How often do you wash your bedding, bras and pyjamas

It took me a while to find the right balance when it came to how often I should wash my bedding, bras, pyjamas and all. And I know many people struggle with this issue as well. Some people just wash them when they stink (yuck) or when they remember. But it should be quite obvious how often we should wash these things. So here is a quick guide for anyone who may be struggling to decide.



We use our bedding everyday and clean sheets help us get quality sleep. So keeping them clean is important. Now how often do we wash our bedding? There are different answers to this question depending on the situation. If you tend to sweat a lot and you have a lot of activity on your bed, like little children joining in, and all, then you should be changing your complete bedding set every week. It is a lot easier to follow this washing rule when you have a couple of bedding sets. Groupon has loads of affordable quality bedding sets on their website, so it is worth having a look on there to get a few spares.


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If you don’t sweat as much and you sleep alone, you could leave your bedding for longer, say 2 weeks. Your duvet cover can stay longer, say 3 – 4 weeks, as well. It all depends on your sleeping conditions.

We need to wash our bedding regularly to remove a buildup of debris, dust and sweat. It is also important to change our bedding regularly if we suffer from allergies or have breaking difficulties.



Now let’s be honest. How often do you wash your bras? Do you remember the last time you washed the bra you have on now? Bras need to be washed after 3 wears at least. The build up of bacteria, bodily fluids and general dirt means that after 3 bras wears, a wash is needed.


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Like with the bedding, it all depends on the lifestyle. Some women who sweat more and have very active lifestyles may need to wash more regularly than others. Hand wash is better for bras. Machine washing tends to be detrimental to the elastic. But if you can’t hand wash for whatever reason, ensure you use gentle setting and hook the clasps to avoid ruining other pieces.



When it comes to Pyjamas, I tend to wash them after 2 wears. Sometimes, I wash them after 1 wear, especially in the summer months when it is dead warm.


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Research has also showed that dirty pyjamas can cause all sort of health problems from acne to cystitis. So this is not something we should neglect. Having to deal with acne or cystitis from a dirty set of pyjamas is the laziest thing ever. The skincare hassle is not worth it at all. Get the pyjamas in the washer.


How often do you wash your bedding, bras and pyjamas?


*Collaborative post.

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  1. You have me thinking now when was the last time I washed bras now! I get obsessed washing my bedding as I like it to be nice and fresh. I think I was my bras every few weeks but I never thought of that as much as my sheets and pj’s before. I will now 🙂

  2. I’ve always worn my bra only once. I was them just as often as my panties. I just recently learned that most women wear theirs a few times. Now I will wear mine a couple times before washing, depending on how much I’ve sweated.

  3. Bedding and pyjamas I wash quite often but bras, god I might wear mine once and then wear a different bra the next day depending what I have on, and pick that first bra back up a week later and then before I know it a month has passed!

  4. Tuesdays are bed changing day here. Bit of a mammoth task with 5 of us in the house but it gets done without fail, and I only wear my bras for 2 days, so feeling I’m a less stinky kind of person now!!!

  5. Bedding is done every fortnight during the cooler months and every week in summer. I wash my bras and pj’s after about 3 wears so I’m not doing too badly.

  6. I’m guiltyyy!!! This is funny coz I thought about it today. I hardly wash my bras and beddings…. Pyjamas… 🤔 I prefer to sleep in my birthday suit. Thanks for this reminder. I will definitely try to wash my bras and bedding at least once every week or 2 weeks. It’s true though, sometimes we suffer skincare problems due to our own laziness 🙄😅🐒 . I repent now. 🤗

  7. For bedding, I’m in the category of when there is a window of opportunity in the laundry schedule! The washing machine is always on in our house, and sometimes it’s just to much to go through all the bedding too

  8. Once a week thankfully, my mummy rotates her bras every couple of days due to backache so she’s all good there too 🙂 Sleeping without our PJs is better but its so cold at night!

  9. It’s so interesting to hear other peoples habits. I do everything really regularly. Bedding is once a week maximum, bras are after every two wears as are pjs. x

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