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I had the privilege of attending the Broughton Street Style Bus Event over the weekend, and I am glad to say I had a good time. If you have been reading Fashion and Style Police long enough, you would know how picky I am when it comes to blogger/press events. I get many invites on a weekly basis to various events around the country and even within Europe, and it would be impossible to attend them all. But I have decided earlier on, on how I would run my blog as a business, which means I can’t just attend events just because I am sent an invite. I usually decline 99% of the invites because they are not worth the time or effort. But this event, I couldn’t decline and good I didn’t because it was so worth it!

It was on a Saturday which was brilliant day for me to attend an event. And it was at Broughton Retail Shopping Park, which is quite local to me. It was my first time at the shopping park and I was so impressed with how big it was. The shopping park houses all the major stores and eating spots – Boots Store, Nandos, Costa Coffee, Clarks, Nike Store, to name a few. You will definitely be spoilt for choice shopping here. And there was free parking with thousands of spaces,which was a plus.




The event was pretty much inside a bus, with the fashion and beauty master classes done in a tent just outside the red bus. There was a lot going on, with the free flow of cakes and drinks, and goody bags. There was so no dull moment at all.





Various pieces from different brands were lined up inside the bus for everyone to go through. There were also opportunities for free massages and manicures, which was fantastic. But the best part for me were the fashion and makeup classes. The celebrity stylist – JP from Effort Made, introduced the trends and pieces to look for in the stores this season, and how best to style them. One piece you should be looking out for in the stores this season is The Bomber Jacket – You will definitely be seeing a lot of them around. Will you be shopping for it?





The makeup class by celebrity makeup artist – Fiona Florczak, was full of many makeup tips. She dished out tips on skincare, how to achieve the smoky eye look and the perfect eyebrows; I even had my eyebrows done by her. She is super talented. I learnt so many beauty tips and got some ideas of a couple of handy makeup products to try out, so I will be updating my makeup bag real soon. And that means more product reviews posts for you to read, yay!






It was a fun event. I had a great time, met some amazing people, and learnt a couple of style and beauty tricks.

What are your thoughts on this event? Are you loving the bomber jacket trend? Will you be rocking the smoky eye look this Autumn? Sound off in the comments section below. Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day.


*This is a collaborative post.






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  1. What a fab event – so much going on and it involved a double decker!! Brilliant! So bomber jackets for next season – right, I’m just dashing to brush off a tatty old one I have buried in the depths of my wardrobe somewhere! Tx

  2. Hmm re the bomber jacket! I was alot lot younger when I last wore one of them. I will try a few on first then decide.

    Glad you had a great time Stella. I look forward to reading your product reviews on

  3. You are right to be picky about events, in my 20s I was all about attending events, specifically- fashion shows, but now I’m much pickier especially as shows have lost that inclusive factor due to social media…your event looks like fun ( :

  4. Looks like a great – I love the bus idea! Well, you’ve probably seen me rocking my take on the bomber jacket trend on our blog – less Salt n Pepa this time around and a bit more understated! Haha. Gorgeous photo of you – I’m a big fan of green eyeshadow, especially with darker skin tones and eyes. Lovely xx


  5. What a fab event. I quite like the bomber jacket so will be keeping an eye out for those.
    I get a lot of event invitations, but unfortunately some are just too far away, especially when taking the kiddies too x

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