The Future of Blogging

The Blogosphere is growing every second. When I go back in time, I realize how much blogging has evolved. With the gigantic improvements in technology giving millions of people access to mobile phones and internet access, millions of blogs are being read everyday.

Millions of people are constantly in search of information. The amount of information consumed on a daily basis, has encouraged the growth of several blogs. Just the way millions of people want to consume information there are also millions of people who want to create and share information.


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We Bloggers have taken it upon ourselves to share our knowledge, expertise and experience. Sharing what we know has not only helped people solve their problems, we have also been able to build a mini empire from our blogs. Many of us have been able to earn a steady income from our blogs or thanks to our blogs.

The future of blogging is looking very bright and I believe it is going to get brighter for many bloggers. Here are a couple of predictions I have on the future of blogging.

  1. Blogging content will be further diversified

Over the past few years, we’ve seen that blog content doesn’t have to be written. The information shared on blog posts has found its way to video and audio. We’re starting to see a hybrid of content. For example, there are blog posts that contain text as well as video to enrich the value in the content shared and to appeal to people who are able to consume content through video.

It seems like we’ll see more people trying out other form of creating content like vlogging on video and podcasts. There’s a high possibility more blogs will embrace the 3 forms of content and create content that will be suitable for different people.

  1. Blogging will thrive with increased interdependence

It seems that more and more bloggers recognize the importance of networking and collaboration. This has helped in several ways. One of the ways is through guest posting. Guest posting drives traffic to your blog and it also helps the blog owner with content creation.

It seems like we will be seeing more collaborations in form of interviews, style features (I should bring back the fashion diva feature), guest posts, podcast guests and guests in videos. This interdependence will give blog visitors a chance to get a cocktail of perspectives and information.

  1. Blogging together with social media is inevitable

Social media is hitting it strong. Information seems to spread faster on social media. This makes social media an important part in blogging.

Although social media users are out to get more information over on social media, there seems to be an increasing interest in getting to know bloggers personally.

It seems like more bloggers will share more of their personal life to help build a strong following.

  1. Bloggers are turning more into publishers than just content creators

Blogging has gone beyond just writing a couple of articles. Blogging has turned into the new independent personal online “magazine”.

Blogging is now taking a more defined shape with clear research-backed rules to help create content that will not only give value but that will attract and retain devoted readers.

Over the years, blogging has evolved from being a just hobby to a real business. And I can’t wait to see how amazing 2017 would be.

What do you think? What does the future of blogging look like to you?

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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head here. I actually think most of these predictions are already underway, but there’s only a fair few bloggers who are absolutely nailing it when it comes to hitting all bases. Whilst it’s good to be creating diverse content, I think some spread themselves too thin – what do you think?

  2. Interesting post and I totally agree that I see more and more bloggers using different modes and platforms to promote their work.

  3. Since I have only been blogging for 4 years I can not compare to the before and now of blogging but the future certainly looks bright for blogging . Great post

  4. This is very true, I blog just for fun as a hobby. I love the fact I can be a bit creative and get my stories out there. I agree about social media, I’ve found it goes hand in hand with sharing my blog posts.

  5. That’s very true. There have been lots of changed in the blogosphere and it’s sure to continue to evolve. There are more platforms to use to promote so you’re right and in regards to publishing, definitely!

  6. I agree to an extent, blogging has made it possible to turn yourself into a business. The only thing is because of the amount of people blogging it is definitely a lot harder to be successful because the market is far more saturated than it was seven years ago Nevertheless though you make excellent points and I hope that blogging will create bright futures for all of us.

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