How to make your make-up stay on all day

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There’s nothing as upsetting as spending hours getting your makeup just right only for it to fade away after a couple of hours. I find it so annoying.
Makeup helps to enhance your beauty but when your makeup fades or melts away during the day, its aim is defeated.
Here are some things you can do to make your makeup stay on all day:
1.    Exfoliate regularly
Makeup lasts longer when your face is smooth. This is because a smooth skin allows you to apply makeup evenly. The presence of dead skin cells can make your face rough. Exfoliation helps to clear away dead skin from your face, leaving it silky smooth. Exfoliate once or twice a week using a gentle scrub. A good face mask should be used at least once a week (more on face masks in my upcoming product review post).
2.    Cleanse your skin
Oily skin makes it difficult for the makeup to stay on longer. Using a gentle cleanser and a cotton ball, thoroughly cleanse your whole face. Do not neglect your neck. The cleanser will rid your skin of dirt, grime and oil right to the pores of your skin.
3.    Apply moisturizer correctly
After cleansing your skin, applying a moisturizer will keep your skin from staying dry and allow the makeup to be easily applied. When applying moisturizer, make sure you pick an oil-free moisturizer that is light weight. A moisturizer that contains SPF to protect your skin from the sun is a bonus. Apply a thin layer of moisturizer and allow it to sink into your skin.
4.    Apply a primer
A good primer helps to seal in the moisturizer and fill in the pores to give your skin a smooth even surface. A primer prevents your makeup from being absorbed in your skin. This will make your makeup last longer.
5.    Choose quality products
Using low quality products is another reason why your makeup does not last long. Quality products contain substances that will not only take care of your skin but also ensure your makeup lasts longer too. From my experience, the more expensive the beauty product, the longer it stays on. I find MAC lipsticks and powder stay on for ages, Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is the best in the market, English Mineral Makeup Kabuki Brushes are fab for blending, and I love the No 7 Airbrush Away Primer, it creates an amazing foundation.
6.    Layer your makeup
Makeup that is caked up on your face makes the makeup crumble in the creases. The right way to apply your makeup is to apply it one thin layer after another. This will make your makeup stay longer on your skin and creates a more natural look. This rule on layering doesn’t only apply to your skin but to your lips as well. Apply lipstick one thin layer at a time.
7.    Set the makeup with powder
After applying your makeup, set it in with some translucent powder. The powder will make your makeup smooth and get rid of excess oil from your skin. Make sure you give special attention to your under eyes by lightly brushing some powder there. The powder will seal up your makeup.
8.    Finish off with makeup spray
Makeup spray is a special spray that contains substances that will help seal the makeup in place and prevent it from melting away. It also helps to even out your makeup and make it look like natural skin.


These tips help my makeup stay on for as long as I need it to. How do you keep your makeup in place? Please share your tips in the comment section below.


Product Review: The English Mineral Makeup Company Mineral Makeup

The English Mineral Makeup Image

I have never tried a 100% organic, cruelty free and vegan beauty product, until I came across The English Mineral Makeup Company, and I must say I am 100% blown away by how great the products are. These makeup products are so pure, you could even sleep in them!

I got the opportunity to review these products some days ago, and I was super excited to try all 4 products and see for myself, how great they are. I must warn you, I have a lot to say, and this post is picture heavy, so grab a cuppa and enjoy the read..

The English Mineral Makeup Company Review


Mineral Foundation

Our Vegan, 100% pure Mineral Foundation is made of top grade mineral ingredients that help to nourish skin and provide a flawless look, naturally. It applies easily and feels weightless, while providing excellent coverage and leaving a “soft focus” effect that helps blur fine lines and wrinkles. 10g net.


  1. This mineral foundation looks and feels light on the face. I love the light, natural finish. My issue with so many foundations is the fact that they look too thick and appear cakey. This is not an issue with this product. It is one of the best foundations I have used so far. It feels light but provides excellent coverage. I am sold!
  2. I got the Ultimate Rich shade which was perfect for my skin tone. There are 30 shades available so every skin tone is pretty much covered.
  3. I love the fact that this brand caters for the black skin. This is a major turn on for me as it is still rare despite the fact that we are in 2016.
  4. It comes with a complimentary Kabuki brush which is perfect for applying lightly to get a natural appearance.
  5. It contains natural SPF 15.
  6. It is 100% chemical free.
  7. It goes for £37 which is a fair price for all it contains.

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EMM Review Image

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None. This mineral foundation is truly amazing! I will be using this again.


Kabuki Brush

Our Kabuki brush will allow you to apply the minerals lightly to get a natural appearance.

Made from ultra soft white talkon and sustainable bamboo, the brush has an amazing feel and creates the perfect swirl to apply your Minerals.


  1. This Kabuki brush does the work beautifully. It helps apply the makeup lightly to create a natural look.
  2. It makes applying mineral foundation and blush very easy.
  3. It feels soft on the face.
  4. It is complimentary with every mineral product purchase but goes for £15 when bought separately.


  1. I would have preferred to have the Kabuki Brush a tiny bit longer.


Coral & Hot Pink Mineral Blush

8 great shades of blush in warm, cool and neutral tones. Very highly pigmented, Use sparingly to enhance cheeks and contours – and be as subtle as you like, or add more and get that Drama Queen Vibe. These come in a mix of matte and soft glimmer finishes, taking you from daytime to evening with the flick of a brush!


  1. I love the colours of both the Hot Pink and Coral Blush. The Hot Pink is perfect for a full-on diva/girlie look, while the coral blush is more subtle.
  2. Both brushes came with a complimentary Kabuki brush.
  3. No Nano Particles, 100% Vegan.
  4. Highly pigmented buildup colour, so I could add little and go subtle, or add some more for a full-on look. I like to wear mine subtle as you can see below.
  5. Each blush goes for £25, which is great.

Hot Pink Blush Image

Mineral Blush Picture

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Coral Blush Image


None. Both shades are fantastic! I will be using them again.


Ethereal Silver Body Glow

Available in Bronze Silver and Gold – A light dust will highlight all those good features and ensure you go to the ball feeling like a Princess!

Fabulous sprinkled into the hair, shimmy up those collar bones, become a gold silver or bronzed goddess- you choose! – A little goes a long way!



  1. A little really goes all the way. I got my light dust in Silver, and I love it.

Ethereal Body Glow Image

Silver Body Glow Image

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  1. The glow could be messy when kept in the makeup.
  2. Some may find it pricey at £24.

Overall, I recommend all 4 products. They are worth every penny, and perform exactly as promised. I can see myself using these products for a long time.

What are your thoughts? Have you used any of these products before?


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