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Halle Berry is so PERFECT. I love everything about her; her flawless golden skin, cute haircut and beautiful face. So it comes as no surprise that she is a beauty muse today. I just wonder what took me so long to feature her. I guess out of sight, is out of mind, Halle needs to be back on the big screen.


I have always wondered the secret to Halle’s radiant skin. She doesn’t look anything like her age, she is 49 years old, but could pass for a woman in her 20s. I mean, she looks a lot more youthful than most wome half her age.

I went digging and found some quotes on how she takes care of her skin –

“My routine of taking care of my skin is always the same. I use a cleanser, toner, moisturize, then use eye cream,”

“When you take care of your skin, you have a nice, beautiful palette to put makeup onto,” Berry says. “I find that the makeup goes on better, lasts longer, and wears better. You can actually get away with wearing less when you’ve got a good palette to start with.” In addition to her regular routine, the star also mists her face with rosewater before applying makeup, and if she’s going bare-faced, she’ll stash a bottle in her car for a mid-day spritz. She adds: “I’m constantly changing, evolving, and aging, and I want to stick with what works for me and my skin now.”



I agree with her. I find that when I pay special attention to my skin and well-being, I glow, and my makeup looks even more beautiful. I have read a lot about the benefits of spraying rosewater on the face before applying makeup, and I really want to try it, and see for myself.

What do you think of Halle Berry as a beauty muse? Have you tried the new beauty secret  – spraying rose water on the face?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend.


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  1. She is going to be beautiful when she’s 100! She’s nearly perfect. Her acting is not the best but I guess she can’t have everything. 🙂

  2. She always present absolutely fabulously! No way she looks 49. Women around her age are my inspiration like her, as she is around my age. Yes I do agree with her that a good skin routine is very important. Yes I also does as she does with cleanser, toner, creams etc.

    I haven’t tried this spritz before putting make up on, though I do use a primer before foundation and a setting spritz after applying make up. I shall have to have a look into the spritz she uses. Love hearing about new products.

    Her eyes really dance and sing in these photo’s. She is stunning

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