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I have followed Alesha Dixon’s career and style since her days in Mis-Teeq group. And I have been a fan for as long as I have known her. For those who do not know, Alesha Dixon is an an English singer, rapper, model, television presenter & talent show judge. I fell in love with her rap lyrics while I was a teenage. She flowed so effortlessly and she made it look so cool. It was impossible not to love. I wonder where the other 2 members of Mis-Teeq are today. Not heard or seen anything from them in years now.


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Today, the stunning Alesha Dixon is one Fashion and Style Police because of her great taste in fashion and her gorgeous face. Here are 2 of her beauty tips you may find useful –


I put my eye cream in the fridge. Perhaps it’s psychological, but I feel like it’s doing a better job at reducing eye bags if it’s cold! 

I really like this beauty tip and I can imagine it working well for me. I am so going to try it.


I also love oils, such as coconut oil and vitamin E oil, which I’ll apply all over my skin and hair last thing at night.

I love oils too! They are so handy to have around especially in this current season. Think I need to apply them so more at night.


Alesha Dixon’s Personal Style

When it comes to Dixon’s personal style, she prefers to go for more casual funky, almost tomboyish look. But when presenting on TV, she plays the part and goes for the whole glamorous look. I love the fact that her personal style is versatile. She looks amazing to me either way.


Beauty Muse image

Beauty muse style icon image


What do you think of Alesha Dixon being a style icon and beauty muse? Are you a fan? Please drop your comments below.


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  1. Hi Stella!

    An amazing tip on the eye cream. I have eye creams but I never remember to use them. I guess am I about to embark on a journey of refrigerating before use. I will most definitely try it. It kinda makes sense. LOL!

    I love oils too. I mix my Cetaphil lotion with shea butter and coconut oil every morning. The new thing I’m trying mow is mixing the lotion with my Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate facial oil. It takes a whole year for me to finish a small bottle and I get so bored waiting that long to try something new without having to toss what I currently have. My skin seems to look better though.

    • Yea I know what you mean. I get bored with some products as well but good it goes for that long. Thanks Sade x

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