercise buddy doesn’t have to come to your house to exercise with you. Sync your exercise routines then check on each other to share how far you’ve gone with your exercises.


Working out from home has changed my life. I feel better, I look better, and I don’t see myself ever going back to not working out regualrly ever again.

Do you work-out from home? How do you find it?

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