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I am quite picky when it comes to shopping in general. But I pay special attention when shopping for dressing gowns and wraps in particular because I spend a lot of my time at home. Like now, I am typing this post on the couch at home, wearing one of my dressing gowns. Because I wear my loungewears a lot, I like them to be quality. I don’t mind spending that little bit extra to get the sort of pieces that I would be wearing for many years to come. The fact is I like to go for the finest things in life and that includes what I put on my body. I just wish I had an unlimited budget to go along with my luxurious cravings!

I like to have a few luxury dressing gowns and wraps in my wardrobe to lounge in style. And I like to have them in a variety of colours and styles, so I don’t get bored. I currently have my eye on quite a few dressing gowns and wraps, but these David Nieper pieces below are my favourites at the moment:


Soft Jersey Kimono £99

Soft Jersey Kimono Image


I love how elegant this soft jersey kimono is. This stunning piece is made in a super soft 100% cotton jersey that is super easy to wear. And it washes really well too. I like the fact that it comes with a matching belt and 2 patch pockets. It also comes in 2 lengths – 55 inches and 49 inches.  I really like this kimono.

Lightweight Quilted Wrap £139

Lightweight Quilted Wrap Image

I need this pretty lightweight quilted wrap in my life. I adore the colour, and the fact that it is soft and quilted for warmth. It is definitely a necessity now that the evenings are getting cooler. It also comes in 2 lengths – 55 inches and 49 inches, which is fab. I can definitely see myself grabbing this wrap. It is such a beautiful piece.


Easy Jersey Kaftan £119



I love kaftans. I find them very comfortable to lounge in at home or on holiday. This pretty jersey kaftan here is my current favourite. I love the design and how relaxing it looks.


Soft Satin Wrap £155

Soft Satin Wrap Image

I saved the best for last with this beauty right here. This stunning soft satin wrap beauty is my favourite of them all. I love the colour – blue is one of my favourite colours. I really love the print design – it is so beautiful. And I love the fact that it is pure satin. It looks glamorous and very comfortable. I bet it feels amazing. I can see myself wearing it already.


What are your thoughts on these dressing gowns and wraps? Which is your favourite?


*This is a collaborative post.



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  1. I am starting to fall in love with dressing gowns again. The soft, silky feel of some of them sometimes make elegance and style all worth it.

    The gowns displayed above are all very pretty, with nice, warm colours to go with them. Definitely a must in my wardrobe.

  2. Wow not exactly purse friendly but all simply stunning. I love my gowns to be fluffy, fat and with a hood, the only time I wear one is if I am poorly or it is winter x

  3. I must admit to being a PJ gal. I am always buying them. I have 3 dressing gowns I love. I is a hoodie three quarter I adore. It is lovely and fluffy for the cooler weather

    I then have a lovely white dressing in cotton my Mom in Law bought me. I love it however it isn’t for everyday use with the colour. I tend to take it abroad with me when we go on holiday.

    I then have a lovely light blue dressing gown covered in dancing sheep. Lovely my PJ’s and nightwear. I’m not big into the silky type, as I doubt I would find them practical.

    These are lovely though what your wearing. I especially like the satin soft wrap

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