Is Fashion Important?

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The saying – ‘dress the way you want to be addressed’, is so true. Your dressing is usually the first thing people notice about you, when you step into a room. Your dressing gives the first impression of who you are, before you even say a word.

Many people embrace fashion as a form of adornment and self-expression, and that is the reason why fashion will never fade, as it is a form of communication and expression. No wonder the fashion industry is worth over £26 million to the UK economy. 

Our outfits send a message to the world, so if we are dressed shabbily, we will likely be treated shabbily,  if we dress elegantly, we will likely be admired by many. 

Miuccia Prada, heralded designer and head of the iconic Prada fashion conglomerate, described fashion beautifully –

“Fashion is the first step out of poverty. You have nothing and then you put something on. It is one of the first things you do to elevate yourself. … Why are people scandalized by spending money on clothes? Everybody is so passionate about this — there’s a resistance to fashion — an idea that to love fashion is to be stupid. Clothes are very intimate. When you get dressed, you are making public your idea about yourself, and I think that embarrasses people.”

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I believe so much in the saying – ‘people will always stare so make it worth that while’, especially when I am having my outfit photos taken for the blog. I make sure I am dressed to impress, to make the stares worth everyone’s while. Fashion is more than the clothes and accessories we put on, fashion is art, because the same amount of artistic expression goes into designing and styling clothes, shoes, a music video or a painting. I am a fashion lover so I may be biased in thinking fashion is very important, regardless of your taste, lifestyle, where you shop, and what you wear. We all need fashion, which makes it important. I think the question should be, how important is fashion to you?

Drop me a comment, let’s chat. Thanks for reading. Happy Friday!

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  1. I love fashion but over the past few years I’ve become more reluctant with my style & often opt for the ‘easy’ outfit – high waisted jeans & some kind of top. After reading your post though you’ve inspired me to start experimenting a bit more 🙂

    L x

  2. I do think fashion is important; but I think it’s more a case of taking an effort with our appearance. we should feel able to wear what we want to wear, regardless of what is in trend

  3. Style is such a personal thing. And that is partly why fashion has different meanings and values to different people. I totally agree though that people make instant judgements about you, according to how you are dressed when they meet you. That’s instinctive. It’s subconsiously done. For me, yes, fashion and style are hugely important. Tx

  4. I definitely think fashion is important. It’s the first impression you give to people and can say a lot about a person. It’s a representation of yourself

  5. I think fashion is much more significant than people like to think. I was an event yesterday and there was a man who made me extremely angry by judging me on my occupation. He said oh it must be so easy being a fashion blogger you get free s**t all the time and do little work. More to the point he said there are people actually saving lives and you write about fashion. I got so angry and told him that A. Don’t label me I am not a fashion blogger I am a fashion, lifestyle and social issues blogger B. Don’t presume how I do and do not write and C. Don’t ever paint me with the same brush as your judgmental tongue. At the end of the day I am who I am and my writing is reflective of that and to me fashion is spiritual and an art form like you said!

  6. You look stunning as always! I do think it is pretty important! I struggle to keep on top of fashion because of money wise, but i still try and make myself look presentable x

  7. You look stunning Stella. I especially like picture no 2. Yes I like to see what is going on with fashion. I have created my own style though through fashion which is quirky and stand out as well as the staples. I love to mix the trends with vintage/quirky etc. I love colour. I love to be different.

    Yes you are so right. The clothes shouldn’t wear you. You wear the clothes and show the world who you are. Today I think we are far freer than ever to make our own style and still look good You are so right, fashion and style is an artist palette, just as our make up, hair are too. Its an amazing time in fashion of which I have so many changes. This is definitely the most freeing era of.

    Great blog Stella. Enjoyed reading it

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  9. Fashion is very important not too expensive but must be appropriate for the different ocassions. You are judged by the way you appear therefore it is important to dress well

  10. Not necessarily fashion per se, but clothes and the way you look is important as it it the first thing people see, so they form their initial judgement of you based on this – wrong, but true all the same.

  11. There’s almost a stigma surrounding fashion and showing an interest in your appearance. I have to say I don’t agree with the ‘dress as you want to be addressed quote’, as everyone has their own perceptions, so you’ll never really be able to gage how someone will judge you based on your outfit.Personally I dress for myself, not for other people.I think I’d drive myself mad otherwise!

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