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I can’t believe we are in the month of September already. This year is going so fast, isn’t it? August was an extremely busy month for me. I was busy juggling my real life, Fashion and Style Police and my outreach career, which has really taken off. The month was so fast pace, I started to neglect myself a little, and  wrote all about that some days ago. I am happy to say I have started to make some amends in my life.I now have a clear structured day with breaks and all. I have started to take out more time just for myself, I had a lovely spa day earlier this week, and it was magical. I am looking forward to the next one already.

I have also started losing the extra pounds I gained in the last couple of weeks, so I am very pleased with the Youtube work-out video tutorials I have been watching. I am also considering trying another Body Wrap, to step up my fitness routine. I tried a body wrap some months ago, and I have heard so many great things about the Slimming Solutions Wrap being a fab alternative to going to the gym, so I am hoping to try it for myself as soon as I can get my hands on one.

As far as my wardrobe is concerned, I know I did do quite a bit of summer shopping this year, I blame the crazy sweet sales, and I need to go on a spending ban like since last month, lol. But with all the shopping I did, I still need some pairs of Ladies Boots, because you can never have too many boots right? Plus I need to replace some old pairs.

I also didn’t get a single pair of new jeans, and I think I need at least 1 new pair. I like to go for quality when it comes to my jeans because I have realised the more you spend on your jeans, the better it looks and the longer you have it for. I currently have my eye on a few J Brand jeans and I think I need them all in my life, or at least in my wardrobe, if I could afford them all. I am so in love with these two in particular –


811 in Vestige



Maria High Rise Skinny Jean in Nightbird




What do you think of these pairs? How was your August? Sound off in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading.


*This is a collaborative post.



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  1. August was manic with our eldest son wedding which was a fantastic day with amazing weather.

    I like the high rise pair of jeans. I like jeans that sit on my waist not having a perfect figure

    I have some retail vouchers a friend gifted me. I haven’t spent them all yet. I must go and see what’s left in the sales.

    Ah yes! Boots I always have a new pair every autumn. I am heavy on footwear so need to have 2 or 3 I can interchange. Not that I need an excuse. Haha

  2. Love jeans. I need tp go on an exercise kick when the children are back at school. I have been slow gaining weight all year but the last few weeks I can tell. Nothing fits nicely any more. I really need to fit into my skinny jeans again 🙂

  3. I am new to the falling in love with jeans again, I am totally obsessed with jeggings too, not something I ever thought I would say and in this post, the black ones x

  4. I totally agree, the time is flying by. The older I get the quicker it disappears. You look great and well done on those workouts. I need to get my fitness back as since I’ve stopped Cheerleading (which I did for 6 years) I put on a few. Keep up the good work.

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