Kristen Stewart Covers ELLE UK September 2016

ELLE UK September 2016 Image


Kristen Stewart is on the cover of ELLE UK September 2016 issue and she looks good on it. I have not seen Kristen on a magazine cover for a bit now so this cover is a pleasant surprise. In her interview with ELLE magazine, Kristen opens up about her recent projects and her enjoying her work –

I have a really strong sense of identity when I’m working. If I’m having a bad day or something personal, or existential, or hormonal – if anything brings me down, I’m lucky if I have to go to work that day. And it could be anything, it could be a photoshoot for Chanel.”

Kristen also spoke about her struggle with anxiety –

I went through so much stress and periods of strife. I would have panic attacks…I literally always had a stomach ache. And I was a control freak and I couldn’t anticipate what was going to happen in a given situation, so I’d be like, ‘Maybe I’m going to get sick’… It’s kind of remarkable. I just grew out of it, but that’s not to say I don’t get worried.’

Good to know she is enjoying her career and dealing with her anxiety issues. I am happy to see more celebrities talking about these issues because they are real, and too many people suffer in silence.

I am not really into Kristen Stewart hair and makeup, or her outfit on the cover. But I like this picture below –

Kristen Stewart Elle Magazine Cover Image


I think it is more edgy and more front-cover worthy. Do you agree?

I can’t really see what this issue is about from the front cover because there is little or nothing on the it as far as the features are concerned. Which is a shame because I don’t see myself buying a magazine without having an idea of what the magazine is about.

What are your thoughts on this issue?


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  1. Going against the grain here but I would say the cover image is more ‘front cover’ worthy, I always think the better images should be inside the magazine. It’s good to see more people opening up about their issues.

  2. Not seen much of Kristen Stewart recently. Interesting that she has anxiety issues – I have those too. I agree with you about the pictures – the second one is better. (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  3. It’s great to know that big style icons are speaking up about such big issues. It reminds us that they are real people and more like you and me than yesterday’s media liked to portray. I do love these photos of her, but the 2nd is definitely more edgy.

  4. I really like Kristen Stewart, I do admirer her alot and she looks great on this cover! I am a fan of this look on her tbh. I’ve read a lot about her and her issues before so I’m glad a big magazine has decided to feature this.

    Jordanne ||

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