Picking the Right Gym/Sportswear

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Keeping fit should be a way of life for all of us. And the clothes we were exercising at home, at the gym or while walking/jogging, play a huge role in how successful our fitness journey will be. I like to go for quality when it comes to anything, and my sportswear are no exception. The beauty I have on above is by My Protein and it is my current sportswear kit. It feels and looks good, and it has made my fitness journey very successful so far.

When it comes to picking the right sportswear kit, here are the 5 features I look out for –



I like my sportswear kit to be stretchy. Them being stretchy means I move more freely in them, which helps while exercising. When shopping for your next sportswear kit, look for pieces made from extra stretch material.


High Polyester Material

Go for pieces that made from high polyester material. This material is breathable, drawing sweat away from the body, keeping you comfortable and dry. This would enhance your fitness journey, trust me. The last you will be needing is a sportswear that makes you sweat.


Good Fit

Many of us think baggy clothes are the best for exercising but that is so far from the truth. The best fitness clothes are those that follow the shape of your body and give you a waist.


My Protein Red Concreate Kit Image

Go for Layers

Autumn is here so if you plan on going jogging, the best way to deal with changes in your body temperature is to have on layers so you can add or discard when needed.


Get a Sport Bra

I was one of those ladies that didn’t understand the importance of a sports bra until I started my fitness journey. A sports bra is a fitness essential. Bouncing, unsupported boobs are very uncomfortable and bad for your back. There are loads in stores now, and many are really affordable so there is no reason not to have 1 at least.


What do you look out for when shoppig for a gym/sportswear? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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The Style Icon: Jada Pinkett Smith

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Age is nothing but a number they say, but some people never seem age, regardless of how old they are. Jade Pinkett Smith is one of those people. This 44-year-old Style Icon has not aged a bit. She still looks as young as she looked in the 80s. I love Jada’s fashion sense, she has an incredible style. She has a very petite frame, at 5ft,  but she knows how to dress it all up, and make it look very pretty. I love everything about this Style Icon, can you tell?

I have followed and admired Jade Pinkett Smith for as long as I can remember. I remember watching A Different World back in the day, and wanting to be like her. Not to forget her amazing performance in the movie Set It Off. There is something so edgy and captivating about her. I find her intriguing. She is one woman I would love to meet in real life.



Jada slays every time she steps out. She knows what looks on her, and she delivers. I love the way she puts her own unique spin on classic looks, like the outfit above. She wore mismatching earrings to this event. She has on a small earring on the left ear, and a long earring on the right. It is her own way of ensuring her signature look is on every outfit, and it works.


Style Icon Image

Apart from her amazing style, Jada Pinkett Smith has one of the most amazing bodies in the whole of Hollywood. Even after having 2 kids, her abs are so firm and well toned, she is so fit.

I have been paying attention to general fitness, and I mentioned I would love to work on my abs in my last sportswear/fitness post, so I went digging into Jada’s fitness routine. She has a strict fitness routine, she is a regular at the gym, and she eats a lot of super foods. I am not surprised she does all these things because her amazing body looks it.

What do you think of Jada Pinkett Smith? Any thoughts?


OOTD: My Protein Sportswear

My Protein Red Concreate Image

Back in the day, before I became a full-fledged adult with a house and 2 kids, I used to find the time every evening, after a demanding office job, to go to our local L A Fitness gym. I did that for about a year and stopped because I could no longer justify the £35 monthly gym membership subscription. So now, I pop into a gym when I have a spare moment, which is once in a blue moon. I rather exercise at home, or go running/walking. I still go swimming with the family every weekend, so that has kind of replaced the gym really.

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However, I am now thinking of checking out some fitness videos on YouTube, aka my go to online directory, so if you know of any cool fitness channels, let me know in the comment section below. I think I would want a structured work out routine, even if it is just for a few minutes a day.

My Protein Red Concreate Kit Image

The fact that I have this cool fitness kit from My Protein has really put me in the fitness mood. I guess a cool fitness kit has the power like that. I am eager to work on my abs now. And who would blame me? The Red Concreate sportswear by My Protein is the prettiest sportswear collection I have seen in a very long time. I love the red and black design a lot. It goes with my summer hair. I also really like the quality of the pieces. The stretch and support it provides ensures the pieces stay on exactly how I want them.

I got the complete kit from My Protein, so the power tights and shorts, sports bra, running jacket and vest. And I even have the right sportsbag already.

My Protein Red Concreate Review

I got the HEAD sportsbag last year, and it has now become our swimming bag. So I am good to go pretty much, as far as sportswear is concerned.

This green Acquablend bottle is also a handy and stylish fitness accessory. I take it everywhere. It helps me drink a lot more water, thanks to a few slices of cucumber and some ice. I love it.

I am also hardly ever without my Fitbit. I walk around a lot, even on days when I don’t leave the house. I make sure I am always on the move, and I aim to clock in at least 7000 steps a day. I smash this target on most days, even when I am stuck indoors.

Green Acquablend Bottle Image

UK Outfit Post Image

Do you go to the gym or do you work out in other ways?


Entire Kit – c/o My Protein

Black Trainers – Sketchers

Water Bottle – Acquablend

What do you think of this sportswear?

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