Being Underweight or Overweight is not Cool

I love to write. It is a very rewarding and relaxing exercise. I would be completely lost if I could not read or write for a day. Writing and reading has become a part of life, I can’t do without. Fashion and Style Police allows me make a living, working from home and caring for my children. And it feeds my creative juice, which is amazing. It is really the best of all worlds!



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Having said that, my fitness life went downhill once I started working from home. Prior to working from home, I had a great fitness routine with my gym workouts and all. But once I popped my kids and started working from home full-time, it became a lot harder to find time for exercise. This time last year, I added a few pounds and felt so heavy. I struggled to get rid of the weight but I got there in the end. My body weight is now back to what it used to be and I am happy with it. I also feel lighter and more healthy, which is great.

Going for long walks really helped me lose the weight. I enjoy going for long walks, especially when I am alone. I like to admire nature, while listening to some good music and taking in the beauty that surrounds me and the freshness in the air. That is why I love my school runs. Since the kiddies started pre school, I get out of the house everyday and I also get to walk back and forth alone, in peace, which is great for my mind.


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My fitness live is going in the direction I need it to go. As a work-from-home mother, I have to consciously make an effort to stay fit. The GymCube website has been a massive help. The fitness videos are so useful and I find them easy to do at home. Good to know that the excess weight gained is all in the past. I didn’t gain a lot but I felt heavier and my clothes didn’t fit, so that was the cue I needed to get myself back in shape. I am happy with my current weight (I am a size UK 10 or 12 depending on where I shop). All that is needed now is to strengthen and define my body some more.

Being Underweight or Overweight is not Cool

I see a lot of people both online and offline, who are actively promoting their unhealthy body weights. They act like it is ok to be massively underweight or overweight. If the weight is caused by a health related issue, that is completely different. However, if it is not, then something should be done about it.


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If you are truly happy with being overweight or underweight, that is fine but please stop promoting these unhealthy lifestyle on social media.  Being overweight/underweight is not cool and it is not healthy. Stop acting like it is! If you find yourself in such a situation, like I did a year ago, do something about it. If you are honestly happy with your size regardless of what it is, then stay quiet about it. The going back and forth on social media with trolls and fans alike is disturbing. You could be a giving a teenager struggling to lose or gain weight, a thumbs up for remaining the way she is. This is not OK.

This has been on my mind for some time now and I am glad I finally got my thoughts down. What do you think? Is being underweight or overweight now cool on online?




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  1. Good read i am glad you are at your happy weight. I struggle with an ED and to get to an ideal weight is a massive struggle for me. I always feel i am to heavy when in fact i desperately need to add weight. Its a battle i fight with daily and hope to overcome one day……….

  2. I totally agree, although there are many who would disagree sadly. I was anorexic for 18 years and know all too well how being underweight was seen as something to aspire to. I’m glad you are a happy weight.

  3. You make an extremely valid point with regard to the wrong messages and ideas about body weight being promoted via the media. That just adds to the damage as many impressionable people get the wrong idea and think it’s cool. Something should really be done about it.

  4. Indeed being underweight or overweight can never be good for a body, one needs to have a good BMI and be fit to have that healthy mind and soul. I hate when being underweight, zero figure’s are promoted.

  5. someone jst said it..we all should come forward and take it very seriously..thank you so much hon for saying it loud….I’m learning so many things from u..pls do visit my page

  6. I agree with you that advertising about it is not cool. I am a bit underweight too and trying hard to cope with it. But its heredity in the family also. I think it has become a trend to post everything about you on social media and one cannot convince everyone to do or not to do. Nice post to read.

  7. I am overweight and struggle with my weight. I know I need to lose weight to be healthier. I want to be healthier. It frustrates me when I see people post about how they are extremely overweight but choosing to stay that way… what about their health??

    • Yea. That is the part that gets to me. Why would anyone choose to stay that way and actively promote it? Crazy.

  8. I don’t mind people who are curvy provided they are healthy BUT to keep calling yourself curvy, pluz size when you know you are overweight and unhealthy is not a good idea/ not cool
    I am happy to see you are loving your body and the walks. Keep enjoying yourself. It will get better.
    Hope the babies are enjoying the preschool.
    Well done mama.

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