Spring Home Works

It is freezing in Cheshire. We even had some snow the other day, and it doesn’t look like this chill is leaving anytime soon. I am looking forward to spring now. It feels like this winter has gone on for ages; I am badly in need of some warmer weather and some sunshine.

I am always in the mood to do some spring cleaning during the spring season. Guess there is something about the weather that makes me want to move things around in the house.


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Here are some things I would love to get done around the house this spring.


Do some garden work

Our garden has been abandoned pretty much for the whole of winter. I have hardly stepped into it because of the extreme cold. So we plan to make up for that this spring. We have a few garden work to carry out, and I hope we get them all done this year. If we had an unlimited budget, I would love to get an extension with some quality aluminium roof lanterns to extend our ground space. An extension would open up our ground floor space and I can imagine what I would do with that sort of space right now.


Install some blackout blinds

I would love to get some blackout blinds installed in time for spring/summer, in addition to our curtains. They would beautify the rooms, adding a bit more character to them. I have a few designs in mind already, thanks to Pinterest, and I can’t wait to get started.



Decluttering our entire house is on my to-do list. We have so much junk I need to get rid of, and I have started listing preloved items on eBay already. I like to declutter every 3 months. With the kids growing so quickly, there always clothes to get rid of. Plus, our shed is bursting with items that are badly in need of a new home.


Update some decor

Updating our decor is high on my to-do list as well. I am looking to update some of our decor in some of the rooms. I know we need a clock and some cushions for sure. And I am looking to get some more character to the rooms, so will be on the lookout for some quirky decorations.


Bathroom upgrade

The bathtub needs some work done. A part needs replacing and we need to get some wall tiles done too. I am hoping we make a head start on this work sometime this spring and hopefully finish up before the end of summer.


Do you have any spring home works planned?


*Collaborative post.




Spring Cleaning 2015

The clothes we wear tell a story. I take one look at your wardrobe and it will tell me all I need to know about your style and taste. The fashion choices we make speak louder than words, that is why we must choose them carefully. It is important to spring clean our wardrobe every now and again to make sure our clothes are telling the right story.


Spring cleaning is required at least twice a year but I recommend at the start of every new season. This exercise helps us discover the following:

  • Clothes we may have forgotten we had
  • Clothes we misplaced
  • Clothes that no longer fit
  • Clothes that have not been worn in over a year
  • Designs and styles we have grown out of
  • Damaged clothes and the list goes on.

I usually spring clean my wardrobe at the start of every new season and I advise you do the same. Spring cleaning my wardrobe gives me room to see what I need to buy, get rid of and what I need to keep. I also love knowing what I have and seeing everything neat and organised.

Here are 5 steps you could use when spring cleaning your wardrobe

  1. Set aside time when you will be undisturbed, two hours should be enough to sort out your wardrobe, depending on how big your wardrobe is.

2. Empty your wardrobe completely before you begin so you have a clear space.

3. Make three piles of clothes; one to keep, one to giveaway and a ‘maybe’ pile.

4. Arrange the clothes you intend on keeping back into your wardrobe, clothes you will be wearing frequently should be easy to reach.

5. Once the spring clean is done, there might be gaps in your wardrobe you will need to fill. A good excuse to go shopping, no?

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