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Every man needs a good suit to look dapper in, and the good part about it all is that there are many stylish suits for men. The occasion could be different – it could be work, weddings, dinners or prom, but a suit is always in vogue. I like a man in a well-tailored suit. It screams ‘class’, and that speaks to volume. I like suave, sharp suits that are well-fitted, enhance the physique perfectly, and look timeless.

Whenever I see a man walking around in an ill-fitted suit (and I see loads), the stylist in me kicks me, and I can’t help but see why the suit does not fit so well. It makes me wonder what the man was thinking buying the suit in the first place. I know taste and styles differ, but sometimes there are no excuses – some suits just look plain wrong.

I am always on the lookout for quality pieces for the men in my life, so here are 3 of the finest suits I have on my radar at the moment –


Madrid Tailored Suit by Skopes £157 £100

madrid-tailored-suit-jacket image

I really like this contemporary Madrid 3-piece tailored suit by Skopes. The price tag is light, the grey colour is cool, and the slim fit is fab. I think it looks excellent and would be a great multi-tasking suit for many occasions. It is definitely worth every penny. What do you think?


Brook Taverner Concept Suit £125



I really like the finely tailored look of this Brook Taverner Concept suit. I also like the navy blue colour, it looks like a quality suit. It would pass for a great office suit. I think it is really affordable too. Do you agree?


Brook Taverner Suit from the Concept Collection £157

zeus-tailored-suit-jacket Image


So I saved the best for last with this Brook Taverner suit from the Concept Collection. It is another stylish suit I have on my radar. I love the tailored look, it looks excellent. It is also a great multi-tasking suit that can take any man from the office to the restaurant or wedding effortlessly. I am so in love with this suit. It is my favourite suit of them all.

So these suits are my current favourite suits for men. What do you think of them? Which suit do you like the most? What do you think of a man in a suit? Sound off in the comment section, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading and have a fab Monday.


*This is a collaborative post.



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  1. Just had the joy of seeing all my men (my Husband, 2 sons and Grandson whose 7) in lovely suits, hired for my eldest son wedding. They looked amazing. Totally agree.

    A suit on a man looks smart, distinguished and can completely change a man. I know my men did, especially my husband who looked so distinguished.

    All the same suits, the groom my eldest and his groomsmen my hub, 2nd son, Grandson plus the best man ofcourse, cut a dapper picture

    I do like the Madrid suit best

  2. The last one is very James Bond I recon, it’ll look great with a white shirt that has a black trim. There’s always something sexy about a man wearing a suit isn’t there? 🙂

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