Style Icon: Sheree Whitfield

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star – Sheree Whitfield is the Style Icon this month. I have been a fan of this stylish woman for many years now. She is one of the original cast members of RHOA and she is back on the latest season now showing on Amazon Prime TV. I am a huge fan of the series and I find Sheree Whitfield quite entertaining. She always brings the drama and her storyline is always interesting. I also love seeing her outfits.

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For those who are not familiar with this beauty, Sheree Whitfield is an American socialite, television personality, and fashion designer. She is the lovely lady behind the fashion label SHE by Sheree and she is quite famous on the RHOA reality show as she has been on and off the show since it started in 2008. This Style Queen knows how to style various pieces together to create different looks and she always looks so good.

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Style Icon: Sheree Whitfield

If I was asked to describe Whitfield’s signature style in three words, they would be chic, effortless, and elegant. This Style Icon is always looking effortlessly chic and elegant. It feels like she is a natural trendsetter and it takes no effort at all. I always love the accessories and pieces she has on. She looks fantastic for a woman in her fifties. From the look of her body, you can tell she works out, eats right, and takes good care of it.

Sheree Whitfield is a great style icon. I would love to take a good look at her wardrobe. I bet her fashion collection would be fascinating to see.

What do you think of Sheree Whitfield as a Style Icon? Are you a fan of her personal style? Have you shopped her new clothing line? Please sound off in the comments section below, let’s chat.

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Beauty Muse: Tanya Sam

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The Beauty Muse for this month is the stunning Tanya Sam from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I think this beauty muse is just gorgeous. Her skin is flawless and she has some amazing facial features. I loved seeing her on The Real Housewives of Atlanta show. She was fun to watch. It is a shame to hear she wouldn’t be coming on the show again thanks to the drama surrounding Cynthia Bailey’s Bachelorette party and Bolo. Are you a fan of the show? Did you watch that episode?

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Beauty Muse – Tanya Sam

Anyways, back to our beauty muse. I love how Tanya Sam wears her makeup. Her makeup is always flawless, never too much, always perfectly applied. Our skin is so beautiful and I believe that is why her makeup is always flawless. A flawless complexion is the best foundation for a perfect makeup.

Tanya Sam shared some beauty secrets with The Lookbook, here are some excerpts from the interview:

“I am obsessed with the Image Skincare [Total Facial] Cleanser because I wear a lot of makeup so I just got to get the junk off. I love that,” she shared.

It is important to spend money on the right cleanser especially you put on a lot of makeup because you need to ensure you get them all wiped off before going to bed. This cleanser sounds like it does a terrific job for Ms Sam.

“I’m a strong proponent of getting a facial and get a good [microdermabrasion], for sure.” In addition to these facial treatments, Tanya also loves Botox. “My sisters and I call it bo-bo,” she quipped.

It is important to get a facial regularly. I love treating my skin to a great home facial. It does wonders for my skin. Microdermabrasion is another great cosmetic treatment and I can see why Tania Sam loves having it done. Botox is not a treatment I have tried or plan on trying but I know it is very popular and many women love having the treatment done.

What do you think of our Beauty Muse? Are you a fan?


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