Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

For as long as I can remember, the question of whether successful entrepreneurs are born or made has been a subject of debate. I thought I’d give my own two cents to this debate from my own perspective.

Many people go into entrepreneurship for many reasons. Some want to really experience the freedom-based lifestyle that goes a long with entrepreneurship. Others are in just for the fringe benefits that come along with tagging the word “entrepreneur” in their bios.

Whatever may be the reason for diving into entrepreneurship, the end speaks for itself. The true entrepreneurs remain resilient until the very end, while those who are not cut out for it are easily weeded out.


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But what makes the real entrepreneurs who they are? Is entrepreneurship something they pick up and train themselves in or are they just born with all the skills, character and talent to be entrepreneurs?

Let’s look it from both sides:


Entrepreneurs are born

It could be a gene in their DNA but some entrepreneurs are gifted with the skills that give them an edge in their business. While some have to train for years before they can perfect the art. Born entrepreneurs have natural instincts geared to making their businesses work.

Take for example, having a natural gift in creating quality relationships that always result into sales. It’s not that such a person was trained to be a good communicator. It’s something that flows naturally.  They never have to force themselves to shine in their area of competence. They are excellent at what they do.

Born entrepreneurs are those who recognize that they have a gift and they exploit it; they leverage on it.


Entrepreneurs are made

Made entrepreneurs are those who develop the skills needed in order for them to be successful. They know that there is a gap and in order to make their business flourish they have to fill in their lapses. As a result they get retrained, they hire coaches, they read books, but most of all they practice, practice, practice.

The truth is that this is where majority of entrepreneurs find themselves at a point in time. Their success is attributed to the work they put in themselves and as a result their business became a success.


If you want to be an entrepreneur and fail to see your lapses or you’re not ready to learn and practice then you will not be successful in your business. You need to be willing to make an effort. Developing yourself takes time and a lot of humility. You need to be humble enough to acknowledge that there is a lot to learn and actually put in the work and take the time to practice.


So are entrepreneurs born or made? I believe some are born but most are made. Being born with the right skills and business mindset is all well and good but you need to continue to develop those skills to be a success story.


Do you agree? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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  1. Very interesting. Whether it’s in your DNA or not, you’re not going anywhere without determination, dedication, blood, sweat and tears! Nothing in life is free and only the most dedicated succeed xx

  2. I guess once you are decided to be one and persistent enough to learn, you will definitely be a good entrepreneur. Genes might be one but still the willingness to succeed is your motivation.

  3. Great insights. I think I am on the latter. I just develop my skills to be a successful business woman and still learning everyday. Surround yourself with positive people and become successful forever! Thanks for sharing Stella!


  4. I think you can have personality traits that make you more likely to be a successful entrepreneur but I also think a lot of our personality is nurtered rather than nature…. so I obviously fall on the side of them being made!

  5. Love what you do! I believe that some people are born with certain talents and being good at entrepreneurship can also be innate, you described it in the best way possible. I also believe that with enough work and commitment anybody can achieve anything. It will be more difficult, but it´s definitely doable. I don´t know about you but I just love it when things go south, the feeling you get once you overcome failure and achieve your goals is awesome! Great post!

    Much love,


  6. I believe that entrepreneurs are both born and made. When I look at myself, I would fall into the made category. I say this because I have been employed at a job for the last 11 years without growth and I am not allowed to express my skills and my talents. So after giving it some thought, I have been learning how I can create my own way without ever having to experience this again at another job. So I have been learning about finding my niche and how I can turn this into a career. It is a learning process and know things will be tough, but I rather live life on my own terms rather than someone else telling me how.

  7. This was beautifully written. I completely agree that entrepreneurs are both born and made, but as a combination of both. I think entrepreneurs have the persistence and drive built into their system from birth, but also have to put those qualities into actions. In other words, they’re born with the traits of an entrepreneur but it’s up to them to make something of it!

  8. Excellent article and masterpiece I couldn’t have said it better myself. I am also an Entrepreneur and I have been doing this for about 5 years. I have only just started my new blog to help my clients and also the readers (You) how to reach your goals and of success and motivation.

  9. Great post, in my opinion, anyone can become a successful Entrepreneur. All it takes is a positive attitude, Hard work and dedication. If you want something so bad you won’t stop until you get it. Those who give up at the first hurdles well they won’t achieve the achievable. I worked hard to where I am now and I never stopped even when I fell I brushed my self off and got back up again.

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