5 Style Tips for Women

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Sense of style is a personal thing, and it takes ages to develop a true personal style. Some of us are born with a flair for fashion and style, some of us develop it as we go along, but one thing is for sure, our sense of style evolves as we age. Most of the outfits I thought were stylish 5 years ago, I won’t be caught wearing them today.

Our sense of style projects a message, a message that is received as soon as we step into a room, even before we open our mouth. So it is very important to make sure your appearance is speaking the language you want it to speak, and sending the right message.

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Here are 5 style tips you could implement today:


Pay Attention to your Self-esteem

Before we talk about fashion and style tips, we need to talk about the most important tip of all. Your self-esteem is very crucial to how you see yourself. If you don’t feel good, you won’t believe you look good, no matter how good you look. Working on your confidence is the first step to building your personal style. You have to feel like a million bucks to look like a million bucks, and convince others that you are a million bucks. If you don’t love yourself, no one will.

Pay Attention to your Undergarments

Your underwear sets the foundation for your outfit, so for your outfit to look great, the foundation has to be solid. I know many women neglect their bras and underpants because no one sees them when they are out and about, and they are so wrong. If you are wearing a full pant underneath a bodycon dress for example,  I will see it, just like if you are wearing the wrong bra size, people can tell from the outside. Get rid of the bras that don’t fit and go shopping for new ones. Your style will thank you for it.

Start paying attention to your underwear, they have the power to take your outfit to a whole new level. For bras, I love to shop Victoria’s Secret and Ultimo. I have tried many and I think these brands have the best bras in the market. For pants, I like to shop Debenhams and M&S, they have the best sets of panties, and super affordable, compared to others.


Less is More

Less is truly more. When it comes to colours, prints, patterns, makeup and accessories, I like to keep them as simple as possible. I try not to have too many colours on at the same time, I stick to one ‘busy’ print, pattern or accessory. I also try to stick to the makeup rule of emphasizing the eyes or the lips, but never both, and these tips work.

Less is more when it comes to style, but then again, whatever rocks your boat!


Invest in Statement Pieces/Accessories

Now this is a tip I need to follow a lot more this year. I need to invest in more statement pieces and accessories, especially jewellery, bags and shoes, because I believe they are good investment, and are classic and timeless. Building a personal style is really not a day’s job, but I wish it was, I would have my entire wardrobe stocked with everything I need.


Know your Body Shape

If there is any tip you follow here, make sure it is this, next to the self-esteem tip of course, I think they are the most important. To dress your body shape stylishly, you need to know what your body shape is. I covered female body shapes extensively on this blog some months ago, so you really have no excuse, if you still don’t know your body shape. Catch up if you missed the series.


So there you have them, my 5 style tips for women.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any style tip to add? Do share.

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  1. Great points Stella! I don’t like it when I can see people’s panties through their clothing. If you look in the mirror you will see it too. I need to invest in good quality jewelry too. All these gold platted ones that changes within months though you’ve only worn them twice seems like a waste of money. That is why I love Gorjana. You can send the back three times to have your jewelry re-coated.

  2. I can’t agree enough about the bras. They shouldn’t be visible through the clothes, this means a pale bra for pale clothes and one that fits.

  3. I think you missed my category. Some people are born with a flair for style and fashion, some people learn it over time but I seem to be style stupid. These tips are really helpful though.

  4. Brilliant tips, thanks for sharing, I am currently stuck in the ‘first thing I grab out of the drawer that will get the children to school on time!’ style, I am looking forward to actually having time to think about what I wear!

  5. great tips. I agree wearing the right undergarments under the clothing and getting rid of the bras that don’t think! Angela

  6. Liking the Cape detail on your white dress, these are good tips! I’d add that although style is something innate, certain tips like the ones you’ve added do go a long way! I’d add that one should follow certain style icons and blogs, it can be a great way to learn new ways to put pieces together. x

  7. Yip… underwear is so important!! It should be comfortable… and if you have never done it before : let the lady in the lingerie store help you with finding the perfect bra size for you!!!

  8. Yes I have found all of what you said to be true. What I would have worn once I wouldn’t be seen dead in now, however it was right at the time.Especially agree re underwear, especially bra’s. I always go to M & S for mine, getting measured and fitted every time.

    Going on guidelines, if you are over a 40 bust you should be measured and looking to change your bra’s every 6 months. Under 40 bust and at least once a year.

    I love my colours and patterns however totally agree, 1 item like that on is enough. I have just bought the most divine pair of Joe Brown pants in a flower pattern, however they must be worn with a plain top/tunic and maybe a denim gillet, I would wear with it too. Colour is fab, but mustn’t be too busy.

    Good article. Thank you

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