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I have been asked quite a few times where I get the inspiration to blog every day. Well, when there is a will, there is a way. I enjoy writing so I write everyday, hence there is always a new post(s) for you to read on Fashion and Style Police. Also, the more I write, the easier it becomes, so I try to read and write everyday to keep my brain engaged and my ideas flowing. The brain is a muscle, and it needs to be exercised, so I do just that.

However, writing is one thing, and getting inspiration is another. Without inspiration, I will be looking at a black screen all evening, and the words won’t just flow. So, for this post, I will be sharing how and where I get some of my blog inspiration.


Other Blogs

I read and comment on other blogs a lot. I like to know what goes on in the blogosphere in general, so keeping up with my favourite blogs and discovering new blogs keeps me in the loop, and inspires me to blog. Some of my favourite blogs at the moment are –

Fashion Mommy – I love Emma’s writing voice and the fact that she updates her blog everyday. I enjoy reading her fashion posts.

I Have Always Believed in the Futures – This lifestyle blog run by Rebecca is a mixture of various topics, and I love that. Variety is the spice of life they say, and find the blog posts very refreshing.

Style Pantry – I adore Folake’s style. She has the coolest fashion sense ever! She looks amazing in outfits I won’t even dream of wearing.

Style Pantry


Honest Mum – Vicki’s blog gives me life. She has one of the greatest personalities I have ever come across in the blogging industry, and her blog posts inspires me a lot.

You Baby Me Mummy – I recently came across Aby’s blog and I love it. Her posts on blogging keep me very busy, and I love the cute blog name too.



Apart from blogs and online sites, I also read a lot of books and magazines. I try to read an e-book on my Kindle every week at the least, and I usually go for non fiction books. At the moment, I have zero interest in fiction books.

I am currently reading ‘REACH! from single mom on welfare to digital entrepreneur’ by Lorraine C. Ladish, and I am loving it.

REACH! from single mom on welfare to digital entreprenuer

As for magazines, I go for the big five in my eyes, so Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. I buy some and borrow some every month to keep my ideas flowing.


Life in general inspires me. I get inspiration in the weirdest places sometimes, so I have learnt to just live my life and enjoy it, and the blog ideas will come. However I do find I usually have the coolest ideas when I am relaxing, watching TV, soaking up in a bath tub, going for a walk/drive, or doing chores.


Where do you get your blog inspiration from? Which blogs are you loving at the moment?




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  1. My inspiration is currently from you, I love my blog and have a passion to blog about everything I do to my hair… the demotivation comes in when I think of taking the pictures. Most of the time, the posts are already drafted, but taking the pictures is a nightmare! Any tips?

    • Awww I am happy to know I inspire you. I take my photos in bulk. So I dedicate an afternoon to take all my photos for the week then I write my posts. I find it easier to stay on top of everything that way and I find that when I have cool pictures, I am eager to write. I love your blog. It is completely different from every other blog around and your hair is divine x

  2. I don’t blog however I love, like you, to keep my mind alert. I help other people in my various capacities in life as well as being a comper, as you know. It is important however we do it, I find to flex the brain and yes I totally agree the brain is a muscle and must be stretched to keep it going. I am slightly more paranoid as my dear late Mom died through alzheimer’s disease and I know the importance of keeping the brain muscle flexed, probably to the state of extremes at times, because of her illness.

    I also love to write (even though I dont blog) probably should, but dont have time to fit it in. I love your blog cos as I have gotten older, I have more time to spend on the things you blog about. Virtual wasn’t available in the early years of my youngsters. How wonderful today is with virtual that it is part/entwined of what you incorporate to your life.

    I follow a few blogs, one of is yours, obviously. There is 1 that is quite extreme to all the others as it focuses very much on the inner life. I love how you bring life life and variety to your blogs. Getting inspiration from others is all a big part of it as it is of life in general. We learn from each other and can carry that message on how it works for you. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts and musings on blogging and inspiration

  3. So lovely to share the blog love! I also read Vicki and Aby’s blogs a couple of times a week. These ladies rock!

  4. I think it was other blogs that got me into blogging, I just sat and thought “I’d love to do that too” and gave it a whirl – since then I’ve never looked back!

    Musings & More

  5. I do love reading other blogs and there are so many great ones out there, I am a regular reader or Aby’s and Vicki’s blogs. And I love finding a new blog that I love and just know I am going to read regularly.

  6. I am feeling inspired now too – I love reading blogs, watching the big question and generally observing things that stand out in my normal life. My favourite blogger has to be faded spring – something about her writing style resonates a lot with me.

  7. I am quite busy at the moment and blogging was put on hold for a bit. I love reading Caroline’s blog Style Lingua and a few others. Many blogs inspire me, there is always something I see that reminds me to work even harder on mine. Great post!

  8. Great to see where you get your writing inspiration from – I always find I just run out of time for all the posts I want to write. Will be checking out the couple of blogs you mentioned that I was unfamiliar with. Thanks for the recommendations.

  9. Sometimes it can be really hard to keep going when blogging. It’s times like those where I take a back step and just let things come naturally. I find reading other blogs very inspirational too – thanks for sharing some new ones for me to check out!

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