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There are so many beauty treatments out there, and there are so many I would want to have done. If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police, for a while now, you will know how much I love getting pampered, and trying new beauty treatments. I am currently undergoing laser hair removal treatment for my chin, and I also had a Cryotherapy session some months ago.

One thing blogging has taught me is the beauty of variety and experimenting. I love going to beauty clinics, meeting business owners, having various treatments done and blogging about it. It is the best thing ever!

I find beauty treatments relaxing and enjoyable most of the time, and the fact that the treatment leaves me looking good, and feeling so confident, means I will continue to have them done, as long as it is not Botox, and I am not going under the knife, I am good. I have nothing against these treatments though, they are just not for me at this stage in my life.



Here are some beauty treatments I will love to have done this year.


Teeth Whitening

I wrote about wanting to have my teeth whitened in the fashion and feminism post last week. Remember the post that ruffled some feathers? Yea, that one.

I had my teeth whitened some years ago, before I had my kids, and the dentist told me I will be needing yearly top-ups, and I am yet to have any, and that treatment was about 4 years ago now, so I would love to have one this year. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed though, as the treatments do cost a fortune. I remember paying about £200 for the first treatment, and it was a home whitening kit I had to wear overnight. It did the job so I will be paying my dentist a visit soon.


Laser Hair Removal

I am currently having my chin hairs removed. I will be having my fourth session this weekend, and I am so looking forward to it, but I will want to have other parts treated as well. In an ideal situation, where money was not an issue, I will like to have my legs and underarms treated. Laser hair removal in London clinics will be the best option for me because I am aware of some fantastic laser hair removal clinics in London, that run 7 days a week, and even operate in the evenings (weekends are the best time for me to get many things done, as I am a work from home mummy).

I am seriously considering having these areas treated this year so let’s see, Maybe I will get lucky soon.



Cryotherapy is the new Hollywood beauty treatment and it is quite popular with the A-list celebrities. I have had a session done in the past like I mentioned earlier, but I will love to have another session with a different clinic this time, so let’s see if I get lucky. I will love to experience it all again.


If you had a choice, which beauty treatment will you go for? Drop me a comment, let’s chat.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.


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  1. I have regular facials. I also have threading monthly on the whole of my face. I have my eyebrows threaded once a fortnight. Threading fortnightly is not really enough so I do use tweezers weekly for any stray brows. Threading is great because it is clean, quick and easy. As you can just walk in and get it done, there and then in most places it is something that doesn’t have to be planned.

    Even though I am older now, I would never do botex or cosmetic surgery. It’s not for me. I do daily facial yoga exercises to keep the lines at bay, as much as you can. It is natural, no cost and no recovery. I often get people saying ‘you dont have a line on your face’ which I like ofcourse though good quality make up also helps.

    I also have reflexology and rekki as a method of helping and relaxing (I have health problems so they are really are helpful in the management of them)

    I am also particular about the make up, hair care and skin potions and lotions I use. I overall love the pampering they all bring. I also attend my hairdressers 4 weekly so that gives you a big idea that I take my self care seriously.

      • There are loads of good articles on virtual about it Stella. Basically reflexology is to do with the feet. The feet provide a map for the body’s organs – the stomach and pancreas, for example, are found in the arch. Any problems in the body are therefore reflected in the feet, and can be diagnosed and treated via the same specialised foot massage. It’s not the same as someone just touching your feet. It is really useful whether you have health problems or not. They are usually supplied in beauty spa’s.

        It’s not a replacement for a GP’s treatment and you should always like with reiki seek medical advice for any problems however it is really useful for anyone with health problems and for those too without as you always feel the benefit after. It’s pampering at it’s best for me

        I spelt reiki wrongly. It is reiki, not rekki, as I originally spelt it. Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being. It helps re-align the chakra’s of the body. Hope that helps.

        I believe reflexology has kept me out of a wheelchair. I have a condition called fibromyalgia and with that comes alot of symptoms including CFS known as M.E. The benefits of reflexology health wise are enormous, with or without health issues.

        I am sure you will love them

  2. Thats fab! I’ve always wanted laser hair removal but it can be so costly I don’t know of i’ll ever be able to!! Definitely want my teeth whitened too but have to wait until I have finished breast feeding first! How are you finding the laser hair treatment? And have you bought a course of them in batch or do you pay each time you go?

  3. I love regular facials , it is so soothing and relaxing. but i would never go for botox or comestic surgery. i have never whiten my teeth before but i dont mind it at all.beautiful ideas.

  4. Cryotherapy sounds really interesting. I’m expecting right now and everything aches so I’m all about spa days and massages. I would totally try botox as I’m starting to notice a lot of fine lines on my forehead, however I’m terrified of needles so I don’t see this happening any day soon!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  5. I love me a good ol’ facial and havn’t had one in yeeeears…..whats Cryotherapy, is it as the name suggests- therapy to cry to let it all out/stress reliever, hmmmm….tooth whitening is a good one as long as you dont end up looking like Ross in THAT Friends episode… ( :

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