The Power of Journal Writing

I have always had a journal for as long as I can remember. There is so much power in journal writing, and as a lover of reading and writing, I can’t be without a journal. The power of journal writing can be so tricky to explain, but to do so in a few words, I would say, journal writing is the process of discovering your true self.

If you are stuck in a limbo or trying to find out who you really are, I would advise you to keep a journal for a few months. Those months would be all you need to discover yourself and what you are really on about. And you will be stuck journal writing for life too! It is that addictive.



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I recently came across an amazing stylish stationery brand – Pen Heaven. This brand offers a range of pens and journals from luxury brands, which can be engraved with a personalised message of your choice. I got the opportunity to have my blog initials engraved on this beautiful red Chianti Large Leather Journal. And I also got the same initials on this Cross Bailey Medalist Fountain Pen. They have both motivated me to journal write even more. The personalised touch makes them even more special. These 2 would be going everywhere with me for sure.


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These items would make great personalised gifts this Christmas. There are various pens and journals available, in different designs. So there should be 1 for everyone. If you in need of a truly unique gift for a special someone this Christmas or whenever, pop over to the Pen Heaven website. I am sure you would be spoilt for choice. I know I was!


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Why is Journal Writing so powerful?

Journal writing is the most effective way to capture our thoughts and dreams, which fuels our creative juice. That is what makes it so powerful. I would be lost without a journal or notebook. I prefer to have the pages of my journal lined, just like the one here. It keeps my hand writing neat, and helps the writing flow.


What do you think of my new journal and fountain pen? Are you a fan of journal writing? Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, commenting and sharing. Have a great day!


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  1. I’ve actually put a journal on my Christmas list this year, so that when we go travelling I can keep a travel journal. It is such a great way of working through emotions and keeping a note of special memories.

  2. I wrote a journal from being just 7 years old and only recently stopped as I struggled to keep up with that and a blog. It’s such a therapeutic outlet and lovely to look back on!

  3. I can’t stick with it although I can type like a crazy person. I try and believe this. Not sure how to stick to it?

      • I can type. I suppose not consistently though. Writing I think is way more effective in terms of really committing to what you say and remembering. Just gotta get there. I’ll try more since you are not the first to say it helped and I should listen eventually so thanks for this post ☺️

  4. I used to journal alot when I was younger but my time is usually spent jotting down notes for blog posts these days. I do like the look of your journal and pen and love that you can personalise them!

  5. Journalling can be so cathartic! I love it personally, i find it helps me to organise my thoughts. I recently read about Bullet Journalling which I think may help me be a bit more organised too!

  6. I love this. Really cool.
    I love journalling. It has made me know me more and it helps me gets unstuck. I also journal prayers and wait for them to come to live.
    Would love to lay my hands on this one. Really pretty
    Thanks for sharing

  7. I love journaling! I always seem to go a long period of journaling every day, and then a long period of not journaling at all. When I realize I haven’t journaled in a while, I try to buy a new pen or journal to get me excited to get back into it!

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